Mad Props For The Kids Chops

First I told you about Star Wars Kid who is the subject of a whole popular fan site – JediMaster. Move over Star Wars Kid, it’s time to meet Eminem Kid:

Click here to play the Eminem Kid Video. (From Consumption Junction).

Verizon Strike Update
Hair Ying & Yang
  • I suppose that any jokes involving “Slim Shady” would be considered piling on.

  • Geez…you think people would learn or something. I wonder what’ll be next?

  • Just heard from my friend, Verizon isn’t striking, they are working without a contract, but can walk any time, thought you might want to know 🙂

  • Kin

    Ok…what’s with the ‘Fro?

  • One of these days my son is going to end up on a video like this. I get nervous just clicking those links.