He Doesn't Pull Any Punches

I’m not surprised to hear any rational person give their support behind President Bush, but you could’ve knocked me over with a feather this morning after I saw Don King, on CNN, endorsing George Walker Bush. It turns out that King is a red, white and blue Bush supporter. Then on the way to work I heard a Don King interview on WCSX in Detroit with the political endorsement again. I can’t find any thing to link to yet, but I will add that later.

Update 1: Here’s one supporting link but not related to the CNN interview. Discountblogger found the same link some time ago, but I’m still looking for a reference to today’s interview.
Update 2: Here is the Kerry vs. Kerry bout.

WWW Inventor Receives Prize
  • If you’re looking to win an election, do you want an endorsement from Don King?

  • Rodney Dill

    Heh, I haven’t decided if this is good or bad yet.

  • If you want a link, look no further than DiscountBlogger’s March 27th edition!

  • Ooops! Didn’t realize it was the same one you had posted.

  • Fritz

    I was eating lunch with three friends at Patrick’s Roadhouse in Santa Monica, California several years ago and Don King was sitting at the adjoining table. He was talking loudly and having a great time.

    Suddenly, he turned to us and asked, “Are you going to order the pie? The pie is GOOD?”

    I said that we hadn’t ordered dessert and he insisted that we had to have the pie (I think it was pecan — but it has been a long time).

    Then, he called the waitress over and ordered pie for everyone at our table! He entertained us while we ate our dessert. He had us laughing so hard it hurt. We shook his hand and thanked him for the pie when he left.

    I’ve been a Don King fan ever since. Anyone who buys pie for a group of strangers in a restaurant and makes everyone in the room feel good is okay in my book.

  • Pie is good… how can you not love somebody handing out free pie? Go big-hair man!