Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Winners to be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. In keeping with tradition, comments to this post are now closed.

A Family's Farewell
The View
  • The moment when Snoop Dogg finally mastered how to do Jedi mind tricks. . .

  • “You look much better in orange than Dennis ever did.”

  • Carmen, does my breath smell still smell like Rick Salomon?

  • “It’s good to be the mic.”

  • Snoop admires Paris as she gracefully demonstrates the proper way to use his new Carmen Bong.

  • Snoop: $1500 an hour, $2500 as a pair, 10% discount on Two-for Tuesdays. And yes we do take credit cards.

  • snoop teaming up with girls gone wild again for another video: paris and carmen gone wild

  • “Mmmm, smells like Dogg semen …”

  • “Here, hold my gum for me”

  • Jay Tea

    “Hello, Centers For Disease Control? We have a Code Red situation here! Repeat, a CODE RED!”


  • Can you see the popcorn kernel stuck in my tooth, its back in the back.

  • Bob

    Don’t you just love the smell of Snoop’s goop?

  • Jim

    Why not? It worked so well for Madonna…

  • snoop: My lezzles!

  • Snoop: Dayum, bitch! Jessica Cutler and Wonkette ain’t got nothin’ on y’all!

  • Rochelle Siegel Smith

    Stops ya squabblin’ pretty mommas, ize gots plenty o’ weinie-bone foz ya boths ya bitches!

  • Hey Ho! This is my corner and he’s my customer!

  • One second later the alien posing as Carmen was happily munching on the ditzy human’s head, later telling reporters, “It was much tastier than most human heads I’ve eaten. The brain flavor was much less overpowering.”

  • Jay Tea

    Like two black holes whirling through space, Paris and Carmen found their heads drawn together, two great sucking vacuums pulled towards each other.


  • Jay Tea

    Shown above: the opening ceremonies of Skankapalooza ’04.


  • Jay Tea

    This comment is dedicated to Ronald Reagan.

    While catsup may not be a vegetable, these three definitely qualify.


  • Jay Tea

    (Continuing the political theme)

    “Paris, I knew Madonna. I’ve swapped spit with Madonna. Madonna was a boink-buddy of mine.

    Paris, you’re no Madonna.”


  • Shizzzzat…High-grade vi-de-O ho’s in da Huzzzouse!



  • Wait, I got one…

    “Who gives a fuck”

  • “Pull my tongue.”

  • Chrees

    “Carmen, like, you can get paid for doing this on film and stuff?”

  • Rodney Dill

    “…and when I said you smelled of cigars, i didn’t mean your breath.”

    (just can’t leave that one alone)

  • Rodney Dill

    I know you’d like to thank your shit don’t stank
    But lean a little bit closer
    See that roses really smell like poo-woo-wooo
    Yeah, roses really smell like poo-woo-wooo

    (Roses – Outkast)

  • Rodney Dill

    Q: Why are Paris and Electra like Levitra and Cialis.
    A: If erection lasts more than four hours you need to seek medical attention.

  • Rodney Dill

    “nnngggh, tastes like dog shit.”
    “Yeah, good thing we didn’t step in it.

  • Rodney Dill

    Snoop Dogg: Yo, time to quit the cat fight and spank the puppy.

  • No, I’m the bigger diva…Bitch!