What, you mean I actually gotta show up for work sometimes?

Poor John Kerry. Just when he

One last Reagan obituary
See You Next Tuesday, Madame President
  • …a capitalist, conservative Mormon…

    Based on my admittedly limited experience, that phrase is triply redundant.

  • I doubt you see many socialist Mormons. I’ll take Boyd’s disclaimer too though…

  • I’d rather have a non-voting liberal representing me than one who votes against my best interests.

    What I think is more telling is seeing the votes that Kerry makes the extra effort to get back to Washington for.

    If Dianne Feinstein’s renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban comes up for a vote, watch how fast Kerry hauls his keister back to D.C. to vote for it.

  • Mike

    Jay Tea,

    You should also note that currently the state legislature is trying to remove the law that states the governor would get to appoint the new Senator if Kerry were to resign his seat! They are currently working on a bill that would require a special election be held instead. Massachusetts Democrats hate losing power.