Image Is Everything

From The Washington Post:

CLEVELAND, July 7 — To begin with, there’s the dicey matter of the all-important first shot of John Kerry and John Edwards and their wives getting off the campaign plane. The new running mates and running matrons emerge with a triumphant wave. But at the top of the mobile staircase looms a large, unfortunate sign:

“Million Air.”

Hat Tip: Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

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  • Millionare? Try Billionare. Certainly a man of the common folk. Now, remember to bow when if you meet them on the campaign trail.

  • four of them

  • I keep hearing that the Kerry/Edwards ticket is the wealthiest in history, but wouldn’t that honor go to Perot/Stockdale?

    At least in modern history…

  • Considering that both Bush and Kerry are boy millionaires jetting around the country, completely out of touch with the rest of us, you should remember that there is still a viable alternative

  • Jay Tea

    Could this be the result of the “truth in advertising” laws and campaign-finance reform? If so, it’s long overdue…


  • In case anybody’s wondering – Million Air is the company that services planes at several airports (including this one, I guess).

  • Somebody’s advance team/image consultants desperately need a long-term visit to a woodshed. You know that pic is gonna gats splashed all over the place by the end of the day.

    I mean, jeez, why don’t you just spoonfeed your detractors their ammo!

  • BoDiddly

    Hammer of Truth . . .

    Isn’t this “viable alternative” the same guy who’s for raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour?

    Even if he’s “in touch” with the rest of us, he’s obviously “out of touch” with the rudimentary economic principles that drive capitalism.

  • Should have called it “Hair Force One.”

  • Isn’t this “viable alternative” the same guy who’s for raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour?

    Not that I’m aware of, that would fly in the face of libertarian principles of government involvement in business affairs. If anything, libertarians are completely opposed to minimum wage in all forms and endorses meritocracy as the way to establish wages. In short: laissez fair.

  • Skinny


  • Skinny,

    Follow the links–that photo comes the Washington Post and Reuters. I doubt either of sources would Photoshop anything anti-Kerry.