This weekend

Rack 'Em
  • brevity is indeed the soul of wit

    That’s how I’ve been fooling people all these years that I’m witty. Stick with what works.

  • Jmaster

    Hey, thanks for the props! That entry was actually my first post at Wizbang!. I expect it won’t be my last.

  • Jay Tea

    Be careful, Jmaster. I started out as a 2nd-place caption contest winner, moved on to first, then wuz robbed of a http://wizbangblog.com/archives/001416.php. The next step was jumping in on an “open mike” night, and the next thing I knew, Kevin done offered me my own key to this place. I’m just glad he hasn’t yet sobered up from THAT one.

    See just how dangerous these caption contests can be? They’re the “gateway drug” to blogging.