FCC Chairman Michael Powell To Resign

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell will announce that he is stepping down this afternoon.

Those who have opposed the commission’s rulings on indecency may be tempted to celebrate, but that would most likely be foolhardy. The FCC is implementing the mandates of Congress, to wit last years 99-1 (Senate) and 391-22 (House) vote in favor of the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act. If anyone thinks Powell leaving the FCC is going to change the dynamic of FCC fines against broadcasters they’re probably wrong. There is an opportunity to get clear rules on what is and is not allowed, and perhaps reform the system of a few complaints causing big fines, but large indecency fines are probably with us for the long haul.

More at CBS MarketWatch and The Economist.

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  • jmaster

    I have to admit that I was in the “Anybody But Bush” crowd in early 2004, and the FCC crackdown was one of the reasons. Of course, Kerry came along and changed everything, and now my feelings of that time seem a bit embarrassing.

    But I also did some research into the FCC’s process, and found that the commissioner who was pounding the table the hardest and calling for Howard Stern’s head on a platter was actually a Democrat. Funny how that wasn’t reported in the MSM.

  • Rob Hackney

    childrens saftey must come firt. They are the future.

    What that filthy whore did was disgusting! ( janet jackson ) I’m glad mike did the right thing.

    He will be missed.

  • Bush said he was going to end the evil of tyranny around the world.

    Getting rid of Colin Powell’s incompetent son is a good start. The man drove the FCC about as well as he drives a jeep.

  • Drew – Dallas, TX

    What that filthy whore did was disgusting!

    – agreed. It was done on purpose, with complete and utter disregard for the audience, the NFL and the FCC and her fans. No one can tell me different.

    I wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to face the challenges of VoIP (Internet Telephony), let alone what folks will hear out of satellite radio .

  • julie

    What that filthy whore did was disgusting!

    And those who tivo’d, and played it over and over and over again, should pluck their eyes out! Yeah!

  • Brian

    I am in no way condoning the j. jackson fiasco…

    This is just too much like the Tipper Gore PMRC issue that happened in the late 80’s. (Anyone remember that???)

    Prime time TV should be safe for kids. On the same note, I think if you were to listen to something like Howard Stern or Tom Lykis…you should know that there is going to be off colored coments…

    I have 2 kids and I also have a finger…the perfect tool to hit the “OFF” button on my TV/radio. I am tired of the government telling me how I should raise my kids.
    Whats next??? Taking your children away at birth so they are raised “proper”???

    Sheesh..get a grip

  • firstbrokenangel

    After watching an interview with Neil Cavuto and Michael Powell, I don’t think any of us actually have any idea what the FCC is all about – and that’s a shame.

    Secondly, after 8years and a lifetime of service to this country, he felt it was time to step down and move on and is one hell of a nice guys.

    Hope others saw the interview.


  • applesweet

    Speaking of media whores. Did anyone watch Inner
    Views on PBS last evening? Bob Schieffer did a nice antsy dance while being questioned about CBS and the rather infamous Rather shockumentary.
    I really enjoyed watching him keep wiping the sweat off of his brow. 🙂 I like it, now the media are in the lime lights hot seat, so nice!

  • Drew – Dallas, TX

    I can see your point, Brian, but this is the public airwaves we’re talking about. You can’t set parental advisory on live radio or television. Someone has to step up and say “enough”. Honestly, I’ve had enough with commercials during suppertime with some woman squirming around on a couch talking about a “long lasting experience”. Go to hell lady and keep your personal business of my television!

    Furthermore, if Stern wants to be raunchy, vial – whatever – he should press CDs and keep his half-assed porn off of public radio.

    If guys like Stern are so damn talented, why do they have to resort to stupid shit like “flight of the bumble-V” and claiming that Michael Powell is some sort of Nancy-boy that doesn’t do a damn thing? That was a tasteless promotional stunt and nothing more.

    Powell has done a hell of a lot for mobile phone operators (especially small to medium cell phone operators). Stern’s followers don’t care that they can roam from one end of this great country to the other on their mobile phones because of the efforts of the FCC under Powell. He’s a huge techno-geek, and from the stories that I’m familiar with about him, he’s a decent guy.

    If this smut continues on my idiot box, I’m going to hope that they outsource network television altogether to India.

  • -S-

    jmaster reveals some truth about the Stern thing; while Stern isn’t worth any more attention by anyone about anything, the issue isn’t about Stern, it’s about Democrats’ hypocrisy in their use of the media with this issue as one of many focal points. There’s still hope that Howard Stern can one day be realistic about this and apologize to Powell. Hope is an interesting thing.

  • So true jmaster.

  • McCain

    Man, if every titty I glimpsed was possessed by a whore, I would have had a lot more sex. Even the orthodox Greeks don’t have problems with boobies. But this is America, so cover each pair I say.

  • Rob Hackney

    Damn right. Once you liet the standards slip, even a little bit, it’s downhill all the way. Soon enough there’ll be ads for porn on sesame street.

    Mike was a bastion against the fucking liberal media elite. He will be missed.

  • McCain

    Isn’t “Big Bird” full of sexual references already? Dammit this country is just going to hell. DOWN WITH NUDITY.

  • firstbrokenangel

    ON Fox news, he said it was time to move on to bigger and better things after 8 years at the FCC. Nice looking guy, too, as Colin Powell’s son with an impressive resume’ despite what shock jock has to say. I wonder if he’ll take a vacation with his father, go fishing or something?


  • bliptek

    Soooo… i’m confused.. it’s A-OK to say “fucking liberal media” on the net, where kids can still access the site. But seeing 1/3 of an ugly nipple for a second is pure evil?

    Your country is screwed up.