Surrender to the collective: a new contest

This contest is shamelessly stolen from the guys at Car Talk. A few years ago they pointed out that a lot of things have interesting terms for a group — a pride of lions, a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, and so on — and had a contest for new, creative names for groups of things. The winners included a huevos of Rancheros, a shrug of mechanics, a sleaze of lawyers, a shortage of jockeys, a lot of car dealers, and so on. I’ll also toss my contribution of a basement of losers on to the pile.

So come up with your own collective term and post them in the comments section. Winners oughta be announced Thursday.


Bankruptcy Reform
College flunks business ethics practicum
  • Kirby

    A press of journalists.

  • A smegma of Socialists.

  • A stench of trolls.

  • A squeal of teenage girls.
    A slouch of teenage boys.

  • A whiff of bloggers.

  • A couch of bloggers.

    A kitchen of bloggers.

    A basement of bloggers.

    A bedroom of bloggers.

    …someone stop me please…

    An attitude of bloggers.

    A current of bloggers.

    A direction of bloggers.

  • A gig of programmers
    A babble of bloggers

  • bullwinkle

    A crack of plumbers.

  • AnonymousDrivel

    An array of programmers
    A number of mathematicians
    A cluster of astronomers
    A mix of chemists
    A string of seamstresses
    A wealth of kings
    An aggregate of accountants
    A pool of gamblers
    A whale of fishermen
    A pile of garbagemen
    A trunk of movers
    A galaxy of moonbats

    Is this a quest of quantity over quality? This could go on forever…

  • bullwinkle

    A limousine of liberals.

  • Faith+1

    A collection of priests…

    A meme of Democrats…

    A pajama of bloggers…

    A byte of programmers…

  • lunacy

    A jammy of bloggers

  • nate

    a google of researchers

  • A muddle of engineers

  • jmaster

    A stench of French.

  • jmaster

    A ton of Oliver Willis.

    Yes, that’s singular. (and yes, that’s a cheap shot.)

  • Faith+1

    A pile of Michael Moore…

  • Better run Mr. Rather — it’s a SWARM of bloggers!

  • Rick13

    A Short-Bus of Liberals.

  • Ray Midge

    An crescent of moonbats.

  • Ray Midge

    Sorry. A crescent of moonbats.

  • julie

    Tough competition!

    A chevy of Mexicans.
    A deli of Jews.
    A handful of Onan.

  • jd watson

    A slime of politicians.

  • Chevy

    A Gannon of MSM journalists

  • Larry

    A belfry of moonbats

  • Collectives of geese are called different things based upon what they are doing: “flock” in general, “skein” in flight, “gaggle” when earthbound, etc.

    I hereby suggest a similar naming scheme for engineers (feel free to add to the list):

    * When discussing tech specs of cars, computers or anything technical, they become a geeking of engineers.
    * When quoting The Simpsons or Monty Python, they become a snort.
    * When discussing their current management, they become a carping.

  • KBiel

    A congress of liars.