Keynote Video From The Politics Online Conference


Video and transcripts from the Friday March 11, 2005 keynote speeches at the Politics Online Conference, featuring FEC Chairman Scott Thomas and Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) are now available.

  • Remarks by Scott Thomas, Chairman of the Federal Election Commission [Transcript ]

Chairman Thomas – The FEC adopted what I’m calling kind of a “blunderbuss exemption” for everything Internet-related. Then, when the FEC got to the new coordination regulations required by BCRA, it decided to incorporate the same “public communication” analysis used in the party soft-money rules. And that meant the same “blunderbuss exemption” for Internet communications was applied. Again, no distinction was made between ‘Saddam Hussein Missile Corporation’ coordinating with a candidate to pay for a $1 million dollar hard-hitting video clip sent to every voter in every battleground state, and, on the other hand, ‘Billy Blogger,’ wearing his Lyndon LaRouche volunteer badge and toiling for hours late at night in his basement…to post his well-reasoned diatribes on his website that cost no more than $25 bucks to create. [More]

  • Remarks by Glenn Reynolds [Transcript ]
  • Well, I want to thank Commissioner Thomas for providing what I think is the most cogent argument for the abolition of the Federal Election Commission [laughter, applause] I’ve ever heard. [laughter, applause]

  • Questions and answer session for Thomas and Reynolds
  • How to I generate interest in Chairman Thomas’ bewildering speech? How about this – the three most commonly used phrases in the speech seemed to be: fecal matter, the Saddam Hussein Missile Corporation, and high quality video. On the plus side I don’t recall any Jeff Gannon or Nazi jokes…

    Be sure to check out the text of the letter delivered to Chairman Thomas at The Online Coalition.

    Note: The date on this entry has been changed to reflect the day we got all three videos online. Sorry for the delay.

    Answering C-SPAN
    Live Blogging the Killing of Terry Schiavo 
    • Thanks for your effords. I joined the conference and would to “rewind” with the video and the transcript!

    • Ray Midge

      OT: Just saw the Powerline boys (Hind and big Trunk) on CSpan. Good stuff. Talking about their blog re: the Rather stuff mostly. Sadly, C-Span followed it with Angelina Jolie speaking about refugee babies or such to some group.

      Not that those guys are ugly or anything but man… they should refuse to go on TV before her ever again. The sudden ‘attractiveness differential’ almost blew out my tube. Too easy to forget whatever they were talking ’bout.

      CSpan’ll be rerunning their speech at 11:00 P.M. eastern.

    • Rod Stanton

      Glenn is great.

    • Bill

      Er…where is Glenn?

    • mr lawson

      oh, trust me….there is plenty of interest, just not a lot of comments…yet. give it time and get those transcripts and video’s out!

    • Scott Thomas is exhibit #1 for the abolishment of the FEC. Good lord, 15 minutes of bizarreness and condescension so thick … well, it goes to the good manners of the audience they didn’t boo the bozo off the stage.

    • Bill S.

      I’m confused. There is only 1 active video link in this post, that of Scott Thomas. Are there any plans to make Glenn’s speech available?