Random acts of dumbness, part I

How to give yourself a heart attack:

1) Find something small, yet important, in your car.

2) Place object in your hat for safekeeping.

3) Get out of car, put on hat, proceed to store.

4) Feel something go down your collar and slide down your back.

5) Panic.

Update: I should have been clearer: one may presume that the small, important object was something like a head for a power screwdriver, and as such, was cold and metallic.

Random acts of dumbness, part II
Bonfire of the Vanities #108 - Reminder
  • snowballs

    Was it a joint?

  • snowballs

    Re: Update – You should keep those in your socks like everyone else 🙂

  • I thought it ws a pet snake or something ( well, you never know with people)

  • Jay, my friend, YOU NEED HELP!

  • Malibu Stacy

    Hat is to safekeeping as coat is to:
    a) arthritis
    b) minestrone
    c) talk radio
    d) any of the above

  • 6. Write blog entry about it.