Caption Contest Winners Delayed

Due to technical issues (my laptop), I’ve had to delay the announcement of the winners of this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ until Monday morning.

Perhaps I can make it up to everyone with a couple Jessica Alba pictures? Or a site full of blogger b00bies? I figured it was worth a try…

Since I found Serenity...
Bonfire of the Vanities #118 - Reminder
  • Er, Kevin… “everyong,” lol?

    [Ed – The typo in “everyone” that Omni noted was fixed]

  • Sam

    What about something for us women? How about a site filled with Blogger Boners, Big Johnsons, or Bologna Ponies?

  • The Boobiethon has a full section of male chest pictures (or so I’ve been told)…

  • stan25

    Mighty fine mighty fine. Wonder what she would like in a thong? A skimpy one at that.

  • Delayed or deleted?