Picture Of The Day – Free At Last! Edition

AP Photo/Ian Waldie, Pool

Australian miners Todd Russell (foreground), and Brant Webb (obscured behind Russell), emerge from two weeks trapped in a gold mine 3,000 feet below ground at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine at Beaconsfield, Australia, The men were trapped when an magnitude 2.1 earthquake caused a cave-in in the mine shaft. Rescuers drilled through 45 feet of rock, the last part by hand, to reach the men.

2 Australian Miners Freed After 2 Weeks – [AP]

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  • yo

    Fuck yeah!

    Gotta’ love the unflappable Aussies.

    Dude, good news in the news, for change.


  • jdavenport

    Man. Two weeks.

    Its been so long, I had forgotten about the story.