"Do You Want Us to Win?"

Lorie wrote a great post about Lynne Cheney handing Wolf Blitzer his rear end live on CNN the other day. In case you haven’t seen the video, watch it here:

Only days later Bill O’Reilly went on Letterman and asked David Letterman the same question. Of course, Bill couldn’t get a straight answer (video courtesy of Ian at Hot Air):

Not only do Blitzer and Letterman need to answer the question, but al Reuters, the Associated (with terrorists) Press, the New York Times, USA Today, the rest of the terrorist sympathizing media, and the lefty moonbats like Murtha, Sheehan, et al should answer it as well. Do they want us to win? Or would they prefer America lose the war on terror? And by the way, yes, the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror.

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What he said
  • _Mike_

    Lee blathered mindlessly:

    Nope, that’s as sucker bet. The GOP has Diebold in their back pocket, and the Senate is really close. I think the Dems will win both House and Senate, but I’m not willing to bet on it.

    Typical, you lack the conviction to put your ‘money’ where your oversized mouth is.

    Do you have evidence to support your assertion (Diebold) or are you lying ? If you have evidence, I suggest you take it to the Atty. General; otherwise, you’re just another mindless, lying conspiracy quack. The smart money is on the latter.

  • Perhaps I wasn’t clear, Mantis. But thanx for the dissertation anyway. My point was that Muirgeo apparently finds the claim to be “out there”.

  • Please take a look at this. Would this not be on par with Rathergate if true?

    CNN is preparing an all out anti-GOP assault the last few days before the election?

    Washington Prowler

    Democrat Slowdown Signs — Except at CNN

    Lots of headscratching was going on Friday evening and over the weekend about the decision by CNN producers and uberanchor Wolf Blitzer to blindside former colleague (she hosted “CNN Crossfire” back in the day) Lynn Cheney.

    Aside from using questions culled from talking points on the Jim Webb scandal provided to a CNN associate producer by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, Blitzer, — without checking out the veracity of the talking points — quizzed Cheney about the techniques used against suspected terrorists and her views on the Bush Administration. Cheney had been invited to discuss her new children’s book, but came prepared to battle Blitzer, and more than held her own.

    Why was Blitzer so aggressive? “It was all about ratings, and the fact that we have this series of specials called ‘Where the Right Went Wrong’ running on the network,” says the CNN insider.

    Part of that series ran later Friday evening after Cheney’s emasculation of Blitzer (video here).

    In fact, CNN producers, with the approval of more senior executives, intend to run the highly politicized, pro-Democrat Party “Where the Right Went Wrong” in the days leading into Election Day. The series uses original reporting, as well as materials, including statistics and research developed by the DNC, MoveOn.org and the labor-funded 527, Americans Coming Together, though the those sources are never mentioned in the segments.

    “There are people who are wondering why this is being run so close to election day,” says the CNN employee. “The questions have been asked, but we haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer. But as soon as we saw the Cheney segment, we knew what they were trying to do. It wasn’t just about attacking Cheney. It was about building momentum for the other programming we are running. It’s about counterprogramming Fox News.”

  • steak111111

    Unlike you Lee, I have a REAL job….

    I said, “I’ll be surprised if CNN keeps Blitzer around.” and if CNN is smart, they would…. Problem is, CNN isn’t smart, and that’s a GOOD thing…. Though i REALLY hope CNN keeps Blitzer, they’d be smart if they canned him.

    And you never answered me – do you have a REAL job?

  • Hm You want another service with balls? Try the merchant marine. We’re on ships SUPPLYING you thankless idiots on the ground, and we don’t even have anything to protect ourselves with. The worst we can do is charge up our firemain and blast them with high pressure seawater.

    Don’t knock the air force, they’re giving you dolts on the ground with air cover, as well as airlifting you idiots there, and giving you guys supplies and mail. Same goes true for the Navy and the Coast Guard. We’re all on the same team, Mitchell.

    Please stop harassing the Air Force. I’m inclined to believe Mur-go was in the air force, but I also believe that doesn’t lend credit to his arguments.

    Air Mobility Command
    Military Sealift Command

  • MikeSC

    In a stunner, you didn’t quite reveal the full story, muir.

    That’s called honoring true debate and the facts. Now is the fact of 46 million Americans and increasing by greater then 1 million /year under Bush OK with you?

    From your link:
    Number of people covered increased to 247.3M from 245.9M in 2005.

    Ironic: Bush’s highest level of uninsured people is still lower than Clinton’s highest level (16.3% in 1998).

    Hispanics were uninsured at a clip of 32% — and, gee, that whole open borders thing is going to lower than number in the foreseeable future, huh?

    Subpoenas from congress to investigate the Clinton Administration;

    over 300

    Subpoenas from congress to investigate the Bush administration.

    0 ZERO

    So Clinton was more corrupt. I am not arguing the point at all.

    Oh, and I believe your claim of AF service is BS, but I don’t really CARE, either. Soldiers are just as capable of treason as anybody.

    After all, Benedict Arnold was one of our best military leaders in the Revolution. Doesn’t mean the whole betrayal thing didn’t happen.

    The left’s new belief that only a vet can run the military is one of the more absurd recent contributions to modern politics. I’m fairly certain the Dems REALLY don’t want the military to have much of a voice in politics.

    Well, if Gore’s behavior in 2000 is an indication.

    It’s not easy to find a poll that asks people how old they think the Earth is, but about 45% of Americans believe humans were created by God in their present form sometime in the past 10,000 years.

    The poll you cited is…what?

  • mantis

    The poll you cited is…what?

    Oops. Gallup, they’ve been tracking since ’82.

  • SShiell

    “4 years in the Air Force reserve and 7 years on active duty. Served during the first Gulf War and discharge honorably with the Rank of a Major.”

    Muirgeo: Not that I am calling you a LIAR but do you mind telling me how you could have 11 years in (reserve and active) and leave a Major when you do not come up for Major in the Air Force until your 11th year? How bout you ‘splain that one to me. And if you want to compare DD214s, I got 23 years in the Air Force (1973-1996) and retired an O5 (LTC).

  • Alex

    The Big Question “Do you want us to win in Iraq”..??

    First Mr. Dick Cheney famous “ticking bomb” scenario to justify torture of detainees and ignoring the over whelming sense of Congress to by articulately helping Bush issue a signing statement that “The executive branch shall construe the amendment, relating to detainees torture, in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President” and now Mr. Bill O’Reily asking us “Do you want us to win in Iraq?” to justify “staying the course” in Iraq without a well established exit strategy.

    I hope the American people see the pattern emerging from these baseless arguments. I cannot speak for all American people but as far as I am concerned my response to Bill O’Reily question is, NO, Mr. Bill, I don’t want to “win” in Iraq if it costs us ONE MORE AMERICAN LIFE. My conscience does not allow me to justify the death of any more American soldiers to honor the cause of our brave men and women who already lost their lives due to the lack of Iraq reconstruction planning by this administration. Mr. Cheney remarks, “It is my belief that be will be greeted as liberators” was dead wrong and it is unfortunate that Americans fail to question such a rational for preemptive invasion and put our soldiers in harms way.