Where is Nancy?

A clever blogger is making an effort to locate the missing Nancy Pelosi. I think an Amber Alert might be in order.

Update: According to Drudge she has been missing longer than I thought.

A New York Times Report Tomorrow will Say that Posted Iraq Nuke Documents May Have Helped Iran
  • Mitchell

    She and Ted Kennedy are engaged in a bisexual orgy in the Castro District. She’ll be out as soon as they recreate Soddom and Gamorrah. And, after the weed and LSD give out, of course.

    Hopefully Ted will drive her home over the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Derrick

    Yeah, because I just see Denny Hastert on my tv screen non-stop nowadays.

  • justice58


    You’re tacky and pathetic. Sick *******

  • Mitchell

    Coming from you, J58, that’s a compliment.


    Just like it’s sick to have a lying, twisted black woman in Durham accuse 3 innocent, white boys of raping her. And her friend and witness says she’s a liar. How’s that for sick and pathetic, and oh, so tacky?

    But your outrage only runs in one direction, I see.

    You can put all the white men in jail, but that ain’t gonna solve your problem, J58. Nope, you got to look in that mirror, girlfriend.

  • justice58

    girlfriend my ass

    I see you’re still living in denial. So sad! Some things never change.

  • Scrapiron

    Mitchell, be cool, you don’t want to be responsible for a suicide. You never want to tell a leftie the truth, they’ll go off on you. Of course you would have to provide detailed instructions written on the third grade level for the charge to stick. Want some instructions, I ran with a life saving crew for 8 years and a fire department for over 12 years and have saw a lot of successful ones?


  • nogo postal

    Yeah kinda like being the pastor of a 15,000 member Church in Colorado and Head of the multi-million member Evangelical Association..married…father of 5 who has been involved with a male hooker for three years….however, like Foley, he did not hang on to his positions like some lefty Ted Kennedy did …he resigned both immediatly…Republicans may be hypocritical sleezebags but at least they do the right thing when busted(well except Bob Ney)…Dems like Clinton and Kennedy just pretend nothing happened…
    That’s why I am an Indy…Both parties have that rotton corpse stench…

  • Actually, Ms. Pelosi has a full schedule. On Saturday, she’s attending a NARAL fundraiser featuring Madonna, Barbra Streisand, and Alec Baldwin. On Sunday she’ll be a speaker at the Zion Road Episcopal Church, which has a gay minister and which frequently marries gay couples. On Monday, it’s off to Mexico to help them deliver their protest of the border fence to the U.N.

    Give ’em heck, Nancy!

  • I don’t get it.

    Pelosi’s gone missing . . . so, WHY is anyone looking for her?

    But, if you must, here’s a wild hunch: check out private plastic surgery hospitals in the Bay Area . . .

  • epador

    Maybe some Afrin would help Pogo Nostril from running so much snot?

  • Lee

    “She’s particularly unphotogenic, and that is not only being used against her, but against the entire Democratic party,” writes Rock Paper Swords. “Because we all know the only thing worse than giving power to women is giving power to unattractive women.”

  • bobdog

    Damn. I hope she does something with that gizzard of hers. Or is it called a crop? I disremember.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Why does justice58 want his ass to be mitchell’s girlfriend? I am confused.

  • justice58

    excuse me…”his ass”….WTF is wrong with you.

    Yes, you ARE f’ing confused!!

  • Billll

    I believe the PC phrase for this is “in rehab”, which is where everybody goes after committing some big gaffe and is needing some cover untill the heat blows over.

    Popular place lately.