We are Live!

We are live on CNN! I am sitting with Kevin Aylward, Betsy Newmark, Pam Spalding and Scott Johnson. Now that I am up and running and have done some introductions, I am finally getting around to what I am here to do — blog. Bear with me though. There is a lot of commotion in the room. We will be following the election results on Fox News and CNN.

I have met a lot of the bloggers I have known through email for years and have met quite a few bloggers from the other side of the aisle and all have been extremely friendly. I will update as the night progresses.

Update: Things are quieting down a bit. Kevin is busy collecting data for an upcoming post. I have met some bloggers I feel like I have known for years, but am just now meeting for thr first time in person. Here is a picture of La Shawn and me that she just posted at her site.


Update II: A few results are being reported — so far all I have seen are those that were not close races. At this time Virginia is being called too close to call.

The Lucky 13
  • Best of Luck!

  • Mrs. Davis

    No buzz from the exit polls yet? That must be ominous for the donks.

  • Lee

    Congrats to you and Kevin on the assignment – sounds like fun.

  • Lee

    I found a link to the blogging party — here it is. Not sure if this is “the” link” — hopefully Lorie or Kevin will give us an update if it isn’t the right link.

  • Sounds like lot of fun. I wish I didn’t have to work today.

    With my laptop keeping me busy with blogs during commercials and other uninteresting stuff, I will be glued to the TV when I get home this evening…around 6 pm PST.

  • Lorie,

    You and La Shawn are my dream team. If Michelle Malkin and Mary Katharine Ham were with you there, then the team would be perfect.

    By the way, seen any photos of large catfish lately? 😉

  • RedStayteColluge

    Please, take a career in radio.

  • seamus

    By the way, seen any photos of large catfish lately? 😉

    Isn’t that one on the right in the photo?