Senator Jim Webb Denies He Gave Gun to Aide

Jim Webb is denying that he gave Phillip Thompson the gun and even refused to acknowledge the gun was his:

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb said Tuesday he did not give aide Phillip Thompson the gun that led to his arrest in a Senate office building. Webb did not say whether it was his gun.

Webb said he has been in New Orleans since Friday and returned Monday night. He said that he couldn’t talk about the case because of the legal proceedings and his desire not to prejudice the situation. But then he denied any role in the alleged felony.

“We had three cars on Friday that were being moved about because of my trip, and that is probably a reason that this inadvertent situation developed. And that’s really the extent to which I think I should be discussing. That’s really all I can say,” Webb told reporters.

Is this what Mr. Thompson signed onto when he joined the Webb team?

According to court documents, Thompson celebrated his birthday in jail and away from his wife and two kids. He entered the courtroom Tuesday looking very disheveled and wearing a stone-faced expression. He was handcuffed at the legs, had no belt and one pants button was unbuttoned.

That’s shameful. It’s looking like Senator Webb will not take responsibility for this. Instead, he’s going to let his long time friend take the wrap because Webb doesn’t want to get in trouble for having a loaded gun in DC, which is illegal.

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  • metprof

    What a macaca

  • Scrapiron

    metprof, since macaca means different things to different people it could mean ‘coward/traitor to some.
    I’ll not survive the comedy of the left wing. Dozens of incidents daily is just too much. Maybe that’s the plan to get rid of the republicans, cause them all to die laughing.

  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    He is a punk. A one term wonder. Put him on the witness stand under oath.

  • metprof

    Scrapiron, I was in quite a quandry abouth the spelling. Was it m-a-c-a-c-a OR m-a-c-h-a-c-h-a.

    I called Senator Webb and his videographer fixed me right up with the proper spelling and meaning.

    Spelling is indeed macaca and the meaning as used by Senator Allen was “little weasel with camera sent to spy on opposition by desperate, opportunistic, and graceless politician wannabe.

  • bryanD

    Have a crumb! 96 more will make a meal!

    Ah, “macaca”! From the “whatever happened to…” file! Whatzizname? Cowboy hat and Daddy’s football? Discovered his mother was Jewish when a reporter informed him at the debate? (And, boy! was he PISSED!)

  • Uh-oh

    maybe he gave it to the father who loved to lovingly suckle on his son’s, well, ya know….

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Put Webb under oath. If he did nothing wrong he should have nothing to worry about. Put Webb’s aide under oath. Let’s get to the bottom of this. Where is Reid? Where is Chuck identity theft Schumer? Where is leaky Leahy? Is impeachment an option? Let’s ask Chuck Hagel. Also, what happened to Webb’s crew cut? Let’s ask him under oath. Senator Webb, how many people did you discuss changing your hairstyle with? 4? That answer is inconsistent with one of your aide’s answer. In fact, we have an email that suggests more than 6 people discussed your hairstyle change right after the election. Do you have an explanation for this?

    Stupid Democrats

  • epador

    Having recently gone through security at the House and Senate buildings, I can tell you the Senate is much stricter, and only a fool would knowingly try to pass a gun through there.

    I went with a lobbying team for health care, and we tried to bring in an award for one Senator. It was in a cardboard box, not sealed, but partly folded over. We had to take the box out side to fully open it. Then on the second run through the line they decided it was a gift, and not an award (Mikasa glass vase with award etched into it), which requires an aide from the Senator to come down and accept – gifts are not allowed in. A real goat rope. No problem with same awards at the House buildings. Go figure.

  • epador

    Looking at the news reports, Webb gave the briefcase to his aide. Sounds like Webb knew what was in it, but did the aide? What’s Nancy Pelosi’s spin on this one? [cue crickets]

  • jhow66

    Would you want this kinky haired prevert leading our armed services? You could see in his face that he knew his cowardly ass was in a bind. The first thing he did was to throw his aid to the wolves. Real brave prevert.

  • Jo

    Where are the trolls to defend this one? Hmmmm…

    Wasn’t it great to see the usually cocky Webb look a little nervous and defensive in the press conference?!

    Love it.

  • Webb has immunity anyway – Congress is in session.

    If it is his gun, it makes little sense why he wouldn’t admit it. The District isn’t going to start arresting members of Congress anytime soon.

    Should it turn out to be his gun, having denied or skirted the issue, he will suffer a lot more politically. He’ll even lose support in Virginia for the denial – he might have gained some for a straightforward admission.

  • Wiley T. Stoner

    Not one of the resident idiots posted their version of the facts (lies) here. If Webb were a Republican I can only imagine the howls issuing forht from those who’s senitities would have been offended by this act. Why did Webb want a loaded pistol with two loaded magzines in in office. What was he planning to use that gun for? Enquiring minds want to know. Put his ass under oath. Oh, I forgot, he is a Democrat. All he has to do is deny and his colleges and the MSM will not burden us with the truth.

  • Addison — he might have been immune from arrest at the time, but he is not immune from prosecution.

  • hermie

    Webb has also shown himself to be irresponsible, and not be trusted with any government secrets, or confidential papers.

    C’mon…If you had a loaded gun, wouldn’t you be responsible enough to ensure that it was kept in a secure place?

    If Webb was so careless with something so serious as his own potentially lethal weapon, think what would happen if he had possession of top secret documents on our nuclear weapons.

  • SicSemperTyrannus

    Macaca karma.

  • SicSemperTyrannus

    I wonder if this is the kind of “leadership” Jim Webb practiced as a Marine officer towards the men in his command?
    Character and interity, my ass.

  • kim

    Michael Moore, director of Columbine, hires armed guards. There are two sets of rules.

  • “Take the rap”, not “take the wrap” unless you are talking about gathering paper after Christmas presents are opened.

  • jim

    I don’t get this. I don’t get it at all.

    This seems like such a non-story. There are plenty of folk I would fear having gun and ammo in the capitol, but Webb and aide are not among them.

    OTOH, I am delighted that the security folk found it and took action, w/o special treatment at the scene. Also, note that Webb does not seem to be crying anything like another Member did, nor did he slap a guard ….

  • kim

    That poor, sorry, Webb; he knows that anything he says will expose his hypocrisy. That sorry piece of work; he knows the MSM will cover for him. That shabby soldier; who knows he’s exposed his comrade.

  • Sheik Yur Bouty

    Obviously the aide should have slapped the guard and called him a racist.

    Then he wouldn’t have had to go to jail at all let alone be prosecuted.

  • spurwing plover

    Liberal hypotcrits always think they have the privlage to have guns but no one else just look at ROSIE ODONNELL and TED KENNEDY