Video Of The Day – Must See TV Edition

Miss USA, Rachel Smith, having problems in the evening gown portion of Sunday’s live broadcast of the Miss Universe contest on NBC.

There are at least 7 other version of this clip on YouTube (on the front page alone) which have combined for over 1 million views. You just won’t be prepared for small talk or the water-cooler until you’ve seen this.

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  • It looked like she intentionally fell to me, like the soccer players do.

    Was Ms. Venezuela red-carded?

  • If I ever fall on my ass, I can only hope to handle it as gracefully as Miss USA did.

    I doubt I could. But then, I don’t look as good in an evening gown as she does, either.


  • Scrapiron

    Jim Addison, you had better not show at the wrong evening gown competition, there are some, not me, that would choose you over Miss USA.

  • Does the video capture the relentless razzing cheers of “Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!” that accompanied her every time she came out on stage?

    Class tells. Rachel Smith has it, the Mexican audience doesn’t.

  • brainy435

    So…um… should a “classy” woman-respectin’ event have the ladies parading around to a song wondering when they were “gonna’ give it up to me?”

    More of the “classy” lyrics:

    From you look inna me eye gal I see she you want me
    When you gonna give it up to me
    Because you body enticing you makin’ me horny
    When you gonna give it up to me
    Well if a no today girl then a must be tomorrow
    When you fulfill my fantasy
    Because you know I give you lovin’ straight like an arrow
    When you gonna give it up to me

    [Verse 1:]
    So back it up deh..So pack it up yeah
    Cause I wanna be the man that’s really gonna have it up and mack it up and
    Slap it up yeah…So what is up yeah…You know you got the sinting inna me pants a develop and a swell up and
    Double up yeah…So gimmie the work yeah cause if you no gimme the work the blue balls a erupt yeah..
    So rev it up deh gal gwaan try you luck deh cause when you stir it up you know me haffi measure up yeah.