Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Attendees at Comic-Con 2007 in San Diego

Last week’s winners and this week’s winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed. A new edition of the Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

This Week's Business News
Last Call
  • The All-Virgin And Living In Their Parent’s Basement Club class photo.

  • Vegas Vic

    Casting Call for Wizbang Bloggers takes an unexpected turn!

  • The decision by the Democrats to replace the United States Marine Corps with the Legion of Slackers saw a mixed results. Terrorist activity increased sharply, but spandex manufacturers reported higher earnings. In related news, the Justice League sued Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for Defamation of Character …

  • Amazingly, Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso of Truth got the same result with all participants:

    “Yes, I’m a virgin.”

    The females added the qualifier: “well…technically….”

  • Peter F.

    Not pictured: Little-known superheroes AssClown and Wonder Dorkward.

    Oh wait, my mistake….

  • Peter F.

    Troubled NFL quarterback Michael Vick, pictured far left, discovers the last remaining way to make money off his autograph.

  • Peter F.

    “Wonder Twin powers…form of somebody who’ll never get laid!”

  • Peter F.

    “Yo, Mr. Invisible. There’s a little problem with your costume….”

  • Stephen Macklin

    A campaign rally for Congressman Ron Paul drew larger than expected crowds.

  • Stephen Macklin

    Wearing the costumes Americans don’t want to wear.

  • centralcal

    John Edwards needs you to join his new Army in the War against Terror.

  • Lindy R. Dole

    The Superheroes face off against their most fearsome opponents todate — DC and Marvel editors.

  • Just look at those boobs! (And I ain’t talkin’ about Wonder Woman.)

  • #1 – It turns out that a kitchen stocked with Taco Bell and Cheetos was not a good idea for the Justice League.

    #2 – Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Richard Simmons assembles the out-of-shape heroes for one last attempt at defeating Mr. Fat-tastic!

  • mike

    Prior contest participants including Baron von Ottomatic, Fustian and Jeff Blogworthy

  • locomotivebreath1901

    We took down michael vick and we can take down Ahmadinejad. All we need is rove’s a-ok.

  • So 12 virgins walk into a room…

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Wizbang Blue meets at the airport Marriot to plan the next quarter’s asshattery.

  • bungalowlife

    Superman didn’t need to activate his X-Ray vision to appreciate the effectiveness of the Wonderbra!

  • What do you mean, “abnormal?”

  • After Green Arrow snapped the picture, he broke into a fit of hysterical laughter and had to be put down.

  • LAB

    The Fiction of Power rehearses the emergence of the Conspiracy Theory dialectic.

  • Jer

    Pipe-man to Fedora-man:
    What the hell have we done!

  • Ken

    Hey! Superman is trying to check out Wonder Woman without using his X-Ray vision.

  • Wow. That’s a big basement.

  • Bill M

    “The staff at TNR takes a break after putting to bed the ground-braking Scott Thomas military expose.”

  • CZ

    The final results of being a party with a “BIG TENT”

  • Nylda

    Obama gets specific about the “transformation” his presidency would unleash.

  • “Yeah, we look nerdy, but at least we’re not at a blogger convention.”

  • Chuck Schumer: “Wonder Woman? Superman? Even these candidates for a future Supreme Court opening would be unacceptable.”

  • spurwing plover


  • Len

    The Young Republicans meet again!

  • Lindsay Lohan’s family and close friends (shown here) denied that she had anything but a normal home environment …

  • FreedomFries

    GOP 2008 Convention goes drag

  • They’ve found Pvt. Beauchamp’s unit.

  • retired military

    Cindy Sheehan’s fan club showed the extremes to which they will go to get her elected over Nancy Pelosi.


    THe congressional black caucus in disguise.

  • The League of Extraordinary Idiots.

  • Well, the guy with the pipe is obviously Al Gore. I mean, duh.

  • The Church of the SubGenius finally attains its greatest wish, infiltrating Bob J. Dobbs into the ranks of the JLA!

  • It’s Slobberin’ Time

  • Michele Malkin sure has some odd friends.

  • Dodo David

    The Super Friends didn’t seem so super as they posed for their AARP Magazine photo shoot.

  • Dodo David

    A scene from the newest reality TV show People Who Need To Get A Life.

  • Dodo David

    The Democratic Party presidential candidates all showed up for the casting call of the yet-to-be-filmed Super Friends movie. In response, Hollywood’s movie moguls showed some decency and cancelled the movie’s production.

  • Dodo David

    In attempt to impress voters, the Democratic presidential candidates dressed as super heroes. It was no surprise that Hillary Clinton dressed as Superman and John Edwards dressed as Wonder Woman.

  • Dodo David

    Disappointing its castmembers, Super Friends: The Next Generation received worse ratings than My Mother The Car.

  • Dodo David

    When their reunion ended, the Super Friends went their separate ways. Superman went to Miami Beach to use his x-ray vision to see underneath the women’s swimsuits. The Flash and the Green Lantern moved to Massachusetts in order to marry each other. Batman was last seen entering Wonder Woman’s cave. Robin entered from the rear.

  • Spiderpig was also to appear, but no one had a costume big enough for Rosie O’Donnell

  • Ken

    Holmes: (smoking pipe) So what does this mean?

    CZ: The final results of being a party with a “BIG TENT”

    Holmes: No CZ, it means someone has stolen our tent!

  • Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed. A new edition of the Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.