Nawlins update

Jayson Javitz posted previously on the progress in New Orleans, as City Council voted unanimously to proceed with redevelopment of the blighted, damaged, and mostly uninhabitable “projects” ruined by Hurricane Katrina. Read all about it at the preceding link.

What the written word could not convey is the attitude of cooperation that the citizens showed at the Council meeting. For that, you need to see the Times-Picayune‘s video of the event.

(WARNING: there is a minor amount of blood spilled, but don’t worry – it was just some TV guy).

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  • Scrapiron

    Roving bands of black terrorist (leaders from Ca) riot in the streets. Yep, them are some lovely folks that have been living on the taxpayer dole all of they’re life and don’t want to give it up. They cause milions to consider the KKK option/method as the only way to deal with them.

  • RicardoVerde

    Call me hideous names if you like, but why are rebuilding ANY of the flooded sections of this town? I was once offered a really good job near (just upriver) New Orleans, but I didn’t take it because I didn’t want to live behind a levee where the river was higher than my house.

    Where do we have building codes that allow you to build a house below a Corps controlled dam? Why do we encourage this in New Orleans? It will happen again, ‘when’ not ‘if’.

  • Paul

    You’re right RicardoVerde…. And why the hell do they keep rebuilding in California? It’s not a case of IF the wildfires, earthquakes and mudslides get you but when.

    And what about those idiots up north who build where it snows? Tens of thousands of people had to evacuate because they didn’t have power and would have frozen to death in their homes. Why do building codes allow people to build where people must rely on artificial heat to survive?

    And those people who live where there are tornadoes… Man it’s not a case of IF they will get hit but when.

    And let’s not forget the idiots in Napa Why do the Napa idiots build where they need levees to protect them?

    AND why do building codes let people build where they have flooded 150 times in 50 years. Let’s abandon Pennsylvania.

    And what about Florida? Why do they keep rebuilding Florida? Come on those people get hit by 4 and 5 hurricanes a years. It’s not a case of IF they will get hit but when.

    You’re absolutely correct RicardoVerde, we should abandon all those places.

    BTW the people protesting where not protesting about housing. (see next post)

  • Paul

    OK, let’s get one thing out the way… That protest had nothing to do with housing. The local paper had an unusually blunt smackdown of that.

    If you want to understand what is going on here, read this post I wrote almost 2 years ago.

    (in short) The Democrats are going to lose Mary Landrieu’s Senate seat. This was not about housing this was about a majority white council and a Dem senate seat.

    It’s the proverbial Democrat rent a mob.

  • Did I hear a lady in the early part of that video complaining that the “white people ahead in line” got seated, when she and the black people with her did not? Outside the chambers, or did I imagine it?

    Well, with limited seating, being ahead in line is what gets you a seat, isn’t it?

    At least this smoked Paul out of his remote Bayou retreat without me having to post a “Tribute to the ACOE” . . .


  • Paul

    I still read WB every few days and stick my nose in the comments once in a while… It’s just funny, how nobody (well few) outside of NOLA gets this has nothing to do with housing.

  • Paul

    BTW Jim the race card is being played so much because of the majority white council.(for the first time is 30 or so years) There are rumors afoot that a white man might have a shot to win at mayor… that would crush the black (ahem Dem)establishment.

    Ironically, NOLA was never a hot bed of racial strife… While much of the country had race riots etc in the late 60s early 70s we avoided most of that noise. Now that the Dems are losing the last holdout of power in the state they are trying to stir the race pot….

    see also Al Qeada stirring up Sunnis in Iraq.

  • Now these people are simply out of control and their sole purpose was to disrupt what could have been a productive session. I’d like to have heard from the black gentleman who seemed embarrassed, covering his face with his hand, but we only got to hear from the woman shouting, “Shut up, white boy.”

    I read the Times Picayune article and it makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are elements of misinformation and untruths at both extreme ends of the debate. But the article seems to be pretty straightforward with minimal bias.

    I scanned through some of the comments and found one that pretty much sums up a lot of what drives these particular people toward their actions. The comment below was by “Mosquitofish”. It is exactly what I was thinking when I commented the other day, but didn’t know how to say it:

    “I recommend that for more grist for your mills, you might want to look up Desmond Morris’ THE HUMAN ZOO. He has a wonderful explanation about behavioral sinks, and what they do to living beings who have the misfortune to live in them.

    The projects and other marginalized areas are behavioral sinks, where crowding and lack of opportunity lead to bizarre behaviors, to paraphrase Morris. These things never should have been allowed to develop, and it will be a sign of respect for human dignity if the projects that harbor these “zoos” are demolished and replaced with decent housing.”

    It not only can lead to bizarre behaviors, but as poor folk are crowded together and segregated from the general populace it becomes a separate world where their commiseration only among themselves helps to reinforce notions that they can’t do any better. They don’t all behave bizarrely; the majority don’t. But those few that do are are so overbearing no one else gets heard.

  • RicardoVerde

    I agree that my little “shout” was off topic per the post, although related, but what I said is still valid. There is a tremendous difference between living somewhere where something might happen that might cause something that might do you major harm or death, and somewhere where you rely on a manmade structure to prevent your harm or death 24 hours a day.

    It’s different to build in an earthquake zone than to build in a earthquake zone under an unstable ledge of rock. It is very bad use of public funds to rebuild flooded sections of this town.

  • Paul

    There is a tremendous difference between living somewhere where something might happen that might cause something that might do you major harm or death, and somewhere where you rely on a manmade structure to prevent your harm or death 24 hours a day.

    You’re right again….. We should abandon all the areas that require man made heat for human survival. What moron lives he has to rely on a manmade structure to prevent his harm or death 24 hours a day?

  • Paul

    Oyster, I don’t disagree per se; but remember, this is a very small number of people. They have been protesting for a week and I’ve never hear a report of there being over 100 protesters at any one event. (admittedly I’m not paying that much attention so perhaps there has been)

    I heard a report (I mostly listen to radio and read the TP) where they where going to stand in the way of bulldozers… When the time came, the last 8-9 protesters got out of the way… whimper and not a bang.

    NOW TO BE SURE there is a small number of black people who have made a hobby for the last 4-5 years of disrupting NOLA school board and council meetings. It’s the same buffoons saying the same thing over and over.

    Then you get the rent a mob idiots who just want to protest “the man.” It was telling that the vote was 9-0. The council knew the score and knew they needed to send a message of solidarity.

    Frankly the 9-0 vote is much better news than a few loud mouth idiots… It’s just that the idiots make better video.

  • Paul

    typo above…

    Frankly the 9-0 vote is much BIGGER news than a few loud mouth idiots… It’s just that the idiots make better video.

  • David

    Paul, San Diego is economically viable, NOLA is not so and in the not too distant future will no longer be viable at all. That is because slowly but surely the Mississippi is diverting itself to the Archafalaya about a hundred miles to the west. The Army Corps is spending hundreds of millions of bucks on dams to try to stop this, but we saw how well the levees did. Next big lower Mississippi flood will probably sink NOLA and then leave it in the middle of no where. So rebuilding there is beyond dumb and a waste of money. As an aside, this is one of the reasons NOLA is sinking, the land is deflating as the water underneath is being diverted west. Rebuilding in NOLA is like boarding the Titanic after it hits the iceberg.

    As an aside the most powerful earthquakes in the mainland US were in New Madrid Mo (1812) and Charleston SC (1886), not San Fran. The Charleston earthquake broke dishes as far away as Chicago, and the New Madrid earthquake damaged structures as far away as, well, NOLA.

    Sorce: Physical Geology 12th Ed. Plummer and Carlson (the first edition without the late David McGeary as a co-author).

  • jpm100

    Someone tell me where I go to get the Federal Government to pay for my heat and dig my car out of the snow? Apparently I’ve been missing out.