Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

A woman holds several euro and US dollar notes. The dollar has tumbled to yet another record low point against the European single currency. (AFP/File/Bertrand Langlois)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

The Knucklehead of the Day award
Educational Reform, Palestinian Style

    Go directly to jail! Do not pass “GO” and do not collect $200. Oh wait, that’s not Monopoly money and Hussein Obama doesn’t even know Tony Resko.

  • Vegas Vic

    Jack Abramoff finds himself at another crossroad

  • Faith+1

    6 of one, 2 dozen of another….

  • Faith+1

    Damn, I landed on Boardwalk.

  • Roy

    Eeenie, meenie, minee, moe…

  • Mikey60

    Left: new hotness.
    Right: old and busted

  • The left may be colorful and currently trendy, but I’ll keep betting and voting on the right.

  • guido

    Oh dear, the europeans can afford to buy up all of our carbon credits. Now Al Gore might have to walk his fat ass.

  • Kenny

    Democrat campaign contributions on the left. Republican on the right.

  • Proof

    Hamilton: “I fold.”

  • Olaf

    Sh*t in one hand, wish in the other…

  • Faith+1

    The world’s most inept counterfeiter was nabbed today when the drive-thru window clerk noticed something was about odd.

  • epador

    207 dollars on Right
    39 Euros on Left
    Which hand will buy gas more efficiently?

    [In Munich we’re talking about 39 gallons for the 135 Euros.
    In US we’re talking under 20 gallons for the 60 bucks.
    In Munich we could get less than 8 gallons for the 60 bucks.
    In US one might get about 69 gallons for the 135 Euros.]

  • Faith+1

    It had been a long, dark and stormy night, but after 4 countries, 3 train rides, hitch-hiking with Gypsy family and their traveling midget carnival–punctuated with haunting memories of unspeakable acts of depravity–Phillip finally had enough money to get a bus ticket home for the holidays.

  • Faith+1

    In a flash of insight McCain finds a loophole in the campaign finance reform law….

  • LaMedusa

    The newest version of “Laundered Monopoly” should be available in stores the first week of November.

  • “I’ve got ninety thousand pounds in my pajamas.
    I’ve got forty thousand French francs in my fridge.
    I’ve got lots of lovely lire
    And the deutschmark’s getting dearer
    And my dollar bills could buy the Brooklyn Bridge.”

  • Herman

    “What The Left holds grows increasingly more valuable than that held by The Right.”


    (And we ain’t talking about only exchange rates!)

  • Spike

    A LEARNING MOMENT FOR BUDDING ONE-WORLDERS: “Ok, I get it. It’s kinda like that whole Km to miles thing for road races. 10k is to 6.3 miles, like 100 Euros is to 60 bucks.”

  • rockindoug

    All that scratch and Eliot Spitzer still couldn’t get a decent DC hooker–he had to “order out”.

  • That letter to your Senator gets ignored unless it comes on this paper.