Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

In an image made from a video provided by Al-Arabiya, President Barack Obama is interviewed in Washington by Dubai-based Al-Arabiya cable network Monday Jan. 26, 2009. It was the Obama's first formal television interview as president given to an Arabic cable TV network. (AP Photo/Al-Arabiya)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.

Putting the "Hip" in hypocrisy
General Petraeus Will Be Honored in Super Bowl Ceremony
  • jbw

    Let me apologize for the crusades that George Bush under took during the middle ages.

  • LaMedusa

    Rahm Emanuel’s talking head draws a blank when asked, “Who are you working for?”

  • Spike

    “Yes, I get my own kind of…..shall we say “stimulus package”…..when Muslims talk about hating Israel.”

  • Spike

    “I would love to visit each of the 57 Islamic States.”

  • retired miilitary

    Obama “How do I say I am happy to be here in Arambic?”

    Translator ” Weeuh areuu so sorreea con sern ting the US pasta trans gressuns”

    Obama “Okay how do I say pleased to meet you in Arabic”

    Translator “Weeuuh givaah uppa”

    Obama “And how do I say Have a nice day in Arabic”

    Translator “Bush is evil”

    Obama “Oh that is the easiset one yet to remember”

  • mojo

    “Dirka what?…”

  • “Oh, there’s no need for a translator. I already speak the language. I learned it in school as a child.”

  • Pretzel Logic

    Geez, I thought O’Reilly was an a**hole.

  • retired military

    “you have to be kidding me. Nancy Pelosi actually had the gall to go on TV and say she was not paritsian?? Who the hell would be stupid enough to believe that?”

  • a. moral

    It was the fourth of November. A date I’ll always remember. Yes I will. ‘Cause that was the day my country lost its spine…Poppa was a rolling Muslim.

  • retired miilitary

    The translator did not know quite how to translate “Yoh P ZOOOOO!!!! How do you like my thug thizzle.”

  • Son of a Pig and a Monkey

    Obami: Do you want me on all fours, or on my back?

  • glenn

    “Do you really think we can sell the Jews down the river without anyone else noticing?”

  • If Barack Hussein Obama isn’t already receiving a handsome salary for his work as President of the Muslim World, he should be getting a check soon. He’s doing a great job.

  • Oyster

    “It’s a little cool in here. Could you turn the thermostat up a bit?”

  • “First olive branch. Bet the Steelers. Trust me.”

  • Scott

    Uhhh…. What?

  • Spike

    “Would you like to sit on my lap like your American colleagues at MSNBC?”

  • Spike

    “You say you are ‘getting a chill up your leg’? That’s very common with reporters in the American media, too.”

  • Elroy Jetson

    “Infidel? No, you must have me confused with the Cuban dictator. Do we all look alike to you?”

  • syllabucks

    Hope! Change! Allah Akbar!
    Yes, I AM great! But you can call me Barry

  • Barack the Casbah.

  • Change you can believe in.

  • Ken in Camarillo

    What’s that you say?
    You don’t want land for peace with Israel?
    You don’t want peace with Israel?
    You don’t want Israel (to exist)?
    Well knock me over with a feather!

  • That neocon blogger Elmo? Why I’d kick his freakin *ss. I ain’t afraid of him.

  • ” My Administration Is Heavily Invested In Apple Carts.”

  • Bob

    This interview sounded so much better when Rahm pitched it.

  • Nylda

    Yes, my office is concerned about the deficit in wings for the Super Bowl.

  • Sturatt

    So Mohammad, which bailout nickname do you like better? Moolah Obama, or Obama bin lendin’?

  • Son of a Pig and a Monkey

    Spike at 104:

    Actually, there are 56 states in the “Organization of the Islamice Conference (“OIC”)). Who do you think Obami would like to be #57?

  • Arabic for “Change.”

  • RadiCalMan

    “Allah Akhbar!”

  • RadiCalMan

    Sorry, I see after the fact, that Stephen already beat me to it, but that’s what came immediately to my mind too! I guess I’ve got to get my entries in sooner! So, I put my vote in for Stephen.

  • Herdofcat

    Obama: “Huh? You don’t worship me? Don’t ya want ta ya know, be part of change? I’ve promoting ‘green’, After all, I’m recycling Clinton’s cabinet.

  • Burke

    I think all Americans should learn to read Spanish. Um, er, that is Spanish, right?

  • Those days are over … blah blah blah
    hope … blah blah blah
    change … blah blah blah
    kumbaya … blah blah blah
    go Steelers!

  • This is not a President — Rene Magritte

  • MF

    I am closing Guat. so that the terrorists will be in the US and one that was released already bombed , have a fake stimulus plan, … What are the other items you want me to do next?

  • FeFe

    0BAMBI: “Does this tie make my ears look big? I…um…you know…wouldn’t want to be a caricature…um…resembling a Jew.”

    BOOBTUBE: “No, no, and the flowers show your solidarity with the true Palis who insist those Jews come back and give humanity the evil secret to Gaza hot house agriculture.”

  • Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.