Re: Daniel Hannan Sounds the Alarm on Government Run Health Care

Those who liked Kim’s post earlier will love a podcast I heard last night on the Heritage Events Podcast feed. Daniel Hannon was invited to talk this week at the Heritage Foundation. He is an outstanding speaker on conservative values and the importance of freedom and small government. He is very worried that once we put nationalized health care in place, it will be impossible to go back. This liberal experiment is a one way street, folks. Our only chance to stop it is now.

Discussing Health Care and Health Insurance
Democratic Congressman Lashed Out At Democrat Who Dares To Question Him On Health Care
  • Here’ a couple of little known facts,
    Arnie Duncan US Secretary of Education Admits that much like the Chicago Public School system that he once headed, more then 50% of Americans sent to Re-education Camps do not graduate.

    Americans that do not graduate from Re-education camps are sent to
    Siberia (formerly known as Detroit)

    90% of Chicago Public School Children Believe That Military BARRACKS used to house Americans in the American Re-education camps are named in honor of President Obama.

    Stopthepresses psychics (psycho chics) using advanced crystal ball technology predicts that very shortly the used car market will be flooded with repossessed cars. Thanks to the government’s Cash for Clunks program, giving money to people that otherwise could not afford to buy a new car and keep up the car payments. Another home mortgage type fiasco brought to you by the Democratic Party. Remember you hear it from our psychic chics first.