Tag Lies

At work, I’m allowed to play my MP3 player, as long as it’s “work-safe.”

I’m starting to learn, though, that I can’t always trust my instincts. Or my memories. Or my musical tags.

The other day, I figured I’d play through my Devo collection. That oughta be nice and harmless, right?

Silly me. I had forgotten about “I Need A Chick.”

That was worse than the time I put on Jimmy Buffett, and a woman walked in with her small children just as “Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw” started up.

But recently, I dodged the biggest bullet of all.

My boss is a bit of a country fan (how bad is he? Well, last week he asked “Jay, what in hell are we listening to?” and I had to tell him about “Bohemian Rhapsody.” But I digress…), so I went to the “genre” setting and fired up “Contemporary Country.”

And we were promptly serenaded with the musical stylings of one David Allan Coe.

I don’t think I’ve ever moved that fast at work…

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  • Matt

    Jimmy Buffet was banned from the house when my wife came home and found my daughters singing along to “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw.” So, we don’t play it in the house. Just the MP3, cars, shop etc.

  • Meiji_man

    Had that happen,
    You can move pretty quick when the words
    “I was in to whips and things and she was into to pain” come lilting out of your cube…

  • Emerson

    That’s a rare old Devo song that was as juvenile as they got, not that they rose above it with their videos. The best of that set was “Fountain Of Filth”, which wasn’t filthy, by the way.

  • epador

    Found myself singing along with Johnny Cash (who has a better voice than mine) “Ain’t no money to buy cocaine, Sugarbabe” the other day. And my door wasn’t closed. OOOOPS!

  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft IIIz

    First time I heard DAC, a friend put a tape in my cars cassett player (yes it was a few years ago) I laughed so hard I had to pull over. It was gross, racist and funny as hell.

  • Nancy's Nazi

    Just saw DAC last month. Still irreverent as hell, and one of the most prolific songwriters in recent history.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    If y’all like DAC, expose your office to Hank III

  • The Whistler

    I was drunk the day my momma got out of prison……

  • and I went to pick her up in the rain…