Voyeuristic Govosexual

I heard a very interesting conversation between Mark Steyn and a conservative lesbian while driving. (Her blog is here, I believe: Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian.) She described, much to her surprise, how well she was received at CPAC and even taken under the wings of conservative bloggers there, including Robert Stacey McCain, who disagrees with her on gay marriage. A lot of terms came up describing the Leftist labeling of anyone and everyone who opposes Obama’s policies, including Bankrupting Liberty. Racist, sexist, fascist, and homophobe were predictably proffered.

It occurred to me that, in today’s age of political correctness, a term was missing from our collective vocabularies. I offer up the Voyeuristic Govosexual.

Voyeuristic Govosexual (n.) 1. One who takes pleasure in and promotes watching the government screw over targeted classes, groups, individuals and segments of American society.

We’ve identified voyeuristic govosexuals abound in our political discourse, from our president (“Wall Street fat cats”) to our vice president (“We will control the insurance companies”) to other elected officials and citizen activists. While not exclusive to Leftists, voyeuristic govosexualism is quite rare among Conservatives, where opportunity and individual Liberty are the centerpieces of debate and not governmental regulation, “redistribution of (someone else’s) wealth” or segmentation of society into various bitter groups.

There is a wing to be dedicated to treatment of affected voyeuristic govosexuals at a Mississippi rehabilitation clinic. As an added bonus, clients may be able to secure the autograph of Tiger Woods while undergoing treatment.

I’m still wondering how voyeuristic govosexuals are going to make the racist label stick to me, considering my favorite politician is a black man (J. C. Watts) and my favorite athlete a Polynesian (Troy Polamolu).

Kudos to Cynthia Yockey for her courage and conviction.

UPDATE: This was originally intended to be a short Tweet. I can barely spell my name in 140 characters or less, much less define the term Voyeuristic Govosexual. So I shared it via Wizbang while I had the opportunity. (Nice to be back, by the way.)

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  • GarandFan

    Too busy to read your article right now Steve, busy listening to the radio to see who The One wants me “to hate” this week.

  • It is quite by coincidence I make two entries in one day and both reference Mark Steyn. Just realized that.

    No, Mark, I’m not a groupie looking for used napkins and such. I do know a gal who will take that and worse, though.

  • Larry Dickman

    Health Care passes and yall “celebrate” at bondage clubs:



    Be sure to update on Yelp! next time.


  • SteveP

    voyeuristic govosexualism is quite rare among Conservatives

    …except for the conservatives who run and manage the funds for their party and approve $1,900 for bondage clubs.

    …or complain they knew nothing about it when they approved the funds, thus solidifying their ineptness at managing any kind of money at all.

    Party of fiscal conservatives…sure….

  • SteveP

    Why not start yourselves a conservative erotic club where customers can slap the naked behinds of Mark Foley, Larry Craig and Michael Steele…

    …oh, sorry. That’s a day at work for Senate republicans.

  • The people who accuse conservatives of being obsessed with other people’s sex lives are … obsessed with the sex lives of conservatives.

  • Indiec


    I’m just wondering if you could also cover the bondage balls attended by those conservative republicans in West Hollywood.

    I mean what’s tens of thousands of dollars on bondage themed nightclubs, lavish hotels and private jets?

    They have lost all credibility on fiscal responsibility not to mention family values.

    Of course he could always claim he was supporting big business giving stimulus a whole other meaning.

    All along we thought Republicans were into freedom when really they were into bondage.


  • Jesus H Christ on a Unicycle!

    The post has turned into a troll fest! None on topic of course.

    No worries, your fellow travelers prevented the newly created insurance exchanges from using federal money to cover Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for rapists, pedophiles and other sex offenders.

    And friggin’ Trolls!

  • GarandFan

    Well Marc, they don’t want to get involved with the screw-up of the health care bill. Their ‘betters’ didn’t read or understand it, why should they?

    Being juveniles, they much prefer to go for the titillating stuff. Later they’ll entertain us with the sounds of bodily functions, then it’s off to the bathroom with the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

  • LeoGaffigan

    I don’t understand how someone could spend ONLY $2,000 at the Voyeur club.

    Must be fiscal conservative.

  • I tuck $2,000 bills in strippers’ G-strings every day at lunch.

    Sometimes I tuck ’em in two or three at a time.

  • GarandFan

    I hear there’s a seat at the bar with Bill Clinton’s name on it.

  • iwogisdead

    Wow. A reference voyeurism and sexuality, and the dumbshit leftists come out in groves. Enjoying the circle jerk, fellas?

    Here’s today’s challenge: “Define non sequitur.”

    The first leftist who wins the challenge gets to suck Obama’s balls!!!!

    But only if they promise not to post drivel on this site. I don’t have the time or patience to sift through the crap. Grow up, dumbasses.

  • Indie

    We all just wanted to make sure you knew, that we knew, while you were avoiding the topic of Christian values so explicitly revealed by your republican leaders at the bondage club on your blog that we had a chance to inform you of their latest hypocrisy.

    I didn’t see a large headline disowning the antics of the fiscal conservatives hotel and limo spree either. But then this is a “conservative” blog.

    Must be conserving your embarrassment.

    It’s just so much fun to expose you guys for your “idiocracy.”

  • Beyond satire.

  • 914

    Wow! I have never witnessed a thread bring out such circle jerk of perverse trolls at such record speed…Unless it was about Sarah Palin that is.