If political blogging were like the NCAA tournament…

Wizbang might be a low seed, but dammit we’d make the dance. And you’d be forced to watch a commercial every two minutes.

Who – other than the supremely handsome and inestimable Kevin – could have envisioned that tossing me and a gaggle of other refugees from the State Home for the Bewildered the keys to Wizbang would result in a must read for people who crave must read political commentary.

Well played. Now let’s go run DailyKos out of the barn.

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GM Socks Rival For 16 Large
  • epador

    Why bother, the officials are paid off to make the last round “interesting” but ya know the Devils will win every time.

  • Pretty darn good company in that set of blogs, Baron.

    Yet poor Glenn Greenwald … not quite breaking into the top forty. Oh well, maybe one of his sock puppets can do it for him.