NBC's Jay Barbree's career may be over

Via Newsbusters, watch as he crosses a line, that line which states “Thou shalt not speak ill of The One”:

Did you catch the MSNBC anchorette quickly step up and speak on behalf of the Obama administration?  So telling… of course, anyone who disbelieves that MSNBC is anything but a megaphone for Obama needs his or her head examined but still, it’s eye-opening to hear someone just come right out there in the open with it.

I loved The Anchoress’ comments on this:

Because it is MSNBC’s job to defend and protect the Obama administration. And, apparently, to speak on their behalf.

I may have complained about the skepticism that the press brought to every word that came out of the Bush administration’s mouth, but at least that was in character; the press are supposed to disbelieve the establishment, not shill for them.

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  • GarandFan

    As Chrissy Matthews once said, MSNBC “has a vested interest in the success of the Obama administration”.

  • LeBron Steinman

    Wow. Jay Barbree is still with us?
    I remember listening to him cover the Mercury,Gemini and Apollo missions on NBC radio when I was a kid.

  • LeBron Steinman

    Demented Waldo (Olbermann) will probably make him worst person in the world-hee.

  • exceller

    good ole state run media. now not even ashamed to admit what everyone already knows, that they speak on behalf of the administration.

  • epador

    Was there a time when the Press spoke for the People?

  • 913 and a half

    Give the red axe to 9000 non Barry jobs and alledgedly hopefully at some distant point after siezure has occured create a whopping 2500 Barry I dream of unicorn jobs…

    Yeah, sounds like Barry’s M.O.

  • JJ

    “I understand why you’re upset…here, have a jello cup and go take your nap. You’ll have forgotten all about it when you wake up.”


    Good Lord…the TRUTH accidentally gets out on MSNBC. Heads will roll!

  • Molon Labe

    Wow, the anchorette literally said she was speaking “on behalf of the Obama administration”.

  • epador – “Was there a time when the Press spoke for the People?”

    My memory is a bit hazy but I think it was when Town Criers were in use.

  • fliteking

    When the anchor said “Speaking on behalf of the Obama administration” …. should we take this as an admission by the MSM or just a slip?

    Silly me, just a slip.