All You Need is Love…

…and the right Four Chords.

Who knew it was this simple?

Break Out The Thesaurus Again, Barry...
The Muck Stops Here
  • SShiell


  • hepmehepme

    Somebody forgot to close a bold tag…

  • Actually, I forgot to close a “big” tag, but I’ve since corrected that.

  • recovered liberal democrat

    Lol funny. Nothing new under the sun. Elton John said most of the music he wrote, along with Bernie’s lyrics, sounded like hymns. Gospel music uses the same chord progression also, going from the I to the IV to the relative minor then resolving on the V chord. Pop music has often gone back to it’s “roots” to find what works.

  • recovered liberal democrat @ 4 wrote (in part):

    Pop music has often gone back to it’s “roots” to find what works.

    More’s the pity that our political class / Government can’t seem to bring themselves to do the same.

  • Hallowed manure, but that’s funny!

  • epador

    Kinda like the same 4 chords that the liberals use for all their hymns:

    )OK, I smell a contest here, lets see what you folks can come up with:

  • BlueNight

    Another comedian became noted on YouTube for finding all the songs that match the progressions of Pachelbel’s Canon.

    Turning back to politics, it seems the liberal humanists have been humming the same “Progressive” tune since the turn of the 20th Century, despite bombing wherever it has been tried…

  • Paul Hooson

    Great post. Surprisingly good music and talent for such a retarded looking group of musicians. Funny stuff.

    Some of the most catchy songs sometimes use simple hooks to lure fans.