Note to Helen Thomas (and others): Jews are home in Israel

Genetic testing suggests that Ms. Thomas is full of crap… but sensible people knew this already:

Two new genome studies of Jews worldwide prove that the Jewish people — long called the “People of the Book,” the “Chosen People” or, in unkind circles, “those people” — are, indeed, a people after all.

The first study, by researchers at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, found that Jews across the globe share distinct genetic traits that are different from other groups and that trace back to the ancient Middle East.

Researchers say the study, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, puts to rest age-old questions about whether Jews are a group of unrelated people who share a religious ideology or a distinct ethnicity with common ancestry.

“The debate is over,” said Dr. Edward R. Burns, one of the lead authors of the study. “The Jewish people are one people with a common genetic thread that evolved in the second or third century BC.”

The study, “Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era,” compared the genetic analyses of 237 Jews, including Sephardic (Middle Eastern) and Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews — as well as an analysis of 418 non-Jews worldwide, and found that the Jews were more closely related to each other than to their fellow countrymen.

Past studies have reached similar conclusions, but they looked at smaller populations and considered only blood groups, mitochondrial DNA (a type of DNA passed down by mothers) or Y chromosomes (passed down by fathers).

For this inquiry, researchers conducted a genome-wide analysis of the major groups of the Jewish Diaspora — Ashkenazi Jews; Italian, Greek and Turkish Sephardic Jews; and Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian Jews.

The study — and a second genetic study published Friday in the journal Nature — scientifically undermines arguments made by those who challenge Jews’ historical relationship to Israel, such as former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who resigned last week after saying Jews in Israel should “go home” to Germany, Poland and the United States.

Turns out, the Jews in Israel are already there.

I read this somewhere some time ago… I think it was a well read book… one of the most well read… others have called that book inspirational and true.

Imagine that.

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Well allow me to retort
  • jim m

    No amount of reasoning or evidence will ever convince the libs that Israel has a right to exist. They are devoted to scapegoating the Jews for the world’s problems. Obama is even to the left of Palestinian Authority President Abbas in that Abbas is in favor of the Gaza blockade while obama wants to break it.

    Thomas spoke for the left when she made her bigoted remarks. Obama won’t stop until Israel ceases to exist.

  • John Hansen

    This reminds me of a possibly apocryphal story when Count Zinzendorf was asked to prove the Bible to be true.

    Supposedly he got up, and said “The Jews” and then sat back down.

  • “Can you give me one single irrefutable proof of God?” “Yes, your Majesty, the Jews.”

    MARQUIS D’ARGENS to Frederick the Great, 1779

  • jim m

    Of course we must realize that we are speaking of people who more easily believe in the blood libel against the Jews than they could ever believe that the Jews had ever lived in Israel before 1947. They are invincibly ignorant.

  • Bruce Henry

    Anti-Semitism isn’t confined to the left or the right. Neither is blind support for anything and everything Israel does.

    For evidence of the latter, look at Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY.

    So don’t even try that crap that “the libs” don’t think Israel has a right to exist, Jim M. Or did Alan Dershowitz suddenly become a Tea Partier?

  • Bruce Henry

    What evidence do you have, Mr M, that “the libs” believe the blood libel?

    Or are you just talking out your a**? AGAIN?

  • GarandFan

    “Anti-Semitism isn’t confined to the left or the right.”

    Feeling guilty Bruce? Seems all the Israel bashing I’ve read in the local rag on the letters page comes from the ‘usual suspects’ – liberals.

  • jim m

    I’ll give you one good example. There are many, but this one is particularly apt since President Obama seems to find a certain affinity for the politics and beliefs of this man: Jimmy Carter.

    Alan Dershowitz has accuses President Carter of committing a blood libel against the Jews. Carter refuses to debate the issue or address it in any fashion other than to make ad hominem attacks on Dershowitz. Further Carter has developed close ties with others who have spread the modern blood libel (that Israel has been built on the spilt blood of muslims) and the traditional blood libel (that Jews drink the blood of non Jews and their children).

    The close affinity for Obama, Pelosi and other dem leaders to islamic extremists without ever mentioning a word against their outrageous positions while accepting the most ridiculous of lies against Israel and Jews in general is another indication of the deep seated antisemitism in the dem party.

    If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. The dems have chosen to ally themselves with violent bigots. Since they will not make the least criticism of the stands of their friends one can safely assume they are in agreement with them.

  • jim m

    “Anti-Semitism isn’t confined to the left or the right.”

    Indeed it is not. The difference is that no one from the right has tried to extinguish the state of Israel as obama is.

  • retired military

    Here Lee Ward let me save you the trouble.

    republicans didnt like Jews in Israel until a black man became president.

  • Bruce Henry

    Re # 8:

    That is chickens**t, Mr M.

    Do you, or do you not, assert that “the libs”, meaning a significant number of current American liberals, believe that Jews drink the blood of Christians?

    If not, don’t make comments like # 4.

    If so, defend your assertion; don’t weasel out of it by making vague claims about who Jimmy Carter “has developed close ties with,” or unsupported assertions that Obama and Pelosi “never saying a word” about the crazy things Islamic extremists say.

    Just say it, Mr M. Admit you just blurted out some anti-liberal boilerplate in the hope you would fit in with the rest of the usual Wizbangers.

  • Bruce Henry

    Correction: unsupported assertions ABOUT Obama….

  • jim m

    Alan Dershowitz certainly does espouse things I disagree with. All the more reason that I choose someone with whom I disagree. Never-the-less the fact remains that Carter and many of the leadership of the left have embraced people who have publicly espoused the foulest of antisemitic sentiments. Obama’s own treatment of foreing relations with Israel and his attempt to publicly humiliate their Prime Minister can leave no doubt to his feelings on the matter. That he

    As I said the close affection of the dems to those who have repeated the foulest of antisemitic sentiment and the dems refusal to call those individuals out speaks loudly of their acceptance of such slanders. Were the shoe on the other foot you yourself would be calling ceaselessly for conservatives to disavow themselves of such persons and their comments. That you defend those who accommodate such offensive lies leads me to wonder about your feelings as well.

  • 914

    Helen should return to where she came from. The ugly factory.

  • Bruce Henry

    Examples, Mr M? Where are all your linky links and quotely quotes?

    Try Googling “Obama denounces anti-Semitic” and tell me about who never said a word about what.

    And this is not about what Bruce Henry believes or doesn’t believe. (Good try putting me on the defensive, though. Fail.) It’s about what you said – that “the libs” believe the Blood Libel. That is false, you know it to be false, yet you refuse to back off of it.

    Sorry to spoil your Sunday afternoon pastime of “Me-Too-Only-More-Articulately” on Wizbang, Mr M, but I can’t let you get away with that whopper.

  • recovered liberal democrat

    My only question is, who gets to screech out “Thank you, Mr. President”? at the end of Obamalala’s rare news conferences? Now that Helen is gone. I mean this is important stuff here.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    I am sure she is happier now that she can devote all of her time to hunting Gelflings.

  • GarandFan

    I noticed ALL the liberals protesting Helen’s comments. The SILENCE was deafening. When they did speak up, it was excuse city.

  • epador

    re: 18
    They must have been too busy drinking Hebrew blood. Or was it Manischewitz? Ask Bruce, I’m sure he knows.

  • Baron Von Ottomatic

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are extremely liberal, and they’re famously tolerant of Jews.

    And Obama spent twenty years in the congregation of another pretty liberal guy with lots of practical, well-thought-out ideas about Israel and the Jews.

  • Gmac

    BM, you irrefutably demonstrate your abject ignorance of history and lies told by Democrats every time you touch a keyboard. Do the blogging world a favor and step away from the keyboard.

    Bill Clinton, and by extension Hillary, had Yassar Arafat visit the White House many times. There was no bigger proponent of blood libel than him yet never once did you hear, see or read that the Clinton’s or the State department under their direct guidance ever denounce Arafat for his lies. Care to guess what Hillery is doing now?

    No one in the Democrat party has seen fit to denounce Carter for his lies, they treat him like the crazy old man up the road and parade him about ever four years at their nomination convention like a saint.

    Bottom line? “Examples, Mr M? Where are all your linky links and quotely quotes?” isn’t something that he needs to provide if only you’d yank your head out of your ass and look around once in a while. Put your keyboard to use and use any search engine to look them up yourself.

  • Bruce Henry

    You’re funny, Mr Gmac.

    It is true that Yasser Arafat was an enemy of Israel, and that Bill Clinton met with him several times as part of the peace process. As did the Prime Minister of Israel. Camp David? I’m aware of that. I don’t remember any White House visits, but I could be wrong.

    But as much of an enemy of Israel as Arafat was, I don’t believe there is any record of even HIM claiming that Jews drink the blood of Christian babies. If you’ve got video, I’d love to see it. And even if he had, he was the leader of the PLO, and therefore he had to be dealt with. Rabin, Peres, and Ehud Barak all shook the guys hand. Are they guilty of “close ties” with a “lib” who believes the Blood Libel?

    Try to follow along, Mr Gmac. Mr M accused “the libs” of refusing to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, asserting that these same “libs” believe the Blood Libel. I mentioned that Chuck Schumer and Alan Dershowitz, two of Israel’s most vocal and vociferous defenders, are “libs.” How does Mr M react? By ignoring the Schumer example and claiming the Dershowitz example proves HIS point!

    He, and you, are unable to produce any evidence that any “lib” believes that Jews drink the blood of Christians, but THAT WAS HIS CLAIM. When challenged, he, and you, attempted to fudge by insinuating that, because this liberal or that liberal once talked to Arafat or some other anti-Zionist, they themselves are suspect. Ridiculous on its face.

    Please tell me more about MY abject ignorance, Mr Gmac. You and Mr M must study history from the same library.

  • Bruce Henry

    It’s a good thing, Mr Gmac, that you don’t expect to be taken seriously in your support of Mr M’s outrageous claim. If you did, you wouldn’t address me as “BM,” or refer to the “Democrat party.”

    And I’m not aware of any Internet tradition whereby one party makes an outrageous, unsubstantiated claim, and the other party is obliged to look up evidence for it. I’ll keep that in mind, though.

  • retired military

    Bruce Henry

    Regarding the left’s antisemitism.

    You only have to look as far as the support Helen Thomas got in her remarks from leading libs and the leftist MSM.

    I dont mean the official statements from the WH who couldnt even defend it.

    Also look at Obama’s blatant ass kissing of Iran and Syria vs the way he treats Israel.

    Is it ALL the left? No. But then look at the left slandering EVERy person who goes to the tea parties as racist. Along with the MSM going along with the charges and repeating them ad nauseum.

  • Ryan

    Bruce. . . don’t even try to defend the left(As an entity unto itself, not every single member thereof) as, at large, not being antisemetic. Any such effort would be so laughable as to be absurd at this point.

    Half their arguments against Istrael consist of “How DAR you hit their fist with your face!!! in essence.

  • Oyster

    Bruce~: “Do you, or do you not, assert that “the libs”, meaning a significant number of current American liberals, believe that Jews drink the blood of Christians?

    So you define who “the libs” are and then tell Jim to defend his statement by you’re definition of who they are? And you want him to prove they absolutely “believe” rather than than what he said, “more easily believe?”

    I wouldn’t respond to you either.

  • Oyster

    Monday typos…..

  • Mike

    My, I do believe someone is spamming the post scores.

  • Gmac

    As I said…

    “During President Bill Clinton’s two terms in office, Arafat was invited to the White House more than any other international political figure. Clinton met Arafat a total of 24 times in eight years.”

    Took less that 2 min to find it and then cut and paste.

    You are a waste of electrons. Your game is not to supply facts but to counter arguments with inane drivel that only a moron could spout and hope to believe.

    Get bent, soonest.

    PS… BM is short for Biggest Moron

  • Don’t get hit by the door, Helen. Oops! Too late. Never mind…