BP: "We care about the small people"

He’s frustrated because he cares about the small people, and we care about the small people. I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are greedy companies or don’t care. But that is not the case in BP. We care about the small people.

That’s Carl-Henric Svanberg, chairman of the board at British Petroleum, answering questions after leaving a meeting with President Obama. For some reason I’m reminded of this…


Full Story: BP says it’s sorry – and guarantees $20B for Gulf [AP]

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  • GarandFan

    Besides a basic inability to follow rules and regulations, this company appears to be without a PR company that can keep it from stepping on it’s own #$%@.

  • 914

    He sounds like Ahnold?

    We cah about small people we cah…

  • 914

    I bet the oompa loompa’s could plug that hole.

  • JLawson

    For what it’s worth, the guy’s apparently Finnish, so his English might have been a bit off at that moment. I understand his meaning w/no problem – the businesses along the gulf, the fishermen and suchlike – but there’s going to be folks looking for offense, and they’ll find it.

  • JLawson

    My bad – he’s Swedish, according to Wiki.

    Of course, I could always change that… but nah…

  • Saterp

    He’s obviously never seen the good people of Louisiana…

    That good cookin’ has to go somewhere.

  • Jeff


    the article you linked to is unclear on what Boehner said … he certainly didn’t talk about a bailout for BP …

    Nice try …

    oh and the 20 billion fund will get killed in the courts by BP shareholders …

    it really does suck to have to follow the law doesn’t it ?

  • fustian

    How long until all of the oil companies have to put up a couple billion just to be allowed to drill in the offshore?

    And they’ll put it in a lockbox where it will never get touched unless there’s another spill.



    I believe they’ll do it THIS time.

    You know, because we’re watching.

  • Wayne

    His English is better than my Finnish.

    That said little or common people are often used by elitist and common man alike. This guy comes off as an elitist. Many elitist including many politicians, celebrities, PHDs often are looking down their nose when they say it. However it is hard to tell so I usually give people a benefit of a doubt.

  • epador

    I am Swedish American and this is a Racist Post.

    [channelling LW]

  • Brett

    He was asked of taxpayer should pitch in and pay, and he said yes.

    “oh and the 20 billion fund will get killed in the courts by BP shareholders”

    Nice to see conservatives are still hopeful that the taxpayers would get stuck with the bill for BP.

    Hopeful is not the right word. But unfortunately that’s the price you pay for electing imbeciles like Obama, etc.

  • Jim Addison

    I don’t see the legal basis for BP to commit to a $20 billion fund at all. Under the LAW – which the Stalinists like Obama and Lee Ward use as toilet paper in their mad power-grabbing – the damages are CAPPED at $75 million. The federal government has no authority to assess any greater fines or costs under the law.

    Those adversely affected may sue, and we already have a “third party arbiter” to decide how claims are paid if valid. We call it the court system. Like in Alice in Wonderland, the Stalinists want a sentence first and verdict later.

    A large number of individual stockholders are retired BP employees who depend upon the dividends for their income. BP already announced they had the cash to pay the dividend, and if they are irresponsibly diverting any of that money into some extralegal extortion fund, shareholders should and will sue and win. It’s outrageous that this crap was ever seriously considered, much less agreed to (unless it was a bluff by BP and they never had any intention of paying more than the statutory cap anyway, AS THEY SHOULD, in which case, Jolly good show, chaps!).

    If you think that what was needed AT ANY POINT after the accident was federal intervention or exhortations or demands or anything else, you are stupid. Sorry, the Feds had their chance, but Obama waived the environmental impact statement AND inspections on this site, in between those actions presenting BP with a citation for excellent safety. They are JUST the folks we want helping – NOT.

    WHOSE MONEY is leaking out of the ocean floor, dumbasses? BP’s. If you think they aren’t doing everything possible to stop that cash from escaping, you’re just nuts.

    Instead, our Leftist clowns in government want to further increase our dependence on foreign oil with an insane “climate” bill, and are already driving the big oil rigs to Brazil and other more hospitable areas. Those rigs, and the oil they produce and the jobs they create, will not return soon. Thanks, Obama!

  • My bet is that he did better in English than any of the first, say, two hundred million public-school “educated” Americans we might choose would do in his fourth of fifth language and/or in Swedish.

    And while we are all being distracted by the mobbed-up murtadd Muslim’s attack upon BP PLC, does no-one notice Buraq Hussayn 0zero’s ongoing fascistic assault upon America’s Constitution — including as is evidenced in this latest extra-legal theft of at least Twenty Billion BP Dollars?

  • daniel halevi bloom

    ”Small people” got no reason
    ”Small people” got no reason
    ”Small people” got no reason
    To want big answers from Carl-Henree
    Or even small answers from big Bee-Pee

    They got small hands
    Small eyes
    They walk around
    Tellin’ small kinds of lies
    They got small noses
    And small small teeth
    They wear oil-stained shoes
    On their oil-soaked feet

    Well, I don’t want no ”Small people”
    Don’t want no ”Small people”
    Don’t want no ”Small people”
    `Round here on my drillin’ rig

    ”Small people” got nobody
    ”Small people” got nobody
    ”Small people” got nobody
    to hear their pleas at BP – (please!)

    They got little small legs
    That stand so low
    On the oil-soaked beach
    Oh what they don’t know!
    They got small minds
    That go ”BP BP BP”
    They got small voices
    Goin’ ‘BP BP BP”
    They got small oily fingers
    And small oily minds
    They’re gonna get you every time

    Well, I don’t want no small people
    Don’t want no ”Small people”
    Don’t want no ”Small people”
    ‘Round here on my drillin’ rig….

  • Lee, why do you persist in trying to hijack these threads and turn them to your own pet topics? Why don’t you just post about them on your own blog, and invite people to discuss them there?

    Oh, that’s right. You banned anyone who didn’t agree with you, then ran it right into the ground and got your ass fired from it while it crashed and burned.

    Sorry, that slipped my mind for a moment. I’ll try not to forget your epic, glorious failure again.


  • Hank

    What kind of 20 minute meeting did they have where they come out and tell us all how much they care?

    This seems phony to the core.

    More than likely, Obama complained about his plummeting poll numbers and BP whined about their bad PR and deteriorating financials.
    So when the subject came up about what to tell the press, they were instructed to explain how much they all care about those affected by the fiasco.

    After all, they may be incompetent, but hey, they really really care.

    And as we all know, with liberals, emotion and intention are what matters most.

    Results? Not so much.

  • P. Bunyan

    Showing that level of arrogance, Svanberg at least provided some explanation as to why BP would be such a major donor to like-minded Obama.

  • P. Bunyan

    RE #17: JT, Lee doesn’t have time to run a blog anymore. He been too busy working on his in honor of his favorite President ever, Obama. Here’s a picture of him getting ready for a dressed rehersal.

  • WildWillie

    Stating a fact that BP cannot be by any government to put money in escrow is just a fact. Obama did not make it happen. BP said it would make it happen at Obama’s request. Lying Lee is such an ass with no sense.

    I am not on the “let’s get BP” bandwagon. They did have a fail safe set up but it didn’t work. Obviously they need redundant systems in the future. No one wants this oil spill to stop more then BP. The government does love to kick people when their down. I am not saying this spill is not a huge crisis. I am just saying it was not intentional and all the energy should be going towards stopping it and fixing it for the future. Instead, we have a president that first sends prosecutors down to see what charges they can bring. That is not how to put together a cooperative team. He is an idiot and is in way over his head. ww

  • P. Bunyan

    D’oh, I messed that up. I’ll try again:

    RE #17: JT, Lee doesn’t have time to run a blog anymore. He been too busy working on his performance art piece in honor of his favorite President ever, Obama. Here’s a picture of him getting ready for a dressed rehersal.

  • RayH

    Get a grip people. The guy’s clearly not a native speaker of English and he’s also not an American. It seems to me that he should be given a little slack for not having a solid understanding of the nuances of the English language and American culture.

    Now if you want to take BP’s PR people to task for not preparing him properly, have at it.

  • James H


    Couple things:

    Is that damages cap a cap on all damages, or is it a per-claim cap? Also, does it explicitly limit certain types of damages? Or for certain claims? Does the law limit only BP’s damages, or does it also limit damages in suits against TransOcean and Halliburton? You really don’t answer these issues in your comment.

    Also, this is just stupid:

    Those adversely affected may sue, and we already have a “third party arbiter” to decide how claims are paid if valid. We call it the court system. Like in Alice in Wonderland, the Stalinists want a sentence first and verdict later.

    In fact, an escrow fund is a good idea, not a bad idea. It offers a relatively quick way for people who have a claim against BP to file their claim and resolve it to satisfaction without involving the court system. One person taking a chunk of money from this fund is one person who no longer has standing to sue BP, one person who gets his issue resolved quickly, one person who won’t be lining a trial lawyer’s pockets.

    In what world is that a bad thing?

  • Tina S

    I think people are being too sensitive. However, I still don’t believe BP when they say they care about the small people.

  • WildWillie

    The small people comment is based in their culture. We are taking it in a negative. Just because they are white Europeans does not mean we don’t respect their culture.

    Knowing some business men and women from the UK, I am certain that they will come up with a workable formula to address the loss of peoples jobs, etc. They are exacting. What will probably happen is many claims will be fraudalent and embarassing. I hope the people in need stay honest. This is a long term problem and will take patience and an emotional detachment to see it through. At least that is my opinion. ww

  • Lee weird – “Sounds like Barton knows BP did wrong just doesn’t think the fed should be making them pay.”

    Well now we know why obummer’s speech was written on such a low intellectual level given your lack of reading comprehension with regards to Barton’s comment.

    His comment was on the method obummer is using to get them to pay NOT on whether he thinks they should pay.

    Exit question: Where in U.S. legal history is it premissable for the Gov to take a private companies assets?

    P.S. The Gov will only escape massive lawsuits due to one thing, BP “willingly” agreed to the 20B dollar fund.