How completely out of touch with Americans can leftists be?

This out of touch:

“There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded,” she said.

Of course, that’s Nancy Pelosi speaking about investigating those who oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

Couple that with this:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it would be un-American to investigate a mosque that is planned for construction near where the World Trade Center once stood.

Bloomberg was asked Monday about GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio’s demands last week that Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo investigate the $100 million mosque being developed near the Sept. 11 attack site. Bloomberg said investigating or vetting religious organizations goes against what the nation stands for.

Some survivors and family members of Sept. 11 victims say building a mosque disrespects the memory of those who died at the hands of Islamic terrorists.  Still, Bloomberg repeatedly supported its construction and believes that it poses no security concerns.

Lazio refused to say whether he opposes the general idea of a mosque near the site. He opposes the proposed mosque because he is concerned that not enough is known about its funding sources and has questions about its director, Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf.

Let’s recap for those who are a tad obtuse.

Leftist leaders believe it would be appropriate to investigate who is funding those who oppose the building of the mosque when there’s no apparent reason for that investigation… and un-American to investigate who is funding those who are for it when there are obvious reasons for doing so.

Any questions?

I can see November from my backyard.

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  • Trencherbone

    The Victory Mosque is just the visible tip of a very large iceberg. Beneath the surface of Western societies, Muslims are waging a campaign of, sedition and social sabotage with the objective of destroying our countries and way of life from within.

  • JLawson

    It’s pretty clear that Pelosi doesn’t believe that anything political happens without someone instigating and financing it. People can’t just find the idea objectionable – SOMEONE has to be pushing it and financing it, because in her experience that’s how it’s done. The agenda is decided upon and only then is the idea released and pushed. For them, the grass grows from the top down.

    The concept that the people might find something objectionable is absurd. After all, who told them they could think that? If they were smart enough to think for themselves, they’d be at the top of the political heap like she is!

    BTW, apparently it’s now an officially Obama-sanctioned position to not like the mosque at its present location. So… seeing that’s what the objection was about in the FIRST place, I think that pretty well wraps it up.

  • Adrian Browne

    Why is John Birch-style xenophobia a winning issue in the Republican Party?

  • Every day – heck, several times every day – I read this kind of stuff from the left and I go “what the heck?!?!?”

    They don’t think twice about investigating dissent, investigating free speech. Is she that stupid or that evil?

  • Upset Old Guy

    Adrian, congratulations on spelling that right. Now it behooves you to demonstrate that xenophobia is the driving force behind opposition to the Cordoba Mosque being located two blocks from Ground Zero. And don’t overlook the fact that this opposition crosses party lines on the issue.

    Otherwise, you know, we might just take this as another of your baseless accusations and figure you did a quick cut-and-paste for that word.

  • epador

    C’mon AB, you can do better! That was pitiful.

  • epador

    re 4


  • How completely out of touch with Americans can leftists be?

    Let’s make this more appropriate:

    How much more out of touch with Americans can leftists be and continue to be elected at an alarming clip by increasingly ignorant voters and how much longer can the republic survive it?

  • Nobody can or does rationally claim that the Muslims are not legally permitted to build their mosque within a short distance of Ground Zero. The question that is being debated, Adrian, is whether they SHOULD do it. That is not xenophobia, Adrian, it’s simply common sense – a quality I suspect you lack in abundance! What the opponents of this particular building site all share is a desire to see the mosque built elsewhere – in a location that is not an unwarranted provocation. To build a mosque in that location is offensive as hell to those who lost loved ones on 9/11 – and I do think it’s high time that sensitivity is shown to someone other than the freaking Muslims!

  • I see November from my front porch!

  • Razorgirl

    How about a museum located across the street from Ford’s Theatre dedicated to John Wilkes Booth or a memorial to Lee Harvey Oswald just off the grassy knoll? Or a monument to the Japanese at Pearl Harbor or a tribute to the crew of the Enola Gay in Nagasaki?

  • galoob

    Kind of laughable that you’re calling Bloomberg, a brilliant entrepreneur who made billions on the market and whose name is on a network covering the market, a “leftist.”

  • GarandFan

    Bloomberg ISN’T a leftest?

    How about Soros?

    You’re slipping this morning.

  • Justrand

    the Speaker of the House…2nd in line for the Presidency…wants an investigation of those who dare to speak out against the Jihadi War Memorial??

    If this bitch is still Speaker of the House after the November elections, then you can well and truly kiss this country “goodbye”.


  • howcome

    I am sure the trolls will be along any minute to screech about the 1st Amendment being trampled by Pelosi. After being schooled for a week about the lefts great respect for the Constitution this should be good.

  • 914

    “If this bitch is still Speaker of the House after the November elections, then you can well and truly kiss this country “goodbye”.


    Im not kissing it goodbye but Piglosee can kiss her socialist traitor ass goodbye.

    Hang em’ high.

  • zaugg

    galboob- in your brilliant analysis, Leftists can’t be wealthy? Or does being wealthy make one a brilliant Leftist. ahhh…. It all doesn’t make sense now.

  • cc

    Here’s the thing, the leftists haven’t really had anyone or anything to truly attack in quite awhile so now they are engaged in a full blind cavalry charge. This can’t turn out well for them. Much like Custer.

  • Hank

    We really do have to increase funding for the space program, just to find out what planet Nancy Pelosi is living on.

    You know, it’s got to be tough to be a lib nowadays when your political leaders are Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

  • GarandFan

    Oh for the days when Nancy said “Dissent is patriotic!”

  • hcddbz

    The funny thing is that Dem can always find motivation behind everything conservatives do. The Tea party is not grass roots it is astroturf.

    We know that criminals do not rub people because the opportunist scumbags they are motivated by social injustice.

    Yet we cannot look into funding of of Mosque? I mean it not like we found that some Islamic charities are front groups for Terrorist cells.

    It not like we have found Mosques used in England and USA as place for requirement of radical Muslims.


    1> you do know Bloomberg was Democrat before becoming a Republican and is now an independent. Bloomberg views are left facing just like alot of Wall Street folks there are more big Democrat supporters on wall street.

  • Neo

    Mosque supporters beg George W. Bush to come to Obama’s rescue

    Kirk: “Everything Harry tells you is a lie!”
    Harry:”Now listen to this carefully, Norman: I AM LYING!”

    To create a political Möbius loop that will have Progressives bewildered until after the election, George W. Bush should come out and agree completely with Obama on not just the Cordoba House, but his whole economic plan by calling it an extension of his policies.

  • Tsar Nicholas II

    You have to keep in mind that true leftism in an adult is akin to schizophrenia. Nancy merely is engaging in transference.

  • WildWillie

    Last night I was thinking it would be a bad idea for republicans to politicize the mosque placement issue but then low and behold, lovable Nancy made it political now it is fair game. Thanks Nancy. You still are a gift that keeps giving for conservatives. Please keep talking. Pretty please? ww

  • Wayne

    Next thing we will see is the White House being bomb so a Mosque can be put up there also.

  • Wayne

    Just to be clear, I am not saying those who will build the Mosque will necessary be involved in the bombing. However the Mosque builders and those doing the bombing will have accomplished one of their goals by replacing American symbolic buildings with Muslim ones.

  • 914

    Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

  • AndyJ

    Does it seem slightly irrational that Mayor Bloomberg, who is campaigning so forcefully for this mosque would not be allowed to enter said mosque because of his Jewish ancestry?

  • Maddox

    re: # 25, Wayne
    I don’t think that would change much with the way it is being run by the crowd of crooks there now.

  • LiberalNitemare

    It is refreshing to see the liberals finally starting to get the idea of freedom of religion.

    Seeing that all of the big name liberals have approved my right to worship wherever I like – who wants to join me for a good old fashioned school prayer?

  • hyperbolist

    Not on government-owned property, LiberalNitemare.

    See the distinction?

  • hyperbolist

    Tired of reading this so I’ll just ask:

    Anybody have any evidence to support the assertion that Jews and Christians would not be allowed in the mosque located within the community centre?