Colbert bombs in Congress, Pelosi thinks it's great

And it’s confirmed that November can’t get here soon enough:

Stephen Colbert’s satirical routine as a conservative commentator on “The Colbert Report” leaves millions of his fans laughing every night, but the comedian failed to amuse lawmakers Friday during a House panel hearing on farm jobs and illegal immigrants.

The Comedy Central star stayed in character during testimony as he made light of his experience working for one day as a migrant laborer on a vegetable farm in New York.

“America’s farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables,” Colbert said. “Now the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables, and if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you’ll see that many Americans have already started.”

While some audience members laughed, most of the members of the House Judiciary subcommittee barely cracked a smile.

While some Republicans criticized Democrats for inviting Colbert, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Fox News that she believes it’s “appropriate.”

“Of course I think it’s appropriate,” she said. “He’s an American. He can bring attention to an important issue. I think it’s great.”

The inmates are running the asylum but help is on its way.

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  • Wordygirl

    How was this clown even invited to speak? Who is responsible for this colossal waste of our representatives’ time?

  • 914

    “Nancy Pelosi told Fox News that she believes it’s “appropriate.”

    “Of course I think it’s appropriate,” she said. “He’s an American. He can bring attention to an important issue. I think it’s great.”

    It brings attention to the fact that you and your Komrades cannot be taken seriously PIGLOSI.

    November…Bring it on!

  • WildWillie

    The new spokespeople for the democratic party: Stephen Colbert, Lady Gaga, Kevin Costner, and Jon Stewart. It makes sense because most of the liberals policies are based on fantasy. I cannot imagine why the dem’s are not embarassed by having celebrities representing the democratic view. ww

  • Roy

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right…

  • Hank

    This is beyond belief!

    The dems are making a mockery of everything.
    It would be one thing if Colbert simple expressed himself but to be in “character” is simply insulting.

    Take this for example: “This is America,” Colbert said. “I don’t want a tomato picked by a Mexican.”

    Think ordinary americans are going to be amused by being alluded to as bigots once again?

    Or this? “I was a cornpacker…cornpacker is a derogatory term for a gay Iowan.”

    The insults just keep coming but they aren’t going to work anymore. The american people are more engaged politically than they have been in years. The dems just keep adding more gas to the fire.

    I cannot believe just how out of touch they really are.

  • iurockhead

    Yeah, he’s a clown. But he did take the spotlight off of Christopher Coates testimony on the DOJ voter rights scandal. So he served his purpose.

    Either that, or the Dems are complete idiots. Both fit.

  • irongrampa

    So just what IS wrong with inviting Colbert to Congress?

    We already have one failed comic posing as a Senator.

  • Roy

    Colbert helped to prove that these committee meetings are just fool-infested sideshows. It was totally appropriate for him to appear before them. It’s always good when a professional asshat helps to tutor the amateurs. Next, he should start writing articles for the AP.

  • Andrew X

    This backs up my theory that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert decision to hold their march on October 30th might be a huge strategic miscalculaton. The Dems respond to serious questions, serious issues, serious matters with hipster irony, just what is needed in these troubled times.

    Should go over well.

  • John

    This is an attempt to deflect from the DOJ Voting Rights division scandal. They deparately want to divert everyone’s attention away from that even if they have to look like fools doing it. If the majority of people in the US understood what goes on in the Voting Rights Div of DOJ they would come unglued. Brush this non sense aside and focus on Coats and the DOJ that scandal should spell the end for Obama and company. This 3 ring circus will make for great ads in coming elections but the news cycle needs to be flooded with the out right racism at DOJ.

  • Ryan M.

    WOrdygirl. .if AL Franken can be IN congress, what the heck is any worse about Colbert SPEAKING in front of congress?

  • GarandFan

    So Colbert gets to ‘testify’ as an ‘expert’ on immigration because he worked on a NY farm for ONE day? Hell, I worked one entire summer in high school on a truck farm, guess that makes me eligible to be Agricultural Secretary.

    Then this intellectual giant declares that “farm work is hard”. No shit, you fucking idiot!

  • Steve Crickmore

    I guess I have a different sense of humor. I thought Colbert was very amusing, and many congressmen and women laughed at the end of his prepared statement.

    eriously, have any of you tried the back-breaking work of picking fruit and vegetables? I have picked apples in England as a seasonal migrant worker. As Colbert says, “it is very hard!” I lasted about one week. I agree with Colbert it`s crazy that Americans would do these jobs. As a result, many farms are shut down because it`s difficult to get visas, there are not enough people to work them, and those that do, suffer, and have no rights.

    Colbert: “Leave this to the invisible hand of the market,(he wizbang panacea for everything that ails America) but the invisible hand of the market doesn’t want to pick beans”.

  • hermie


    At least Costner had something positive to present to Congress ie: His oil spill invention.

    The others were there solely for the cameras.

    Colbert’s ‘testimony’ was a joke…played on the American Taxpayers. It proves that this Dem Congress doesn’t take their responsibilities seriously and would rather have a ‘comedian’ than someone who actually has something constructive to say about illegal immigration.

  • Justrand

    as iurockhead points out, the COATES testimony should have been THE story of the day.

    instead the media is using the Colbert BS as an excuse (not that they need one) to bury the utterly DAMNING testimony of Coates.

  • SER

    Mr. Crickmore,

    I don’t understand. Do you want the illegal aliens to be legalized so that they won’t do the work or do you want them to remain illegal so that the corporate farms can exploit them?

    I thought that the currently “legal” solution was to prevent illegal aliens from working in this country so that the farmers would have to pay workers more – if they wanted workers.

    Are you one of those nasty “exploitation” types?

  • Upset Old Guy

    Think of Colbert’s “testimony” today as the kick-off event of SanFanNan’s Fair Well My Lovelies party, which she is hosting from now until January 20, 2011 for her beloved fleet of Gulfstream G5s.

    I’m thinking of offering 1 to 2 odds that on January 20, 2011 the fleet’s wet bars and momentos cashes will be found to have been stripped bare.

  • John

    What the hell, Cobert’s testimony was amusing? Is that the new standard, screw facts and actually trying to understand something please just amuse me? God what a joke this is becoming.
    But don’t fall for this it’s a LOOK IT’S A KITTY move. THE DOJ IS THE STORY OF THE DAY PERIOD.

  • WildWillie

    Crickmore, I will grant you that picking fruit and vegetables is difficult and probably more tedious and boring then anything else, but we already have agriculture visa’s for farm workers that have been in place for decades. It is the illegal immigrants themselves that are causing the shortage of farm workers since they now work construction, roofing, etc. Believe me, when government starts getting on businesses that employ illegals, there will be a surplus of migrant farm workers available.

    I know of many jobs that are very hard so I do not think farm workers are the only people who experience hard work. ww

  • Hey Steve,

    You are aware that not all illegals are fruit-picking migrant workers, right? Ask unemployed construction workers what they think of illegal immigrants… or are they stealing “jobs that Americans won’t do” in that field too?

  • Steve Crickmore

    No ideally, I want it easier for migrant workers to get visas outside the country before they enter. Maybe after three seasons, they can apply for a permanent work visa. How is that? Construction work ranks up there as being tough especially in the cold … for me. This is why I’m on a keyboard. The same situation should apply about visas.

    Illegals here, should be sent home or I suppose if they want to work on farms, and there is a demand, which apprently there is, they can have their situation legalized.

  • GarandFan

    Stevie wants to ship illegals home?

    Gasp! RACIST!

    News Flash Stevie! Most of the ag workers don’t give a damn about being US citizens. They want the money to send home SO THEY CAN ENJOY A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING THERE. A fact evidently unknown to that towering intellect known as Colbert. Mexico has vested interests in illegal workers. Many BILLIONS in interest.

    I’m sure all the US construction workers out there would like to come and visit your house. And I don’t think they’d be friendly.

  • warchild

    Damn the GOP is old. seriously. Colbert is brilliant.

  • Steve Crickmore

    Colbert definitely has a idiosyncratic sense of humor. I really liked him too. I supposed you thought he bombed here too in 2006, if you were a member of the GOP or Fox news?

  • LiberalNitemare

    To paraphrase Jon Stewart

    Testifying before congress aint a f***on joke.

  • Sky Captain

    Damn, warchild is ignorant. Seriously.

    Colbert is brilliant, but testifying this way is not logical. There was NO point to it, other than to distract from Coates’ testimony.

    And warchild can’t even see it. Seriously ignorant.

  • Stephen Colbert was handed a golden opportunity to make Cnngress look like fools. He did. Well done Mr. Colbert.

  • James Cloninger

    Colbert definitely has a idiosyncratic sense of humor. I really liked him too. I supposed you thought he bombed here too in 2006, if you were a member of the GOP or Fox news?

    You know, there’s a fucking difference between telling jokes at a correspondence dinner, and at a congressional hearing. At least, there is supposed to be a difference.

    I suppose that since Congress has made a joke of its governing body, I shouldn’t be too damned surprised.

  • Stay tuned next week as the Democrats continue to celebrate Congressional Gravitas Month by inviting Carrot Top to testify before Congress on the issue of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, followed by a lengthy, in-depth health care forum moderated by Gallagher.

  • Much more important than are the antics of such un-and-anti-Americans as are Cobert and the Dhimmicraps is the fact that TWENTY PER CENT of all American farm produce is surplus to all requirement, is grown only to attract feral gummint subsidy and/or other feral gummint welfare and is stockpiled by the millions of tons before — at great additional cost to every recipient nation and/or squalid state’s domestic agri-business industry and resulting in the wiping out of many of them — being dumped around the world by such feral gummint surplus-produce launderers as USAID.

    By strange “coincidence” TWENTY PER CENT of all American farm workers are criminal aliens. Which facts, taken together, demonstrate conclusively and unarguably that “our” (treasonous “Democratic” potty owned, operated and controlled) feral gummint incites, encourages, facilitates, has Trojan Horsed in and is 100% responsible for the presence in America of the increasingly-hostilely colonizing criminal alien army.

  • John S

    Isn’t contempt of Congress a felony? Seems to me members of the Nixon administration spend years in prison for merely lying to Congress. Perhaps Colbert could return in, say, 25 years and testify about anal rape in the federal prison system.

  • I thought Colbert’s “testimony” was quite funny, because it made a mockery of the entire House committee process (and by extension Congress itself). To me it seemed Colbert was not just parodying what liberals think conservatives are, he was satirizing the testimony of celebrities. Maybe I’m reading more into it than is there? It just seemed to me that the joke was on the entire House committee, and they–both those laughing and those offended–were clueless.