Dennis Miller on Nancy Pelosi's Tenure

While I’m a big fan of Dennis Miller, we’re both not a big fans of Nancy.

Need to tell you about a mild content warning for language (mostly bleeped) and that you will probably not want to drink anything near any of you keyboards or monitors until this is done. A taste of what he said:

“I guarantee you that woman is crazy. She is bat%&*! crazy. I guarantee you that she sleeps upside-down.”

That’s not even the best part. Now put down your beverages, click play, then maximize the video for full effect:

From Jim Hoft (now at Right Network)

I Can Live With That
In (Hopefully) My Only DWtS Post Ever
  • jim m

    Well maybe the lefties at Newspeak like Finland because it leads the world in male suicide rate and has for years now. The left is always saying ow people are such a scourge. I’m sure this is their way of encouraging the behavior.

  • Bruce Henry

    I’m so old I remember when Miller was funny.

  • Madalyn

    Dennis Miller tells it like it is. He doesn’t mince words, and doesn’t care if what he says upsets liberals. He tells the truth!

  • Sheik Yur Bouty

    I’ve been around Wizbang so long, I remember when Bruce Henry made a relevant, truthful comment. No wait…

  • GarandFan

    Has any of her handlers told Nancy yet that the Dems didn’t hold the House? Or are they planning on sending her a telegram while they stay out of the room?

    Looks like ol’ Nan is gonna have to get frisked each time she flies out to the coast every weekend. Either that or use her broom.

    You know the USAF can’t wait to tell her, “Sorry, no private jets available this weekend. Speaker Boehner reserved all of them. No they’re not being used, he just told us to reserve them, and if you asked for one, to tell you “I won, now piss off!””

  • Jer

    “I guarantee you that she sleeps upside-down.”

    LOL! I’m going to have a hard time getting that image out of my head.

  • Oyster

    Miller. Rocks.

  • Bob

    Miller is great but Jay is just looking for him to use some allusions to pop culture that are within the memories of his audience.

  • Bruce Henry

    Leno’s audience is pretty old. The only reason Miller’s pop culture references wouldn’t be within the memories of Jay’s audience is senile dementia.

    Seriously, does anyone here remember Miller’s SNL “Weekend Update” bits? Or his HBO monologues where he would start, “I don’t wanna go off on a rant here, but…”?

    Now THOSE were funny. 9/11 turned Miller into a fearful, jingoistic, slogan-shouting coward, and he lost most of his mojo. He still gets off the occasional good wisecrack, but mostly he just serves as proof that modern conservatives shouldn’t try to be funny. They just sound mean most of the time.

  • And Bruce Henry just serves as proof that lefties can’t parse the phrase “sense of humor” to save their lives.

  • 914


    Now your just a bitter old troll.

  • What’s the matter, Brucie, is Miller not using appropriate State-Approved Humor™?

    Why is it that, for so many leftists like you, their sense of humor is tied to political beliefs?

  • Bruce Henry

    No, dude, if you think Miller’s still funny, knock yourself out, yuk it up.

    Kelsey Grammer is funny. Patricia Heaton’s show on ABC is funny. But when they try to do political humor, conservatives seem to always revert to “Michael Moore is fat” or something equally nonhilarious.

    As shown by the laugh-free movie “American Carol,”, FOX’s tragic Half-Hour Comedy Hour, and by the modern Dennis Miller. But, hey, some folks – very few, but some – enjoy that bully-boy humor. Have at it.

  • But when they try to do political humor, conservatives seem to always revert to “Michael Moore is fat” or something equally nonhilarious.

    Heh, right. Because leftists never make that joke. Ever. No leftist humorist would stoop so low as to accuse Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, for example, of being fat. It’s never happened. Ever. Did I say “ever?” I did? Because I want to emphasize that fact.

    And I’m running out of sarcasm.

  • Bunker

    One thing not mentioned about this interview is that Jay & Dennis were performing in front of a military audience for Veterans Day, which is probably why the Costello joke fell so flat (it was in Dennis’ stand-up routine not the sit-down).

    Miller has a great weekday radio show- he gets guests from sports, Hollywood, and politics and his interviewing skills are top notch- one of the few hosts that let guests answer questions. You can subscribe to his podcasts on iTunes and get 3 guest interviews a day.

  • GarandFan

    “He still gets off the occasional good wisecrack, but mostly he just serves as proof that modern conservatives shouldn’t try to be funny. They just sound mean most of the time.”

    Oh, like Al Franken?

  • Bruce Henry

    Otto’s laser-like focus on the trees and his obliviousness to the forest notwithstanding, the operative phrase in my sentence, for the NON-humor-impaired, was “or something equally nonhilarious.”

    Oh, and # 16? Yeah, kinda like that.

  • Drago

    Yeah. Those conservatives sure aren’t very funny.

    Janeane Garafalo.
    Margaret Cho.
    Rosanne Barr.
    Joy Behar.

    The entire lineup at the now-defunct but seriously “hi-larious” Air America front.

    (Stop me if you’re cramping up from laughter!)

    All of the above (and too many more to mention) are considered “too funny” and “all the rage” on the left.

    But Bruce has decided that Dennis Miller isn’t funny.

    Which, itself, is funny.

    Because humor is art.

    And the left tells us we are not allowed to say art is good or bad.

    It’s part of the larger effort at deconstructing just about everything.

    Yet, here is Bruce, telling us that Dennis Miller is not funny.

    I do believe we are just moments away from Bruce telling us that Dennis Miller is a racist.

    It’s just a matter of time.

    It’s all they’ve got left.

  • John

    Bruce gets off sitting at his computer calling people cowards. Makes him feel tough.

  • gaius piconius

    My apologies to you Bruce at # 2 for mis-keying my vote with a plus. I really don’t want to get your spirits too high or leave you with a warm, fuzzy ‘i’m still loved’ feeling.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Let me know when Miller wishes someone or their grandchildren get cancer or a heart attack…

  • Ime Munaa

    Finland does not lead the suicides. Another rumour that is wrong. Check your facts once again.