I Can't Believe My Ears

Finally, the U.S. Congress has aligned their priorities.

From Time.com:

One common spousal skirmish is receiving a helping hand from the government. (Via Ars Technica)

You and your partner are in the midst of that movie that, for one of you, seems like it will never end. Just when the temporary escape of a commercial arrives, yelling ensues. The volume has spiked to unbearable levels. Then, when the film returns, the next accusation emerges — what possessed you to lower the volume that much?

Thanks to the House’s passage of the CALM Act on Thursday, everyone can calm down. Piloted by California Rep. Anna Eshoo, the bill grants the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agency to enforce that a commercial’s volume level parallels the television show playing during its allotted times. Ars Technica notes that this issue has been paramount over several years, placing at the top of the complaint list in 21 of the FCC’s last 25 quarterly memos.

The Wall Street Journal adds that unlike some issues in Washington, this bill picked up supportive traction from both houses relatively quickly. Leave it to the remote to inspire a bipartisan initiative.

Here are some comments from two fearless defenders of our ears:

“Every American has likely experienced the frustration of abrasively loud television commercials,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., said when the Senate approved the measure in September. “While this may be an effective way for ads to grab attention, it also adds unnecessary stress to the daily lives of many Americans.”

Eshoo said there will be a “noticeable difference” in noise levels once the law goes into effect. It’s a small bill in the greater scheme of things, she said, but “it will bring relief to millions of television viewers.”


It’s good to know Congress has our backs, er, ears, with this bi-partisan cooperation on such a matter of national significance which has become the bane of so many of our citizens.

Now, if they would just pass some pro-growth economic legislation, perhaps people who have lost their jobs will be able to afford televisions so they can bask in this display of political harmony.

We are doomed.

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