"What is worth losing your life over?"

“That text message?”

Watch what follows… then pass it on to loved ones…  just freakin’ do it.

Thanks to Deacon Greg.

NYC snow problems were no accident
Did you get some snow these past few days?
  • GarandFan

    But..but…but….it only happens to OTHER people!

  • Ken in Camarillo

    What GarandFan said. My kids are going to see this.

  • Would you go to Vegas and bet $1,577,846,300 in order to win an extra $30?

    Whenever you run a red light to gain that 30 second advantage, you’re betting the rest of your life against that 30 seconds.

  • Most teenagers and many so-called adults are under the impression that somehow THEY are immortal and invincible. Tain’t so. My beloved godson is dead because of that belief and his rampant drug abuse. A nice young man, with almost unlimited potential, dead at 20 because of that lunacy!

  • PapaWhisky

    I just showed it to my 16 year old son who’s soon to be getting his license. We’ve had the discussions–and being the typical 16 year old–hopefully those and this video will sink in.