How About that Border Security

Remember Imam Said Jiziri?  This would be the Imam who was so radical the Canadians deported him back to his native Tunisia.

He’s back in the news.  He’s being held as a materiel witness against the driver (Kenneth Robert Lawler) who tried to smuggle him past the immigration check points in San Diego County on the way to Orange County.  Jizri had already managed to get into the United States across the US/Mexico border in San Diego County (not a terribly difficult undertaking) prior to being picked up at a rendezvous point.

Yeah.  They’re body scanning (or performing pat downs on) us in our own airports while radical Mohammedean “holy men” are infiltrating from Mexico.

Do you not feel safer for it?

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  • epador

    Well, at least they are smart enough to have checkpoints to intercept folks like him. That does make me feel a teensy bit better.

  • Jay Guevara


    I live right near that checkpoint, and I’m amazed they ever catch anyone.

    The imam must have been wearing a sandwich board sign or something.

  • GarandFan

    Don’t mind the checkpoints, heck you can see the border fence from some parts of I-8. What bugs the hell out of me is hitting a checkpoint and see DOZENS of BP present with only 1 lane open. Government efficiency at it’s best!

    Was coming back from Tucson on one occasion. The checkpoint near Ocotillo Wells (the absolute middle of NOWHERE) was backed up for miles and crawling slowly. Finally stopped the car, got out and took a piss. Felt great and the honking horns was an added plus!

    The biggest joke was the ‘virtual fence’. We opined that it was good only for catching ‘virtual illegal aliens’. That’s some of the most God-forsaken terrain anywhere. For that you need a horse.

  • Jay Guevara

    I love the way they glance into your car and wave you through at San Clemente. Seriously, on one hand I appreciate not being hassled, but on the other, how can they tell anything from that? You’d have to be wearing a serape or a burka to arouse much suspicion.

  • Jay Guevara

    And as for Lawler, if/when he’s convicted, should do at least 20 years of hard time, IMO. Very hard time.

  • galoob

    They caught him, didn’t they?

    So quit yer bitchin’ about being checked for explosives and ceramic knives. You don’t have to fly.

  • GarandFan

    “They caught him, didn’t they?”

    Hey asshole. You’d be surprised how many of your liberal friends scream and yell about the ‘illegal checkpoints’. They want them all taken down.

    Now go quietly fuck yourself.

  • GarandFan

    “I love the way they glance into your car and wave you through at San Clemente.”

    Having worked on occasion with BP, I’ll let you in on a ‘secret’. By the time you’ve pulled up to the agent, he/she has already decided if you’re going to secondary inspection or not. They’re not looking at ‘you’. They’re already eyeballing the guy 2 cars behind you.

  • galoob

    You dolts don’t seem to understand that “border security” extends several miles into the USA and is an integrated system.

    And the system worked in this case.

    So yeah, how about that border security?

  • GarandFan

    “So yeah, how about that border security?”

    Well that explains the +12 MILLION illegals in this country. The system worked!

    Pull your head out of your ass!

  • Jay Guevara

    GarandFan, you shouldn’t have said that.

    The “quietly fuck yourself” part, I mean. Noisily would have been a better choice.

    They caught him, didn’t they?

    Yes, this time – and by sheer luck. Surprisingly enough, firemen don’t happen always to be nearby to see someone climbs into a trunk.

    Now here’s proof positive – as if any more were needed – that liberals are idiots.

    If the Muzzies succeed in getting operatives into the country, where oh where are they most likely to attack? Think on it, liberals. Think hard. Think liberal-infested areas – NY, DC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, SF, LA – might be high on the list?

  • The system “works” in the same sense that Inspector Clouseau “solves crimes”.

    Worked with the “underwear bomber”, too!

  • 914

    “So quit yer bitchin’ about being checked for explosives and ceramic knives. You don’t have to fly.”

    And YOU don’t have to make such an ass out of Yourself gaboob.

  • Jay Guevara

    And the system worked in this case.

    No. The system was lucky in this case. Read the article. Firefighters having nothing whatever to do with border security happened to notice the Muslim a-hole getting into the trunk of the BMW a-hole and informed the Border Patrol. It was pure luck, plain and simple. No firefighters = no arrest.

  • Rodney G. Graves


    If that counts as “working” in your books, I’d hate to see what counts as a failure.

  • 914


    If that counts as “working” in your books, I’d hate to see what counts as a failure.”

    In galoobs world, what journolists do is work, unicorns pay the bills and Barry will be re-selected. See how this works? Its called infantile fantasizing.

  • John

    Can’t wait until some attorney decides it’s a good idea to sue the firefighters for violating the civil rights of this a-hole. Then galoobs system will have actually worked they way he’d like it to.