Feeding The Fire

Sorry about the silence yesterday; I spent most of the day dealing with Snowmageddon IV, but mainly trying to poke holes in this article. And everywhere I looked, instead of debunking it, I kept finding more evidence backing it.

Now, I’m not calling this a “scheme” or “plot” or “plan,” because I don’t know that this is deliberate. Indeed, I find myself thinking (and hoping) that it isn’t. But so much is going on right now, we need to take it on and head it off — if it isn’t too late.

One of my strengths as a blogger is in spotting patterns and parallels. They’re not always connected, but stringing together themes is something I think I do well. And right now, there’s one scary common thread tying together some very disturbing events.

In Tunisia, riots led to the downfall of the government there. Riots largely motivated by skyrocketing costs of food.

In Egypt, there are riots going on as well. Partly inspired by Tunisia, partly fueled by decades of resentment of Hosni Mubarak and his regime, and partly fueled by rising costs of food.

There are also anti-government riots going on in Yemen, again partly fueled by rising costs of food.

In the United States, inflation — as reported by the federal government — is very low. But the official government metric includes the housing market — which is crashing — and does not cover the costs of food and energy, which are rising.

Part of the reason the costs of food in the United States is going up is that we are using more and more food as fuel — converting corn into ethanol for fuel. This has a few problems — it’s not only very inefficient (it’s only economically feasible because the government subsidizes it heavily), but it can inflict severe damage on engines that burn it. We are literally sending food up in smoke.

When the United States burns food for fuel, there is less to sell to Americans — so the cost of food goes up.

When the United States burns food for fuel, there is less for us to export to other nations, either for sale or to give away — so the cost of food goes up there, too.

The Obama administration is pushing “green” jobs and renewable energy — which is, in and of itself, more expensive than less environmentally friendly but more mature sources like coal, oil, and the like. They have made the conscious choice that absolute expense is less important than environmental impact. Which drives up the overall cost of energy, which in turn drives up the overall cost of food.

As an adjunct to this, they are also doing a great deal to discourage these mature energy sources — shutting down a coal mine, blocking oil exploration and exploitation off our shores, continuing the blocking of using ANWR and other energy fields on shore. Which drives up the cost of energy, which in turn drives up the overall cost of food. Hell, Obama is on record as repeatedly stating that his plans will “necessarily” increase the price of energy.

Back to Egypt. As noted, Egypt is in turmoil right now.  And Egypt is where the Suez Canal is located. The Suez Canal, so important to world commerce that in the 1950s, when Nasser nationalized it, England, France, and Israel invaded Egypt to take control of the Canal. The Canal is absolutely critical to world commerce — a tremendous amount of the world’s oil passes through it, as well as food and other consumer goods. Should the Canal be closed — or even disrupted — the prices of most everything will go up, especially food and energy.

Another key passage for oil is the Strait of Hormuz, which connects the Persian Gulf with the Indian Ocean. 20% of the world’s oil passes through the Strait — and the Strait is bounded to the north with Iran’s southern coast. Closing — or even impairing — traffic through the Strait has always been Iran’s biggest threat. Should the Strait be disrupted, the price of energy will be driven up — which will drive up the costs of everything else, including food.

One of the greatest driving factors in economic, technological, social, and every other form of development and advancement is cheap energy. Conversely, increasing the price of energy — and making it overall less accessible — will retard or even stop those advances. Couple that with the current economic slump we’re all suffering, and the consequences could be nothing short of catastrophic.

We desperately need to turn this around. The rising costs of food and energy are wreaking havoc around the world — and a large portion of the cause for those hikes are deliberate and political. We can turn that around in very short order — if we can find the political will.

If we don’t, then we can expect even more Tunisias, more Egypts, more Yemens around the world. We can expect higher costs of fuel, energy, and food at home, and all the consequent harm and havoc that that entails.

If anyone can look at all this and not be incredibly nervous, then they are an idiot.

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  • Let the record show that Jay Tea is advocating for propping up authoritarian regimes and denying people political franchise because of a perceived cause-and-effect relationship between Barack Obama’s energy policies and the cost of wheat in Yemen.

    I’ve been very careful to NOT back a side in the Egyptian riots. Here’s the deal, hyper. You have three choices at this point:

    1) Cite where I endorsed supporting the Mubarak regime in any way whatsoever.

    B) Admit you misstated my position.

    III) Get your ass banned.

    I’m pulling for #3, myself, but it’s your call…


  • Murgatroyd

    It’s a revolution. What was the death toll in the War of Independence? Or the French Revolution? Every loss of human life is regrettable. However, when people die for a cause they believe in, I thought that was meant to be respected.

    Yeah, the French Revolution turned out really well, didn’t it?

    And murderous jihadis are willing to die for a cause they believe in, but you know what? I don’t respect that cause at all. Do you?

    Jay, maybe you’re right in connecting the dots, and this is all something that Obama is deliberately furthering with his policies. Or perhaps Obama has no clue as to how cause and effect work, and recent events have caught him by surprise. Either way, it doesn’t speak well of his fitness for the presidency.

    Clark’s Law: “A sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”

  • Olsoljer

    Our government has controlled crops in the US for quite some time now. Obama has given control of food quality/production to his new czars. Fuel prices are already skyrocketing (not just gasoline, natural gas as well WTF?).
    Our farmers used to feed the world. They probably still can – our export of wheat used to be enormous. How about the government encourage growing for export again, and charge the med east the same price for a bushel of wheat as they charge us for a barrel of oil?
    The billions of dollars we send overseas to help the poor in other countries only ends up in the hands of the controllers who reinforce their power to keep those starving masses down. How’s that foreign aid working out for them?
    I could be wrong, but I bet we can go with a reduced fuel consumption longer than those who have us “over a barrel” can go without food.
    LMAO Hillary says for the Egyptian government to allow the peaceful assembly and demonstrations to protest their government, and for the military/government to not suppress them – what will she say when OUR government forces us into a similiar situation?

  • WildWillie

    And the canadian rascal runs from a challenge.

    The left certainly has a comprehension problem. They site things we commented on that aren’t necessarily there. We might comment that we are for spanking your children then Hyper will say we support molesting children.

    Also, I have no disdain for 914. Actually, I hold Hyper in contempt because as most lefties do, they look down their sizable noses at conservatives and common people. ww

  • Hank

    Earlier today, I read:

    ” live in Toronto and I like Sweden and Norway as examples of how countries ought to be run.”

    Then I came upon this article:


    An excerpt:

    An overcrowded hospital in Gothenburg has resorted to giving patients in a children’s ward saucepans and spoons to summon assistance in emergency situations, according to a union report.

    Swedish medical errors prove ever more costly (4 Jan 11)
    Hospital probed as patient dies in wait of operation (13 Mar 10)
    Children’s hospital faces probe over baby death (22 Jan 10)

    At Östra Hospital in Gothenburg, ordinary bedside alarms are not available to every patient due to overcrowding. The saucepans and spoons were issued in the children’s ward to lift their spirits.

    At another department, the staff shopped at hardware chain Clas Ohlsson to buy bells for their patients, the Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vårdförbundet) reported on Friday.

    The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) found that hospital overcrowding is common at all nine of western Sweden’s hospitals with emergency departments.

  • Les Nessman

    Try this Hank.

    “Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War”

    Hmmm. Immigrants (aka Islamists) taking over the country.
    Kinda puts his trolling position on Egypt in a better light.