Valerie Jarrett mistakes 4 star general for waiter at DC dinner party

Imagine the front page headlines and the endless supply of material for John Stewart, Colbert, Bill Mahr and the entire entertainment-media complex if this had been Sarah Palin:

Four-star Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli — the No. 2 general in the U.S.
Army — says he is absolutely not offended that Obama adviser Valerie
Jarrett mistook him for a waiter at a fancy Washington dinner this week
and asked him for a glass of wine.

It could have happened to anybody, Chiarelli tells CNN.

was an honest mistake that ANYONE could have made. She was sitting, I
was standing and walking behind her and all she saw were the two stripes
on my pants which were almost identical to the waiters pants — REALLY.
She apologized and will come to the house for dinner if a date can be
worked out in March,” Chiarelli wrote in an e-mail.

But outside of the conservative blogosphere, this story has been completely ignored.  “Civility” or bias?  You decide …

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  • Upset Old Guy

    “Imagine the front page headlines and the endless supply of material for John Stewart, Colbert, Bill Mahr and the entire entertainment-media complex if this had been Sarah Palin”

    Don’t fret Michael, by the second or third re-write it will have been Sarah Palin.

  • We’re lucky she didn’t ask him to rub her feet too!

  • irongrampa

    An honest mistake, given the left’s attitude toward our military.

    Valerie Jarrett simply exposed that, in an unguarded moment.

  • No, ignoring a nothing story isn’t bias. Making a big deal out of such ‘nothings’ when it’s a conservative is the bias. This is just one of those things that you file away for comparison when they make a big deal out of some nothing with a conservative out there in one of them 57 states.

  • GarandFan

    Personal opinion: She was too shit-faced to tell the difference between Mess Dress and the liveried waiters. When she asked for more wine, the good General should have said “No Ms Jarrett, you’ve obviously had quite enough already.”

  • Don L

    I wonder if she would have made that same error had it been Joycelyn Elders wearing her military outfit? She might have commanded Colin Powell to escape her arrogant style of degradation, but I suspect he wasn’t available.

  • mag

    Typical elite…talks about feelings for everyone, but treats everyone beneath themselves.

    She needs a good boot in the ass..

  • irongrampa

    “if this had been Sarah Palin”???

    NOT in ANY conceivable universe.

  • Roy

    It truly was an honest mistke, but just exchange the two parties involved, and you’d get wailing howls about racism and demands for a resignation.

  • hcddbz

    Good to know that the wait staff wear all those medals.

  • arcman

    Sorry, don’t buy that it was an “honest mistake”. I think the General was being gracious about the whole thing. Palin would have never made that mistake, because she knows and respects the Military.

  • Tina S

    Perhaps if Valerie Jarrett was a contender in the next election and national celebrity the media would have picked up on it.

  • yttik

    Gen. Peter Chiarelli is being gracious and acting like a gentleman. That’s real leadership.

    As to it being an honest mistake, so what? If she wasn’t being so self absorbed about her own needs and treating wait staff like they’re faceless robots who only exist to serve her, it wouldn’t have happened.

  • Murgatroyd

    General Chiarelli is not only a gentleman, he also has an IQ above room temperature. Of course he’s being gracious — it’s the right thing to do, and he doesn’t want to land in a world of hurt by embarrassing an administration that has notoriously thin skin.

    But the fact that CNN is publicizing General Chiarelli’s forgiving of the gaffe when it originally didn’t report the gaffe itself? What does that tell you about CNN?

    If CNN’s Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr were sincere in her take on the story, then there’s one simple and obvious thing she could have done that she didn’t do: she could have shown us a photograph of General Chiarelli in his unifolrm and a photograph of one of the waitstaff, and let us decide for ourselves whether Jarrett’s gaffe was a trivial mistake.

  • yttik

    It is kind of funny, this excuse that she was so busy looking at was his pants, that she didn’t realize he wasn’t a waiter.

  • astigafa

    Breakin’ the big stories now, baby! Why isn’t there a congressional investigation?

  • Matt

    Jarret probably thought he was the Maitr’d, not just a common waiter.

  • Jay Guevara

    #9 has it right. If the general had thought she was a maid, he’d be cashiered right now.

  • 914

    He mistook her for a hooker so they are even.

  • Rich Fader

    Just remember…these folks are supposed to be the smartest, best-educated, most sophisticated folks in the room.

  • WildWillie

    The same disdain the left has always shown to the military. Proven by the loons above. ww

  • SpideyTerry

    “It could have happened to anybody, Chiarelli tells CNN.”

    But not anybody holds such a high position in the government. Chiarelli should be the bigger person here and probably doesn’t begrudge such a stupid mistake. Nonetheless, this is another example of the brain-dead idiocy pervading this administration.

  • dunce

    Pepsi sent one of their highest ranking officers to conference and one of the conferees stopped him as he was passing by and ordered him to get him a drink. The pepsi guy was black but did not make a scene he just went and got him a pepsi.Business is business and a fool is a fool.

  • Grace

    astigafa & tina S are the typical trolls who want to make any criticism of this administration a non-story.

    When someone as high up in the Obama white house as Valarie Jarrett makes a mistake like this, it is a story. It may be only a drink at a party, but the ignorance it shows is only one of the many such instances we have heard of.

    Each little mistake, taken alone, is not much, but when you add up the total in this group of supposed leaders, it is frightening and disheartening to behold (or at least it would be if the kool aid drinkers would only take off the rose colored glasses they wear.)

    I realize that people all people make the occasional mistake, but some mistakes really are inexcusable.

  • Oyster

    “Perhaps if Valerie Jarrett was a contender in the next election and national celebrity the media would have picked up on it”

    Are you saying that if Sarah Palin was already part of an administration and wielding considerable power the media would ignore it?

    Now that’s funny.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Waiters deliver fruit salads, Ms Jarrett, Generals wear fruit salad.

  • hardrighttruthiness

    you guys do know that Jarrett isn’t black, right?