Muslim Brotherhood: Suez Canal Must be Closed, Egypt Should be Ready for War with Israel

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As the world watches the chaos in Egypt continue, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the major political groups fighting for power, has now greatly increased tension in the reason.

Muhammad Ghannem told an Iranian news network that if he and the Muslim Brotherhood had his way, the Suez Canal would be closed immediately.  This would not only hurt capital coming in for the Mubarak government, but it would have further repercussions, as one-third of the world’s oil is transported through the canal.  This could increase the price of oil and gas substantially.

Continuing, Ghannem stated that gas flowing from Egypt to Israel should stop immediately, “in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime.”  Once again, this would hurt the Mubarak regime and would also hurt the Israeli economy in the process.

However, Ghannem’s most provocative statements came about war with Israel.  Talking about what the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to do, Ghannem stated that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel.”  This implies that a war with Israel could be inevitable if the group takes substantial power in Egypt.

]]>< ![CDATA[Hosni Mubarak, the besieged President of Egypt is still in power despite protests from hundreds of thousands of Egyptians.  Mr. Mubarak is famous for ruling Egypt for 30 years, but also because he is one of the only Middle Eastern countries to have a formal peace treaty with Israel.

Should the Muslim Brotherhood take power, that distinction would likely end.

Ghannem continued his interview, confidently saying that the armies of Egypt would not listen to Mubarak.  When asked about the soldiers in the street, Ghannem stated that they “would not kill their brothers,” even if the order has already been issued.

He lastly stated that the United States did, in fact, support Mubarak.  However, “seeing millions head for the streets,” the United States has “abandoned” plans to help Mubarak retain power.

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  • JLawson

    Remind me again how it was vital to our national interests to made sure we were as green as possible, so instead of drilling here at home we outsourced our oil supplies to such an extent that any market disruption would really kick our economy in the nuts?

    Shit. Well, Obama promised a ‘fundamental transformation’ – it’s a damn shame that the media didn’t look any further than the feelgood statement. Gas goes up to $4-5 a gallon, Obama’s going to look like a fool for pushing the ‘green’ agenda of windmills and solar panels – and we’ll go into another recession while Obama pushes for more ‘stimulus’ and government jobs programs.

    Well, that’s ‘transformation’ for you. How’s it working out?

  • RB

    Drill baby drill. And I’ll slug any O supporter who whines to me about the price of gas. Dangerously ignorant assholes, all of ’em.

  • DaveD

    Cue to Janet Napolitano to ask if any of these intentions came up in her recent meeting with reps from the Muslim Brotherhood. I am getting the impression that Obama kind of gets a tingle in observing chaos from afar as long as he doesn’t have to be directly involved or responsible.

  • sam

    Obama is just encouraging his Brotherhood.

  • WildWillie

    Obama should stand up for what is best for this country first and foremost. But he won’t. We should open up drilling off our coasts and Alaska and then the middle East will a huge chunk of revenue they have been using to fund their radicalism. But Obama won’t do that either. ww

  • 914

    Barry is their big Brother in arms. He doesn’t bring a lot to the table, but what he brings is for the Brotherhood.

    It is past time for the People of this country to look out for our own needs and head off the disaster at the gas pumps. We have seen how the Eunuch in chief responds to a crisis and it ain’t pretty. Open the strategic reserves and Drill baby drill across this oil rich Nation.

  • GarandFan

    Where’s woop? Isn’t he going to drop by and protest the continuing defamation of the Muslim Brotherhood? You know, that – ‘Oh that’s just stuff they said 20 years ago’.

    Or is he out in the woodshed, pulling his head out of his ass?

  • Gmac

    “This would be seriously laughable if it weren’t so critical to world peace and stability. It’s Monty Python playing out in real life.” TT

    Sadly, foreign and domestic policy is in such disarray that it looks like the only solution is to replace the incompetent regime that is currently in office. Nothing that ‘The Won’ has done is working out in America’s favor, or his.

    Incompetence, thy name is Obama and truly, we are cursed.

  • John S

    I could call this a disaster of Jimmy Carter proportions, but that would imply that this hasn’t been Obama’s plan all along. Every government in the Middle East will be a Islamic Sharia nightmare by the end of the year.

  • Brett

    I could call this a disaster of Jimmy Carter proportions, but that would imply that this hasn’t been Obama’s plan all along. Every government in the Middle East will be a Islamic Sharia nightmare by the end of the year.

    Possibly – with one notable exception.

  • Gmac

    The military has fired the cabinet and dismissed Parliament.

    Game, set, match…

    Welcome to your new 1952 coup.

  • James Cloninger

    I was wondering when the Suez Canal was going to play into this.

    And now we shall reap the benefits of moratoriums on drilling (offshore or otherwise).

    Better check your car licences for odd or even numbers.