Best editorial cartoon depicting the Netanyahu-Obama fracas

Comes our way via Nate Beeler:

We would indeed.


Posted by on May 27, 2011.
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  • Bruce Henry

    And many of the ultra-orthodox Jewish “settlers” that oppose a two-state solution are religious fanatics as well, 914.

  • Sep14

    I consider blowing oneself to pieces fanatical. It rises to and surpasses the level of doing physical life threatening harm to others.

    Zealots, fanatics. There is a difference.

  • Bruce Henry

    Tomayto tomawto, dude. But, fair enough.

    The “zealotry” of the ultra-orthodox settlers and their leaders is nearly as unhelpful as the “fanaticism” of the Palestinian suicide bombers. Both can be cited by the opposite side as a reason why the other side can’t be trusted to negotiate in good faith.

  • John

    Small difference, settlers don’t seem to launch rockets or blow themselves up killing civilians on buses and in night clubs.