Monday Disguised as Tuesday, and Other Calendar Lies

Because my company is global, I had to work yesterday.  Not too bad, I was able to work from home and took time off for a few errands and family needs, but I paid for those with extra time on forecasts, releases and schedules which could not wait.  I finished work last night around 11 PM.

So, when I got up this morning 5-ish, I was in full curmudgeon mode from the get-go.  Not for having to work after less than a full night of sleep, so much as the sense that someone stole my holiday.  Not that my Mondays are usually any different when I have to work my regular schedule, but today I also get to catch up on all the mail and work from people who did get their 4th of July holiday, so today is a bit rougher and heavier than usual. That is, while other people got a day off then a short week, I got two Mondays this week

Hey, it happens.  I get that, and aside from a brief self-serving complaint I’m over it.  But it occurs to me that the calendar lies to us all the time.  We see weekends on the calendar that aren’t really there when we finish Friday, because we have to do all the chores and tasks we could not get done during the regular week.  And waddayaknow, once all those chores are done, we’re looking at Monday again.     We see holidays on the calendar, but in truth those will mean family duties and travel, extra event planning and costs and work to get ready, and once we finish the work, back to our regular jobs.  I thought about taking some vacation time, but only because there’s work on the house and yard that I have not been able to get done even during the holidays and weekends.

Yeah sure, we get ‘time off’.  Time to do more work, is what we get.

ZIP-itty-freaking doo-dah! 

It’s not that I hate the work, I like to be active and productive, and it’s nice to do something and see tangible results, but I honestly cannot remember the last day where I could really just relax and enjoy life.  And since that happens so much, I figure my free time has been stolen.

I’m blaming the calendar.

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  • Anonymous

    Toughen up, buttercup! It doesn’t get easier in retirement.

    The Upset Old Gal and I are busier now then we ever were when we were working. Back then we usually watched tv in the 10:00-11:00 pm time slot, and we always found a couple or three weeks for travel on vacation. Not any more. Too busy. Too many commitments. Too many responsibilities.

    My advice: take a deep breath right now and enjoy it… while you still have the time.

  • Anonymous

    You should run for President.  At least based on the actions of our current one, they seem to have a hell of a lot of free time on their hands for trips, golf, fund raisers, etc.