The Carter Parallels are becoming absurd

Assad’s Government Sponsored Goons attempt to storm U. S. Embassy in Syria, FAIL.

Reuters reports that protesters loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad have broken into the U.S. embassy compound in Damascus, according to diplomats in the capital city.

Reuters reports that French Embassy guards have fired live ammunition on the protesters to stop the attack on the U.S. Embassy.

U.S. embassy official tells Reuters attackers have left embassy complex, Syrian security response “slow and insufficiant”

It would seem that 0bama and his administration are too busy with “Kinetic Action” in Libya and “Deniable Operations” in Yemen (and Somalia) to take notice, let alone effective action, against Iran’s puppet state.

Lord I miss “W” at this point.

An Earth-Shattering Kaboom!
  • actually the French fired on the crowd trying to storm their embassy and kept the crowd at bay …¬† our embassy got “overrun” for a period of time …

    • Anonymous

      We’re reduced to being defended by cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Oh, the humanity! ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Viva la France!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that Barry will send “a sternly worded memo”.

  • Anonymous

    Why do we even bother having US Marines at embassies if they are not allowed to defend what is sovereign US territory?¬† Seriously, other than providing free doormen for the State Dept what’s the point?

    • Anonymous

      The Marines are there to safeguard and destroy classified information.  That is their primary mission.  

  • Anonymous

    Barry is still trying to convince the press corpse that he has ‘saved jobs’ by the millions. I guess in the nuance sense he is right. He has saved them to be created by the next President.

    I blame boooosh!

  • The ultimate Carter parallel will be when he is swept out of office and joins Jimmah in ignominy.

    • Adjoran wrote:

      The ultimate Carter parallel will be when he is swept out of office and joins Jimmah in ignominy.

      From your keyboard to God’s Monitor!

  • Anonymous

    Can I have an Amen?

  • herddog505

    So, if the Syrians had taken the embassy and held the staff hostage, do you suppose MiniTru would:

    (A) Ignore it

    (B) Blame Bush

    (C) Fawn over Captain Bullsh*t’s reaction, no matter what it happened to be

  • Anonymous

    I would much  prefer the Carter hostage result -no hostages killed- than the 299 American and French  sevicemen  who were killed in the Islamic Jihad blast in Beirut  in October 1983 (despite unheeded warnings), which forced our ignominous withdrawal from Lebanon, but then Reagan was always the the teflon president.for the right and Carter the scapegoat.

    • Jeff Blogworthy

      Equating a protracted hostage situation with an outright attack. The usual intellectual honesty from Steve.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Steve which is why I was so pleased that Bush stepped up and smacked the terroirst hard where they live.

  • Anonymous

    This is far from a prtracted hostage taking incident. My feelings are we must be doing something right if pro Assad thugs attack our embassy…. and are repulsed..The most vicious attack¬†¬†¬†was probably in September, 2006, when one security guardl died¬† and 13 were wounded¬†as four¬†supposed jihad terrrorists attempted to detonate a car bomb¬†outside¬†the American embassy in Damascus.