Lawrence O’Donnell seriously upset with Newsweek…

… because they did “everything they can to make the madness of Sarah Palin seem reasonable”:

H/T to FSM for pointing us in the direction of that which I find so entertaining.

Anytime Lawrence O’Donnell is seen to have an on air breakdown, it’s a good day and he certainly had one in this segment.  His hatred for Sarah Palin is evidence that the man’s prescription for meds has run out.  He defines pathetic.

Run Sarah if only so that we can watch Mr. O’Donnell stroke out on a daily basis.

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  • He’s mad that she said something that was uncontested? Really? Where has he been for the entire Barack Obama political cycle? 

    Right, he’s just a DNC shill. The only time facts matter is when it helps their side. And then they can’t even be truthful about that.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, someone needs to monitor this ass clowns grape cool-aid intake. 

    Delusional meltdown’s are a terrible thing to watch! I am sure we will see many more as Barry reach’s His 2012 expiration date..

  • OP

    I’ll stray from the reservation a bit here and say that O’Donnell is right; Palin can’t win a national election, the GOP nomination or presidential election. (Look at the polls at RCP right now; and independents would not vote for her.) However, how that equates to Newsweek “putting a lie” on its cover in quoting Palin who believes she can win (at worst, Palin’s being ignorant of her chances, but it’s hardly a “lie”), is something only the FUBAR O’Donnell’s brain can explain.

    Note: I couldn’t get beyond the first 1:30 without feeling I was watching a liberal rant over Palin from ’08. IMO, the libtards just aren’t happy until someone they hate (and I mean that in every sense of the word) is fully marginalized and demonized. Damn if this doesn’t get old.

  • Anonymous

    She cant win because Jumbo ears is doing such a fantastical job!  Yeah, right.

      Somebody better tell O’Donnell to wipe Barry’s shit off his face before he goes on air.

  • Anonymous

    Rick: “Lawrence O’Donnell seriously upset with Newsweek…”

    Shorter version: Lawrence O’Donnell seriously deranged. And now the weather: Dark tonight, getting lighter by morning.

  • Anonymous

    Is he related to Rosie O’Donnell?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame him… ENOUGH of this “lady”

  • O’Donnell is the main reason cameramen use spittle guards.

  • Anonymous

    “Good news everybody!”

    Lawrence O’Donnell is beating CNN in his time slot!
    The bad news is that he’s still on MSNBC, has limited viewership and is getting slaughtered vs Fox.

    So what if his panties are bunched, he still wears knee pads for the (P)resident and Sarah Palin rents space in his head. For someone so fixated on reporting one side of the political sphere’s news you’d think he could at least do so accurately.

  • MichaelC

    I still retain the video of O’Donnell going stark raving mad on air against John O’Neill, spokesman for the Swift Boat Vets, who were so effective against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign. The Swift Boat Vets sent O’Donnell over the edge in an on air tirade that set the standard for maniacal behavior in front of God and everyone else.

    There was spittle flying that day as many here at Wizbang are sure to recall. His own madness has not slackened since that day and like every truly insane POS, he spends most of his time calling every kettle he can find the worst shade of black, while continually patting himself on the back. I’m glad he’s there. Guys like that can only help us with such over the top behavior. And there are so many more people watching at this point in time. Lawrence is just getting warmed up. I recommend getting out the popcorn. It’s going to be another looooong campaign.

  • There’s a lot about Larry I don’t like, but he’s right on this one. Palin is a fraud, and Newsweek prostituted itself for her. He was right about Trump, too. I didn’t see any spittle, just disgust, and I can’t say as I blame him. 

  • When are we getting our “Dislike” button?