Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: An Update

Serial fabulist John Forbes Kerry was championed in his run for President, and introduced at the Democrat’s nominating convention, by retired Navy Captain and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Wade Sanders.  Sanders had been awarded a Silver Star medal in 1992 for actions on swift boats during the recent unpleasantness in Southeast Asia (more than twenty years earlier), in which John F. Kerry infamously had memories of a non-existent mission into Cambodia “seared” into his memory.

Sanders’ Silver Star has been revoked.

[Secretary of the Navy] Mabus revokes imprisoned veteran’s Silver Star

By Gidget Fuentes | Navy Times
[email protected]
[from July 18 edition]

San Diego- In a highly unusual move, the Navy secretary has stripped a Silver Star awarded to a retired captain and Vietnam swift boat veteran who is serving a federal prison sentence after admitting to child pornography.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus revoked the Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest valor award, which was awarded nearly 20 years ago to retired Capt. Wade Sanders of San Diego.

A spokeswoman for Mabus confirmed the secretary’s decision, which he made in August 2010 following a review and recommendation by the Navy Department Board of Medals and Decorations. “Mabus signed a memorandum in which he revoked the previously awarded Silver Star,” said Capt. Pamela Kunze.

“Had the subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself been known to the Secretary of the Navy in 1992, those facts would have prevented the award of the Silver Star,” Kunze said.

The Navy Times has for some reason declined to publish this story on-line, and it has not been reported in the LSM.

As for the imprisonment, that’s an un-related child porn bust that landed Sanders in prison.

Interesting company Senator Kerry keeps.

Hat Tip: SwiftVets.com via WinterSoldier and American Thinker

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  • Anonymous

    Wonder if Johnny got his “Silver Star” under similar circumstances.

    • There was an episode of M*A*S*H* where Frank Burns got a Purple Heart for a shell fragment he took in the eye…an egg shell fragment from when he spilled his breakfast diving under a table in the mess hall during an air raid drill.  Maybe like that?

      I’m happy to goof on Kerry and dislike him as much as the next guy.  It’s not my place to question his service in Vietnam, though.  Everything he’s done since is despicable, but his service to our country is appreciated.

      I can’t be one like the lefties that were bagging on McCain for being a shitty pilot/leader because he had x number of planes destroyed around him.  And like Kerry, other than his military service I couldn’t think less of McCain anyway…

    • According to John O’Neill’s and Jerome Corsi’s book, “Unfit For Command”, Kerry authored his recommendation for the Silver Star after a riverboat cruise where he shot and killed an unarmed, VC teenager in the back.  His commander was so eager to get rid of Kerry that he let the recommendation go through.

  • Anonymous

    Will Lurch now toss some fake medals on the lawn of a local Toys R Us to show his outrage? 

  • Anonymous

    Former Congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham was not stripped of any of his awards, and there were questions about how merited they were, too. Curiouser and curiouser…


    • Anonymous

      It might be because Duke earned his in air combat and not some fictional episode concocted by one of Kerry’s Swift boat pals who could write damn near anything in their after action journal after a cruise up the river.

      Kinda hard faking a Mig shoot down, five of them even, so where’s the question about what he did to earn them?

    • Duke was a scumball as a Congressman, and deserves the prison sentence he got, but he was indeed a bona fide ace in the skies over Vietnam.

    • When you make a veiled accusation like that against a decorated veteran, you should be prepared to back it up.

      • Adjoran,

        Being supported by chicka is both sufficient criticism and appropriate reward.

    • Anonymous

      The only criteria for award or revocation of an award for valor should be whether the award was justified or not.  Subsequent criminal conduct should not be grounds for revocation, only falsification of statements for the original award.  What’s next, revoking Medals of Honor for drunk driving, domestic violence or drug convictions?

      For what’s it’s worth, I think Cunningham was treated too harshly.  A veteran who served in combat, with no prior criminal record, should not be getting eight years in prison for a non-violent offense.  Should have got a year, with lots of community service afterwards.

  • Is this supposed to make me think less of Kerry?  As if that were possible.

    I’m just not getting the schadenfruede vibe on this story.  But it’s on every conservative blog so what are you going to do?

    • BVO,

      It would be hard for me to think less of the senior gigolo (now that Teddy has gone to his just reward) from Massachusetts as well.  I posted it because I still remember the villainies spread about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth by the SoS now doing hard time for kiddy porn.

      The tie to “Zhengis” Kerry is just gravy.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, leopards don’t change their spots.  As for Johnny’s “Vietnam service” – 4 months?  Personally, I think his medals are at the very least questionable.  But that’s just my personal bias, having seen what officers will pull to get a couple of decorations.

      • I dig.  If the foot were on the other hand and he was linked to Bush it would be the lead story on the nightly news.  C’est la vie.  He’s thrown his life in the crapper now.

  • Anonymous

    Birds of a feather and dogs with fleas I suspect. I saw the story this AM and it struck me as odd the Navy did not release a reason the medal was stripped but there has to be a damned good one. I think a trip over to Lex’s for a look is in order.

  • John Effin’ Kerry = Three Purple Hearts for Three Purple Scratches. That fake and fraud deserved NONE of them. Never mind the fact that he personally traveled to Paris to meet with Commies in an effort to undercut U.S. foreign policy while he was still wearing the Navy uniform. I will however state that Kerry should not be judged based on the actions of his pervert pal Wade Sanders. Kerry might be many things, but he’s not a pedophile. 

  • PBunyan

    That was the most repulsive campaign in my life!   A war hero for the enemy, of all things, running on his military record. The guy who voted to autorize the war running on an anti-war ticket.  How f-ing absurd. 

    “Reporting for duty” turned my stomach.  Leftist’s, remember the way you felt when you first saw the “Mission Accomplished” banner? I bet I was 100 times beyond that–a 1000 maybe.

    It was also, incidentally, when I first discovered the cathartic qualities of political blogs which kept me from going off the deep end– well, depending on who you ask…

    I found Obama’s campaign so much more comical at least.

  • Anonymous

    It was also, incidentally, when I first discovered the cathartic qualities of political blogs which kept me from going off the deep end…

    It was my introduction to the vanquishing of both Kerry and the major media. Beldar, and many others, was magnificent…and is still an exciting read today.

  • jim_m

    I’m not surprised.  Dems love to hang out with criminals.

    As for Kerry, The book the Gardner Heist links him as an attorney for one of the hoods most likely to have participated in the biggest art theft in history.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up with some or all of the art himself.

  • Mycroft

    You do realize that Kerry’s “honorable discharge” is a fake, don’t you?  And the proof was on Kerry’s own website, for those that know how the Navy works.

    The facts.  According to forms on Kerry’s own website, he was promoted to LtJG in 1968.  Let’s assume that is correct, for I see no reason and it was the right timeframe.

    On Kerry’s website, his discharge was listed as 1978, at the rank of LtJG, 10 years later.  (The form promoting him to LT was a temporary promotation for an Admiral’s aid, he reverted to LTJG upon entry into the reserves in 1972.  The form for reversion to LTJG was also on the Kerry website.  This is typical of an officer filling a billet for political reasons, that he doesn’t have the normal rank for.  It is also the reason for the confusion of people refering to him as LT, rather the LTJG)

    In the reseves, he would have come up for regular promotion cycle in 1973, 1974, and 1975.  (If timing was off, it could have been 1 year later, but that doesn’t matter.)

    Since his discharge was was by presidential commision in 1978 as a LtJG, he was not promoted in those three years.  QED

    In the 1970s, the Navy had a policy of “up or out”.  If you were passed over 3 times for promotion, you were discharged.  Therefore, Kerry would have been discharged in 1975 (Maybe 1976).

    Thus, the 1978 discharge was a reversal of the terms of an earlier discharge, which would only occur if the original discharge was for “less the honorable service”.  This is consistant with a presidential commission discharge (The one that used to be on his website) as regular discharges were granted at the level of the local command, not by hand of the president.

    Note that in the above list, I am taking all forms from http://www.Johnkerry.com, which has to be as favorably to him as possible.

    So there you have it, for some reason, John Kerry was given a less then honorable discharge, sometime in the 1972-1976 timeframe. 

  • Kerry was awarded two Purple Hearts after he applied for them – even though the practice was for the superior officer to request them.  Neither of his injuries required time away from his duties or a hospital stay.  One was treated with a band-aid and the other amounted to a single grain of rise stuck part-way in his flesh.

    Democratic fiddling changed his discharge, and also got Mabus his belated medal under very shady circumstances.  Several have suggested Kerry may have been involved.  The Navy has never addressed these things directly.

  • Jeff Blogworthy

    The whole this is sordid as hell. That is to say, it involves Democrats.

    I long to hear the voice of Susan Estrich defending these men once more (gag.)

  • Corky Boyd

    Kerry’s honorable discharge came from a presidential commission on Feb. 16, 1977, just 27 days after President Carter took office.  This commission was set up by Carter on his first day in office when he granted amnesty for draft dodgers and set up a review process for those who were given less than honorable discharges.  Under normal circumstances a commissioned officer is told that his military obligation has been satisfied and is mailed a form to resign his commission.  When that is accepted, he is given his honorable discharge.  No presidential commissions, no requests for a review, just an automatic notification and the paperwork is done.

    Kerry was in trouble for negotiating with the enemy (both the VC and the DRV at the Paris Peace Talks) as a commissioned officer in wartime. 

    He is a scumbag.

    The most authoritative writing on this subject is by Thomas Libsomb in the NY Sun.  Google the NY Sun and then search these two articles:

    Mystery Surrounds Kerry’s Navy Discharge
    Kerry’s Discharge is Questioned by Ex-JAG Officer

    I would give you the links, but many blogs reject comments with links in them.

  • while the left continues to try and make the term Swift Boating a negative I think in the end they where largely responsible for negating John Kerry’s military service in his campaign for the Presidency …  the fact is they did it with the truth … and that drives the left nuts …

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  • Anonymous

     Kerry and Hanoi Jane will always live in my book as Traitorous garbage. Their names will always be shiite in my book. Vile scum that only survived without punishment because of who was in power. Demoncraps never punish, they promote and re-elect.

    • Don’t forget 0bama’s bestest buddy neighbors (and domestic terrorists/murderers) Bernadine Dorhn and Bill “Guilty as sin, free as a bird” Ayers.