Obamanomics rolls on

Like a juggernaut, the Barack Obama economy rolls on.  His stewardship has created an environment where all the assumptions economists had about recovery are obsolete.  Americans are thriving in Barack Obama’s new normal.

In blue-state New York Brooklyn-ites are embracing the new economy in a uniquely New York way.

Cops have busted a group of oddball poachers in Prospect Park — a band of vagrants that was trapping and eating ducks, squirrels and pigeons.

The city would not immediately release details of the incidents, which occurred on July 17 and 18 — just days after park-goers told rangers about a “Beverly Hillbillies”-like scene on the southeast side of the lake, near the ice skating rink.

“This is a dodgy group,” said park-goer Peter Colon, who spotted one of the men catching a pigeon while his friend started a fire. “They are the most threatening people in the park.”

The disheveled — and possibly homeless — tribe in question uses “makeshift” fishing poles and traps to catch the critters, then grills them over the fire, according to park watchdogs.

“One woman uses a net to bag the ducks,” said wildlife advocate Johanna Clearfield.

California’s economy is catching fire too.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the theft of more than 100 bronze vases from gravesites at a local cemetery.

The thefts were the latest in a series of valuable metal thefts in the Santa Clarita Valley. In June, authorities say thieves stole a brass train whistle from the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society’s steam locomotive at William S. Hart Park. In addition, more than a dozen reports have been filed at the local Sheriff’s Station in the last few weeks by car owners reporting catalytic converters stolen from their vehicles.

California’s beleaguered public school teachers may be getting some well-deserved time off.

“We just want it to stop. It seems like it’s getting worse. … We don’t want anybody to get hurt, and mostly we don’t want people to take from our young people because that is money that could be spent other ways,” Superintendent Ramona Bishop said.

In her long career at various districts, Bishop said she’s never encountered such a rash of copper theft.

“It’s an ongoing problem, and it doesn’t appear that it’s waning here any,” Vallejo Police Sgt. Herman Robinson said.

Copper can be sold for $4 to $5 or so a pound, Robinson said.

Obamanomics is paying off right in Washington DC’s backyard as well.

Despite weighing more than 100 pounds, manhole covers are worth less than $10 to Baltimore scrap metal dealers — if they are even willing to take them.

Even so, the city discovered 17 of them missing Tuesday in Baltimore’s largest manhole-cover theft in four years, the Department of Public Works said.

Kurt Kocher, the department’s spokesman, suspected that whoever took them was looking to sell them as scrap.

“What else could you do with it?” Kocher said.

Obama’s impact has enriched his home state of Illinois.

Rising metal prices are making ordinary items like metal chairs and fences much more appealing. The items look more like price tags to thieves.

“Besides the drug problem, this is our biggest theft and burglary problem so far this year,” Holder said.

He said the big problem starts with something most people think is small.

The thefts have already happened 25 times in the past six months.

Thieves are targeting everything from mowers and other equipment to ladders, chairs and even fences.

Welcome to the new normal.  It’s funny now, but won’t be so much when Social Security and Medicare eventually, inevitably destroy our economy.  We may all be fighting for scrap metal then.  I sure hope demand in China is strong enough to keep scrap prices up.

Or Mexico.  [email protected]&$ing Mexico.  Unprecedented and unexpectedly indeed.

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  • In South Carolina we’ve just passed some restrictions on copper recycling, but even that doesn’t go far enough.

    There should be no cash for copper resale allowed, and every person should have to provide photo ID when selling and an explanation where the copper is from.  Even that won’t stop the phenomenon we’ve seen of contractors stealing copper from other contractors’ job sites, but it would slow down the amateur thieves.

  • Anonymous

    The environmentalists are happy.  People are “recycling”.

  • Frank O’Connell

    >>>”Welcome to the new normal.”

    Enjoy your Squirrel Casserole, Baron. I’m slow cooking a brisket on the grill this weekend.

    Let them eat Hobbitt!

  • jim_m

    Clearly the answer is more federal regulation.  All we need o do is put on enough regulation that it drives metal recyclers out of business.  Then there won’t be anywhere for people to take their stolen copper to since the market for the metal will have been regulated out of existence.  Of course that will mean a few more thousands of people out of work but obama doesn’t give a rip about people and jobs or he’d have solved that problem by now, genius as he is.


  • Jeff Blogworthy

    People should stop and ask themselves why the price of commodities is skyrocketing. There are many more ways to “transfer wealth” than by taxation. Americans have been ripped off on a scale never before seen. Gerald Celente made the following wacky predictions in 2008.

    Commodity Online

    Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is renowned for his accuracy in predicting future world and economic events, which will send a chill down your spine considering what he told Fox News this week.

    Celente says that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

    “We’re going to see the end of the retail Christmas….we’re going to see a fundamental shift take place….putting food on the table is going to be more important that putting gifts under the Christmas tree,” said Celente, adding that the situation would be “worse than the great depression”.

    “America’s going to go through a transition the likes of which no one is prepared for,” said Celente, noting that people’s refusal to acknowledge that America was even in a recession highlights how big a problem denial is in being ready for the true scale of the crisis.

    Celente, who successfully predicted the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis, the subprime mortgage collapse and the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar, told UPI in November last year that the following year would be known as “The Panic of 2008,” adding that “giants (would) tumble to their deaths,”

    Ha ha ha ha! This guy is wackier than Glenn Beck. What a rube. What a shyster. What a maroon! Ha ha ha ha…

    • If by “giants (would) tumble to their deaths,” he meant “go to Washington hat-in-hand and be rewarded for abetting government’s attempt to manipulate the housing market for social reasons” he’s pretty much spot on.

      • Jeff Blogworthy

        You have a point. He has since revised his views accordingly. He may not always be right, but he gets it pretty darn close.

        In an April 20, 2009 interview with Russia Today, Gerald Celente stated concerning Barack Obama’s economic policy:

        “America is going from what used to be the major capitalistic country in the world of free market – a crusader – into what Mussolini would have called fascism: the merger of state and corporate powers. So it is not socialism as people believe, it is socialism’s egalitarianism. It’s not communism where the state controls monopolies – it’s fascism, plain and simple. The merger of corporate and government powers. State-controlled capitalism is called fascism, and fascism has come to America in broad daylight. But they’re feeding them it in little bits and pieces. First AIG was too big to fail. Mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were too big to fail. Banks too big to fail and auto companies. And now we give money to the people that make the auto parts. And now there’s talk about the technology companies, wanting their piece of the action. The merger of state and government is called fascism. Take it from Mussolini; he knew a thing or two about it.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. When the Fed prints money to lend to banks at almost 0% interest, they have to do something with it if there’s no demand here or they can make more money elsewhere – one big thing they do is buy commodities.

          The rest of the world, including the US “consumer,” gets to pay more for the commodities, though.  When government rigs the system for the “too big to fail,” this is indeed the corporate state.   Most policy decisions can be explained in this way, including foreign and military policy. 

          This oligarchy has been growing for many years now.   When it started is debatable, but it’s clearly been running strong through the last three administrations.

  • jim_m

    Before Reid can bring his bill to vote in the Senate, the House votes it down with 11 dems voting against their own bill.

    The dems are incapable of even creating a Bill that even their own members will support.

    • That ought to tell them something, but they’re so focused on their agendas they can’t see it.

  • Anonymous

    Post-apocalyptic stuff.  Wow.

    d(^_^)bhttp://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/”Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”