SEAL shoot down was a trap

That from an Afghan official:

“Now it’s confirmed that the helicopter was shot down and it was a trap that was set by a Taliban commander,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The official said the commander lured US forces to the scene by telling them there was a Taliban meeting taking place there.

The official said that President Hamid Karzai’s US-backed government “thinks this was a retaliation attack for the killing of Osama bin Laden.”

The Taliban did not make such an assertion when they claimed responsibility for the attack.

Citing intelligence “gathered from the area,” the official blamed Qari Tahir, a Taliban commander, for masterminding the attack. He alleged that four Pakistani nationals helped Tahir carry out the strike.

He said the intelligence also showed that the Chinook helicopter was brought down by multiple shots including “modern weapons” without giving further details.

What will the United States do if this proves to be true?


With the current Commander-In-Chief, I suspect not much more than a retaliatory speech.

We are so f*cked.


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  • Anonymous

    Playing golf comes to mind.

    • Proof

      Yeah. That would show that the C-in-C was really “tee’d off’!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps a ‘sternly worded’ memo?

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering…

    Would this have happened if Biden and Obama has not let on it was the Seals that got Bin Laden?

    What will this do to the Obama movie due for release before the election. If I recall correctly, the movie will be about the killing of Bin Laden and how super duper Obamas leadership was.

  • Rodney G. Graves

    Anyone who has read Kipling knows the proper response.

  • Anonymous

    Barry keeps fiddling like this, maybe he and Charlie Daniels ought to go on tour together?  Of course Barry would have to make the trip down to Georgia but he could always stop off at Augusta for a few rounds as well..

    Breaking News!!!________  Ticker update!!  DOW -495.76   S & ( racist ) P -65.99 

    Stay tuned!!   

  • Anonymous

    I bet he’ll blame Bush, or anyone and anything else other than himself and the blabber mouth’s that were bragging on the Bin laden take down.

  • Anonymous

    Hey! The market loses 4.5%? Matches Boosh unemployment numbers..,  Barry is trying to redistribute the markets wealth to match his funemployment numbers? 

    Its the way he has done other things?  So get ready for a total collapse..

    -600       Good job Demoncrats!!

    • Rodney G. Graves

      -634, to be precise.

      • Anonymous

        lol… the -344,000,000  is chump change to Barry… Just give him time to grow the market like we did the job market and it will grow, grow, grow!  He promised and he’s a scholar!

  • Anonymous

    Jay Tea – I officially retract my comment on your post that previously addressed this topic.

    • Anonymous

      As I said on the other thread, releasing the information confirming the success of their trap, was a bigger OPSEC breach than the bin Laden breach.  Treason marches on.

  • McGehee

    What will the United States do if this proves to be true?

    Well, the current administration will probably agitate for the overthrow of Karzai, since he obviously lacks the support of that portion of the Afghan people that like to help terrorists fly jetliners into buildings.

    And we mustn’t judge that segment of Afghanistan’s population because that’s their culture and it’s just as valid as ours.


    After thinking that way, even just long enough to post a comment, I feel like I need to cough up a hairball.

    • Rodney G. Graves

      Then a silence came to the river,

           A hush fell over the shore,

      And Bohs that were brave departed,

           And Sniders squibbed no more;

    • Anonymous

      Swallow a little Vaseline, it’ll help.

  • Jeff Blogworthy

    He’ll bow a little lower next time. And in the opposite direction.

    • Rodney G. Graves

      Are you implying he prefers to receive?

      • Jeff Blogworthy

        I believe he’s a pitcher for America and a catcher for everyone else.

        • Rodney G. Graves

          Unwanted Visual!

  • Anonymous

    The death of our special forces team is a national tragedy.  Somehow I believe our military leaders will respond in kind without help from the executive office of the White House.  I have met some of these highly trained warriors and they are a breed apart.   The sacrifice made by those lost in Afghanistan will not be forgotten and their are many who will take up the fight in their place.   

  • Anonymous

    What will they do if this is true?

    Not what I would like; which would be to level the entire region.