Republicans Keep Control of Wisconsin Senate

From the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

Democrats won two state Senate seats in Tuesday’s historic recall elections, but failed to capture a third seat that would have given them control of the chamber.

By keeping a majority in the Senate, Republicans retained their monopoly on state government because they also hold the Assembly and governor’s office. Tuesday’s elections narrowed their majority – at least for now – from 19-14 to a razor-thin 17-16.

So, will the liberals in Wisconsin get the message this time?

Probably not.

So, what should be said to them?




A Matter Of Trust
Collective Punishment
  • Jeff Blogworthy

    Worlds Deadliest Swarms: Angry leeches go on a rampage, try to overwhelm host.

  • That money the unions and others spent to try to defeat the Republicans,
    is less money they will have use to pay for other campaigns. That also
    means less money for Obama too.

  • Anonymous

    I think they’ll tell themselves those election costs were an “investment” and much like any other investment they make, it was “for the children.”

  • Don’t forget the DemocRATs have two of their members up for recall too. If they are booted out, this will mean that the whole thing was just an exercise in futility for the Dems. For all of their posturing, the Dems, the unions and the state controlled media are the real losers in this mess.

  • Anonymous

    Geez…if I was in a Union, and they kept stealing MY money to fund utter bullcrap like this recall attempt, I might get a little upset, eh?

    Sure, Union members legitimately fear reprisal…including physical harm…when they dare to stand up against their Unions.  But if enough of them stand up they can take their Unions BACK.

    OK, I’m dreaming.

    • Definitely dreaming.

    • Anonymous

      Quite possibly why 40% of WI union members have not sent their union dues in, they are tired of the union flushing their money down a Democrat rat hole.

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t that part of the new rules enacted by Gov Walker, no more automatic deductions of union dues? I think the unions might find out the hard way that a lot of their membership isn’t all that interested in being in the union if they have a “choice” not to pay dues. I know I’d be pissed at the wasted money they spent on this non sense.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt they’re done.
    Expect lawsuits. If that fails, they’ll probably emulate their brethren in the UK and burn down the state.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get the Bruce Henry baby photo?

  • Anonymous

    Now that democracy has failed the democrats in Wisconsin, what’s next…..armed revolt?

    • Anonymous

      Won’t put it past them.  They’ll burn everything down in order to “save” it.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how the unions hope to replenish all those funds.  Seeing as the state is no longer collecting union dues for them.  I can imagine a lot of union workers telling their shop steward – “You’ve done so much for me, my dues check ‘is in the mail'”.