The Ignorance Of King Barack The Dunce


Remember those?

Remember the good old days when, under the George W. Bush administration, the average annual rate of unemployment between 2001 and 2008 was 5.26%?  (Though, according to the MSM and rabid Democrats, the economy was in shambles.)


As the cacophony of the debt ceiling brawl subsided this past week, President Obama has decided to “pivot,” once again, to the issue of job creation.

Now, in true campaign fashion, he’s on a 3-state bus tour designed to convince people that this time, he’s focused like a laser beam on job creation.

It’s too bad Obama’s campaigning doesn’t create jobs.  We’d have zero unemployment.

Last Monday, Obama gave as a glimpse into some specific policies which could be advanced to help spurn real economic growth.  It’s instructional to go back just a week ago to help us realize the wondrous workings of a policy-wonk’s mind.  However simulating and hopeful his prescription for our ailing economy may have sounded to him, after listening for a while, it is quite apparent that his slick delivery and gilded speech no longer exist. The mesmerizing populist barn-burners of old have been replaced by canned, sterile speeches, filled with platitudes made to sound as if it’s content were focused toward a citizenry processing a third grade comprehension level.  At every chance, he dusts off the tired, moldy Democratic playbook consisting of class warfare, employing the phrase that rich people “pay their fair share,” as if what they now pay to the government has contributed in some way to the loss of jobs, or has been a catalyst for the trillions in new spending implemented under his reign.  And though this phrase is now nothing more than a weak and disingenuous display of desperation, today, he again trotted it out as if it contained merit:

“At the Cannon Falls meeting, Obama hit on recent themes blaming economic problems in part on turmoil in the Mideast, debt problems in Europe and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but he said the biggest problem was intransigence in Washington, particularly among Republicans unwilling to accept any tax increases to help solve the nation’s budget problems.”

(‘Cause until our current dire economic situation, there’s never been any turmoil in the Mideast, and those damn natural disasters in Japan produced a miracle of physics, complete with a time-traveling effect on the millions of jobs lost in this country before they actually occurred.)

Yup.  More taxes on the “rich” will help release the shackled Kraken of U.S job creation.

Does he not realize how lame this tactic has become?  That it has rightfully morphed into nothing more than a tired cliché for the majority of Americans?  (Though it is scripture to his far left base of loons.)

After last Monday’s peek into what we can expect from Obama and his tax-payer funded jobs/campaign tour, The National Journal had a particularly scathing reaction:

“Nearly halfway into his speech from the State Dining Room on Monday, President Obama finally launched into what amounts to his core job-creation message these days. He ticked off a familiar trio of policy initiatives – extend unemployment benefits and the temporary payroll tax cut, and spend more on infrastructure – and then blamed congressional Republicans for not enacting them.

“These are all ideas that, traditionally, Republicans have agreed to, have agreed to countless times in the past,” Obama said. “There’s no reason we shouldn’t’t act on them now. None.”

Congressional Republicans have not acted on them?

Um, Mr. President, Republicans did not gain control of the House of Representatives until January.  That’s 7 months ago.  Everything you just rattled off was approved before they had the majority to block any of those examples.  And they were all passed with your Democratic Congressional toadies.

Unemployment benefits do not help create jobs which have been lost.  They are a by-product of jobs already lost.  While these benefits help people who, due to the triumvirate of Obama/Reid/Pelosi’s failed economic policies, lost their jobs (through no fault of their own) to pay for necessities (mortgages, food, utilities, etc.), they are not used as disposable income.  Disposable income is spent on products and services that, though may not be essential to one’s life, are things which, due to hard work, a person has extra money and a right to purchase if they so desire.

That is the kind of money which creates demand for products which necessitates job growth.

Pretty simple.

The temporary payroll tax cut (Which he again mentioned today.):  A transparent, pathetic gimmick made to link the words “tax cut” with Obama.  While ANY money not delivered into the hands of the black hole of government is a good thing, the high prices of gas, consumer goods, and health care erases any paltry benefit which could otherwise be gained by this.

With this tax cut, a person making $40,000 a year retains a windfall of $60 a month.  $15 dollars a week.  $2.14 per day.  If he/she/it is lucky, that’s about 4 gallons worth of gas in a week for their vehicle.

Very aggressive policy, creating confidence abound, Mr. President.

His third priority of more spending on infrastructure, is nothing more than robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Money from the government (i.e., our taxes dollars) would be funding highway and transportation projects.  So the government spending more tax dollars to pay people to work on government projects will stimulate the economy?  It seems to me the same money forked out by the government will just be recirculated right back into the government’s pocket book.  That is not meaningful, sustainable, or real job creation.  The government cannot “create” jobs.  They create entities which exist to serve themselves, and justify swollen budgets.  No new money is created, only transfered and eventually consumed by the prime mover.

This President, and his gaggle of yes people, does not know what to do.

The president believes we need to tackle our deficits over the long term so we have more room to implement key proposals, including investments in education and innovation, that will help the economic (sic) grow faster,” Jen Psaki, the White House deputy communications director, said. “But there are also bipartisan steps we can take now” – including patent reform, the payroll-tax-cut extension, three pending free-trade pacts, and infrastructure spending – “and it is in the hands of Congress to act on moving these forward.”

Yes, this President, who, for the first two years of his term, had some of the largest Democratic majorities in congress in recent memory, had in those two years quadrupled the national deficit, now expects us to believe that he believes in deficit reduction.  If this is the case, why did he not “tackle” the deficits in his first two years when he had the majority votes to do it?

It’s all just so sincerely believable, isn’t it?

Next aggressive policy initiative:  Patent reform.  (Sheesh.)

While reforming the patent process is itself a worthy endeavor, it is hardly what is keeping jobs from being created.  Fillings of patents for new inventions are down, but, that is a by-product of a bad economy, not a broken patent system.  R&D, inventions and technological advances cost money to fund.  With an economy bogged down in a financial sea of molasses, people are either holding back filling out of fear of taking on too much risk or they are financially unable to fund their creations.  And it seems as if the reason for this reform has more to do with how filling fees are collected, and which government entity gets those fees.

The three free trade pacts Ms. Psaki speaks of are with South Korea, Panama and Colombia.  When I hear “free trade pact,” I think of access to cheap labor.  I think of outsourcing.  Even if that outlook is absolutely wrong, does anyone really believe that not having free trade agreements with these countries is damming up a torrent of U.S. job creation?  Does anyone really have any faith that enacting these agreements will have a truly profound positive effect on the economy, creating  substantial American jobs, making a dent in the 9.1% unemployment rate?

And again with the infrastructure spending.  It has officially become moot.  Remember the Stimulus bill?  The one which cost $789 billion and was supposed to create 3.5 million jobs?  Well, a big chunk of that, $100 billion, was allocated for infrastructure.  He also allocated $554 billion in infrastructure spending in his 2012 budget.

What. Is. He. Doing?

This man is devoid of any ability to think of, successfully sell, or implement any policy or plans which will benefit the U.S. worker and our economy in a meaningful, secure manner.  He is impotence, personified.  His tenure has been, by any simple or stringent standard, a failure of monumental proportions.

His base has been marginalized to “bat-shit-crazy” land.  And ordinary Americans who experienced “Bush fatigue,” who were sucked in by his fresh, youthful speeches, electric smile, and false-prophet rhetoric are simply no longer mesmerized.

Anyway, just remember:  As you’re standing in the unemployment line, circling embarrassingly inadequate employment ads in your local paper, Obama’s “patent reform” is just around the corner!

“Happy Days Are Here Again!”

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  • “What. Is. He. Doing?”

    Simply enjoying the good life apparently. Once his presidency is over it’s back to doing… Well, whatever it was he was doing before…

    Perhaps maybe President Obama will run for Congress again. Wouldn’t that be pretty amazing, it means he can continue to do what he’s good at. Campaigning and voting present.

    • Anonymous

      Michele Obamalala will probably run for the Senate when they return to Chicago. Now, won’t that be fun!

    • Anonymous

      Michele Obamalala will probably run for the Senate when they return to Chicago. Now, won’t that be fun!

  • It looks to me like Obama is preparing to use “me vs. Congress” as the centerpiece of his Presidential campaign.  Obviously he can’t run on his own record, so he has to find a new villain.  Good luck with that.

    And you’re right, unemployment benefits are a perfect real-world equivalent of Henry Hazlitt’s Broken Window Fallacy.  They don’t create or produce anything, they only consume resources that otherwise could have been used much more productively elsewhere.  It’s unfortunate that Nancy Pelosi is too dumb to understand this.

  • In truth, Obama has created millions of Jobs. You just have to pronounce the name of the fella in the Old Testament story correctly.

    • PBunyan

      Maybe Reverend Wright mispronounced Job’s name all those years.  He doesn’t seem too bright either.

    • PBunyan

      Maybe Reverend Wright mispronounced Job’s name all those years.  He doesn’t seem too bright either.

    • Anonymous

      And saved millions more Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Obumble’s “economic plan” has been coming into focus. Since the current financial situation is the result of bad luck, we can fully expect Obumble to introduce a program of government-subsidized distribution of rabbits’ feet, four-leaf clovers, and horseshoes.

  • Anonymous

    To me it’s simple, if the economy is still in the tank and unemployment it still high he’s toast. He can try to blame anyone he wants, after 4 years he will be held accountable for the state of the nation.

  • PBunyan

    Jen Psaki, the White House deputy communications director, said. “But there are also bipartisan steps we can take now” – including patent reform…

    Intelligent people view Atlas Shrugged as a cautionary tale.  The Obama administration viewed it as an instruction book.

  • Anonymous

    But wait!  Barry is going to “create a job”.  A new cabinet level post for job creation.

    See.  Problem solved!

  • Oysteria

    Shawn, this is one of your better posts.

    Listening to the news on my way in this morning I heard that Obama is going to unveil his plan in about a month.  (I’m so excited!)  One of his supporters was asked about it and responded in her optimism that she hoped he would unveil a good plan for small business owners.  I found myself yelling at the woman on the radio telling her stop being a delusional dolt, that he already HAD a plan for small business owners – he has lumped a fair portion of them in with millionaires and billionaires and wants to raise their taxes.  She sounded so thoughtful and intelligent.  Why, oh why, is she so stupid?

    Talking to the radio is not good, but I find that more and more often I have less and less patience with these people.

    •  Three words, Oyster – Sirius Satellite Radio.  Haven’t listened to local idiocy in close onto a decade now… there’s a MUCH better music selection, too, as opposed to something like 94 FM which was two songs, four commercials a traffic report, a commercial – repeat until you were nuts…

      But I know – the endless hope that Obama supporters show  that THIS time they’re not going to be screwed over is really starting to remind me of an abused spouse.  Maybe if they’re quiet and do everything just right, they won’t get hit again with higher taxes or fees…

      If Obama has a plan – and I’m doubtful he does, at least one that bears any semblance to something that’d actually work – he needs to get it out NOW.  But I’m afraid it’s going to be another ‘Soak the rich and create makework jobs’ plan that’ll fall apart the first time daylight hits it.

      On the other hand, if he announced adoption of the Fair Tax and a repeal of Obamacare – and DID those two things, I’d probably vote for him myself.

  • Michael G.

    Awe, hello? Yoo hoo. Any one home here? Can someone tell me if Bush put the cost of both wars in the budget as well as the Rx drug program that allows the Pharma companies to dictate the rates the government charges them instead of as in the VA Hospital gets the best bang for their pharmacies?  Of course big government is bad, I guess that’s what I hear from the right. I do have a suggestion. Lets turn the armed forces, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines over to Xe (formerly Blackwater) and turn the pentagon and all administrative work to Wackenhut.  Turn the FBI over to Brinks and Pinkerton securities. This will save us a load of money by privatizing a very large part of government. 

    • PBunyan

      Was that supposed to make sense?  It didn’t.

      • Anonymous

        It’s the sort of thing that happens when one starts drinking too early in the day.

        •  Might depend on his time zone.  It could be very late where he is.

          • Wherever he is, it is later than he thinks!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been waiting for a moonbat to complain about Bush’s RX plan.

      You may be surprised to know that per the latest HHS report, premuims are lower than last year
      and generic drugs costs are also lower. “Part D has had a spillover effect of lowering retail prices for generic medications by 19 percent.”

      You might consider some meds Michael G. And you’ll be paying less now, thanks to Bush.

    • Very astute analysis, Michael G.

      Especially the parts where you thoughtfully explain precisely what you like about the current administration’s policies and how well Obama has….

      Oh, wait..

      (Hmmm…  I thought nuts were down aisle 5?)

  • Very astute analysis, Michael G.

    Especially the parts where you thoughtfully explain just what you like about the current administration’s policies and how well Obama has….

    Oh, wait..

    (I thought nuts were down aisle 5?)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, one small nit to pick. Yes, you are “absolutely wrong” about the three free trade pacts. They will provide a net positive impact to U.S. exports and job creation. The reason is pretty simple. We already have a customs regime of virtually no or low duties on imports from most of the world based on “most favored nation,” or permanent normal trade relations.  These three countries – South Korea, (sic) “Columbia,” and Panama have been granted this status. These trade pacts are meant to formalize the reciprocal nature of low customs duties, meaning these countries will LOWER their duties on U.S. products to essentially match our duties applicable to their products. Here is a quote from a Congressional Research Service study on the Colombia pact: “About 90% of U.S. imports from Colombia enter the United States dutyfree, while U.S. exports to Colombia face duties of up to 20%.”  Obviously, a win-win for the U.S.   You are right that opening U.S. exports to these markets will have no measurable impact on total export sales, investment or job creation.  But you’re spot on with the rest of it, though.

  • lasveraneras,

    Thanks for reading and pointing out the Colombia goof.  Spelling is fixed.  Much appreciated.  I posted this around 4:00am, so it’s a bit messy.

    I value your input, but, Obama’s own Deputy Communications Director put this particular issue out there as a meaningful factor in his job creation initiatives. 

    This is, of all the things that she could have said, one of three options purposefully chosen.  That either means she should be shit-canned for belching up wasted breath, or this is viewed as something truly substantial and essential to his JOB-CREATING policies.

    To me, it’s as useless as trying to piss out a forest fire.


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  • I’ve been astonished at how the ‘patent reform’ legislation will kill jobs, and it’s a ‘two-fer’ for being unconstitutional. See: 

    It’s a huge payoff for the Big Banks and Wall Street, so Obama and Harry Reid want to bring this quietly to the floor of the Senate in non-amendable fashion on the very first day back from recess. I hope we can stop them and activists who want to help stop it can go here – see