Welcome Back, Carter

Democrats and Republicans alike are comparing the Obama presidency to the Carter presidency.  Let’s have some fun with that fact.

During the Carter presidency, Americans watched the TV show “Welcome Back, Kotter”, which had a teacher as its title character.

Obama often lectures people as if he were a teacher.  So, let’s create an imaginary show called “Welcome Back, Carter”, with Obama playing the title character.

Now, you get to select who plays the other roles. The only rule is that the people selected must have  worked for Obama some time during his presidency.


Vincent "Vinnie" Barbarino

Arnold Horshack

Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington

Juan Epstein

If you are too young to remember the show “Welcome Back, Kotter”, then you may substitute another show.

However, you should be aware that by the time you reach retirement age, Social Security may have been cancelled.



Union Rivalry
"Just Words"
  • Anonymous

    Timmy “turbotax” Geithner would do for Horshack with Robert “Baghdad Bob II” for Epstein

  • Anonymous

    Michelle could play VInnie

  • Anonymous

    Michelle could play VInnie

  • PBunyan

    Biden as the assistant principal who’s name I can’t remember.  Woodson? or something like that?

    • Mr. Woodman (pronounced Wood-min in Brooklynese).

      • PBunyan

        Ah, I was close.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Horshack as TurboTimmy.  Barbarino as Pelosi, Washington as Reid, Epstein as Napalatano.

    • Anonymous

      Napalatano would be a better Epstein

  • Anonymous

    ummm ummm ummm!

  • I dunno — I think Pelosi could do Horshack’s laugh better.

    • Anonymous

      Pelosi doesn’t laugh, she just grins between stupid remarks.  

  • You can’t have Pelosi in a role like that, with all those lights and camera and equipment and people running around her all the time.

    What if something accidentally released the pent-up tension in her skin, stretched out so much by all those plastic surgeries?  She’s not really surprised all the time . . . See that cute little dimple on her chin?  That’s her navel; her old forehead is now covering her ass.  When that skin snaps, it’s gonna be like an earthquake.

    Oh!  The humanity! .  . .

    • If it flings a few of her fellow Obamarrhoids into the sun, I’m for it.