Highway 12 at Mirlo Beach in the OBX – Wiped out

Nearly every year for about the last 4 or 5, we’ve spent a marvelous week at Mirlo Beach at a cottage called the Salty Dawg.  Two years ago, we were there when a particularly nasty Nor’easter came through and I put up a post I titled “Imagine what a hurricane would do.

Imagine no more.  

Here are three pictures taken today found at HamptonRoads.Com of the very area where we vacation.  The pictures show the general area we’d cross Highway 12 to get to the beach and that are depicted in those I put up two years ago.  

It’s tragic:

Mirlo Beach

Highway 12 at Mirlo Beach

Highway 12 at Mirlo BeachII
Sad stuff… seriously sad…

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  • Anonymous

    It’s called “storm surge”.  People tend to think only of wind and rain.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to see this.  Shovel ready?

  • jim_m

    They’ll be fine as long as they have a dem as the state’s governor.  Otherwise they will be waiting until Jan 20, 2013 before a President will declare this a federal disaster area and provide relief.

  • Anonymous

    Pffftttt… I see houses still standing.

    All I see here is a road washout. Not to denegriate the problem but if this is the worst of the damage they’ll have a sand fill road in place for next weekend. As a Democrat is the governor funds are already being dispensed to cover all infrastructure damages by the Obama administration to prevent further storm related embarrassment. And yes, it’s the perfect ‘shovel ready’ job, expect to see the president on scene to get a photo opportunity with shovel in hand.

    • Anonymous

      What’s there is a new inlet with tide water flowing back and forth twice each day between the ocean and the sound behind it.

  • Anonymous

    Barry will designate disaster  funds as soon as he can fudge-funnel his cut into reselection coffers for his ‘second coming’ , cause he cares!

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul will save you that problem. He won’t allow any disaster relief funds to be dispersed because they won´t be one. Every state for itself Every property owner for themselves “FEMA creates many of our problems because they sell the insurance because you can’t buy it from a private company, which means there’s a lot of danger, so we pay people to build on beaches, and then we have to go and rescue them,” he said.”FEMA creates many of our problems because they sell the insurance because you can’t buy it from a private company, which means there’s a lot of danger, so we pay people to build on beaches, and then we have to go and rescue them,” he said.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/08/28/paul-fema-is-real-disaster/#ixzz1WO5hurdO

    • Anonymous

      About all those greenhouse carbon emission. An erupting volcano like St. Helens  pumps out more gases then the entirety of mankind yet the air is just as clean now as before 1980? And that’s just one eruption.  Any explanation for this inconvenient truth? hint: Got Wood?

      ABB  or bust!

    • Anonymous

      Steve, why did you feel the need to bring up Ron Paul? Did Rick mention him in the post? Did he express any support for him? Have ANY of the authors expressed any support for him?

      Let me speculate: you’ve seen at other web sites people bringing up Ron Paul as a way of saying “look at the crazy Republican!,” implying that all Republicans are crazy, too. And Paul’s passionate supporters make him seem more influential than he is (not very), so that lends credence to it.

      This is the point where I normally express my disappointment, and how I expect better from you. But I’ve worn that out. I’m tired of saying it to no effect. So, instead, I’ll treat you like your recent comments deserve:

      Just shut up, dipshit. You obviously have nothing of value to contribute here, so feel quite free to hold your tongue until you actually have something of value to contribute. And if that means you shut up permanently, then let me issue a pre-emptive “thank you.” And feel free to take your bullshit elsewhere — I can suggest several. For example, Outside The Beltway is turning into a sewer of idiotic, rabid leftists (at least one of whom strikes me as a clone of L__ W___); you might find that more to your liking.

      But to echo a theme I used over there, where they’re getting pretty comfortable with the “Hey, look! Ron Paul!” tactic, note that the Republicans have NEVER entrusted him with any kind of position of authority or power — unlike the Democrats, among whom crazy, corruption, or just plain incompetence seem to be prerequisites for such positions. I give you Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the late John Murtha… shall I go on?

      Stop being such a worthless turd here, Steve. Ever show some worth, or be a worthless turd somewhere else.


      • Anonymous

        Chill out, dude.  Have a drink and relax, or maybe the opposite: sober up before writing. 

        Did a tree fall on your car yesterday?

        Control your authoritarian tendencies and let the discussion roll where it will.


        • Anonymous

          This wasn’t a political piece, Chico, just a little, personal, slice of life, power of Nature kind of thing. And Crickmore (who used to not be a turd) decided it was a good opportunity to make a gratuitous attack.

          I didn’t agree, and said so.

          I was also very careful to NOT threaten Steve with my authority as an editor. I suggested he wise up or go elsewhere, but didn’t offer to help him. I in no way intended to threaten to ban him, and here publicly state I had and have no such intentions towards either him or you.

          I think my record shows that I am very careful about issuing such threats… and always carry them out if called.

          Besides, Ron Paul’s NEVER relevant to a conversation — unless you’re talking about nuts.


        • Anonymous

          Well, in the context of the pictures and the earlier prediction of doom for that road, it is a legit question whether the taxpayers should have to rebuild these waterfront roads and insure these vacation properties in the face of statistically-certain destruction every five years or so, for the benefit of a relatively wealthy few. 

          So my response to Crickmore would be, yeah so what?  Ron Paul’s right in this case, and he’s always relevant as a counterpoint opinionto the crony capitalist/government oligarchy.

      • Anonymous

        Jay, you tell me, if I was going off topic? The topic of this post, was it about the damage done by the hurricane or just the normal 24/7 wizbang category 5 abuse of Obama, irrespective of the contents of the any post?. Meu culpa if I did not join any gratuitous bashing  swirling around Obama and the response of Fema as the previous commentators had. Fema incidentally  has been praised up and down the coast line, noticeably by Paul Christie (R) of New Jersey for its  hurricane coordianted response.. this time.

        You talk about the Dem’s incompetence, seems ironic given, during Katrina, the  previous Republican appointed head of Fema´s was a lickspittle lawyer who raised Arabian horses Brown , the one who did “a heck of a job”, or am I going off the topic.of the Dems just plain incompetence seem to be prerequisites for such positions.

         Ron Paul may be the crazy relative in the GOP attic for you, but he is the only candidate talking about hurricanes and what White House  policy should be: a big zero,” a return to 1900″, when there was no federal response, the same year that  eight thousnd people died in Paul’s home district of Galveston because of a hurricane.

        Rick Perry, the most formidable candidate, wants to make Washington” inconsequential”, but seldom goes a month without asking the feds to declare Texas a disaster area, so he can get federal funds and Mitt the mushy  centrist, will wait to see  to which way or how much the wind is blowing.

  • Anonymous

    “which reflect sunlight and have a cooling effect”

    Albert has that same problem. Wherever he goes, it snows?

  • Anonymous

    Folks – I live in Central Florida. Several years ago we watched FOUR real hurricanes go through here in one summer, definitely a record-breaker, even for us. I’m a bit puzzled about all the hoopla over Irene. For those affected by the effects of Irene, I feel for them, but when I saw Nobama at the controls – yikes! Believe me, it could have been a LOT worse!

  • Last I heard the Governor of Virginia is a Republican.

  • Anonymous

    Building on sand bars does tend to ultimately result in property destruction as weather and the constant remodeling of coastline continues as it has for eons.  The sad part is people have built up these areas and act surprised when this happens. 

  • I noticed from the photos that the homes in the background seemed to come through pretty well, it was just the road that got destroyed by the surge as the receding water cut new channels to get back to the ocean. It would seem that coastal home construction technology has advanced far beyond road construction technology in surge prone areas. I don’t agree with the new coastal mentality that if you build it and a storm destroys it, someone else has to pay to rebuild it. The government needs to stop covering the very risky practice of building in washout zones, this includes the interior rivers as well as the coastal areas.  mpw

    • Anonymous

      Mike, you make a good point.  Roads always erode with the consistent with the condition of the gravel sub grade.   There is little chance of any road surviving a storm surge of this magnitude.  I guess there has to be a trade off between the value the road brings because of tourism in a coastal area and the cost of replacing it in the event of a hurricane.       

  • Anonymous

    So how long will it take for the EIR?  Then there’s the decision; union or non-union?  Then, does the work force makeup accurately reflect the racial demographics of the area?  Then, of course, the bids have to be rigged……er…….a……have to be submitted.

    Shovel ready?  I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous