I wonder what would happen if Scott Walker were to visit a mosque

Probably not much at all:

Walker-protest Gov. Scott Walker read “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss to a group of second- and third-graders seated on a colorful rug in Messmer Preparatory Catholic School library Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, protesters outside wished the governor would go, well, anywhere else as they chanted “Shame!” and “Recall Walker.”

One person was arrested on accusations of battery during the protest Friday, according to Milwaukee police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz, and Milwaukee police also had their first lead on who vandalized eight door locks at the school before Walker’s visit.

“A review of the video cameras reveal that at about 11:30 p.m. Thursday night, a lone subject arrived at the school in a light-colored, compact vehicle and walked up to the school,” Schwartz said in an email Friday afternoon. “Due to the poor, grainy quality of the video, the gender of the suspect cannot be determined.”

Custodial staff at the school, at 3027 N. Fratney St., replaced locks Friday morning, said the school’s development director, Jeffrey Robb.

“We’re very disappointed,” he said Friday morning. “This visit is talking about education.”

At least 100 people flocked to the school to protest. Michael Thomas, president of the local chapter of Service Employees International Union, said he protested Friday to keep a fire under Walker.

“Our community is hurting,” he said. “We need jobs here.”

Thomas said that so far, he hasn’t seen evidence of improvements in jobs, education and health care.

“We’re not going to let him go anywhere, especially in our community, without him being protested,” said another protester, Jacob Flom of the Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society.

Flom said he didn’t know who was behind the vandalism, and that acts such as that don’t help the protesters’ cause. Instead, he said, a more effective tactic is to show up and protest. Flom was pleased with Friday’s turnout.

“People are loud, and showing how angry they are with Scott Walker,” he said.

It was a different story inside, as the second day of school at Messmer went on as normal, or as normal for its 500 students as possible under the circumstances.

Some students welcomed Walker to the school in a brief meet-and-greet, and he was given a handmade card, flowers, Messmer shirts for him and his wife, and a Messmer baseball cap, among other presents.

Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin, didn’t think the protests outside affected activities inside.

“I’m thoroughly impressed with staff and students,” he said.

To underscore Mr. Bender’s impression, watch the following:

H/T to FSM for the video.

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  • Anonymous

    Choice?  CHOICE?  Those people will send their kids to UNION run schools AND LIKE IT!

    Who the hell do they think they are?  Only the Party and Union hierarchy send their kids to private schools.

    This MUST BE a violation of the COMMERCE CLAUSE!  (Hey!  It’s worked so far!)  Yeah, schools purchase supplies across state lines, therefore it’s the governments DUTY to stop this CHOICE thing.  Next thing you know, people will want CHOICE in health care.

    Damned peasants just don’t know their place! 

    • Anonymous

      fanatics are the worst trolls, they aren’t even funny, just incoherently obnoxious.

      • Anonymous

        same thing, fanatics are the worst trolls, they aren’t even funny, just incoherently obnoxious.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mr. Bender for reminding this Union that we live in a democracy.  Whether they are willing to admit it or not, they are responsible for the vandalism at the school, either directly or indirectly, and it is a direct reflection on their members and their cause.  No one likes a sore loser.  Their tactic of shouting down the opposition wears thin on most Americans.         

  • Anonymous

    AMEN…..Strong-arm Union tactics…..I am quite sure no pro-education person sabotaged the locks… are one reason the unions are losing members……just ask a union rep why the members quit paying dues when the dues are not collected by the educator…….BECAUSE the members do NOT FEEL THEY GET a return on their investment……Check the ever-declining membership in unions and you’d know why. They serve only themselves…..not their constituency! Laws protect the workers……They do not now need unions who were instrumental in enacting those laws. You served your purpose now stop taking money to elect Democrats!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see… union thugs sabotage everywhere Walker goes. So… why not have him go to a mosque?

    Rick, this is quite possibly the most evil idea I’ve heard in ages. I am utterly blown away by your evilosity. I doff my hat to you.


  • Anonymous

    Walker doesn’t have the balls to visit a mosque.

    • Anonymous

      I bet if he did the goonuions would be no shows.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and if Richard Simmons challenged Mike Tyson to a fight it would be way cool, but na ga happen.

      • jim_m

        No. He’s a politician. He’d go if someone invited him. Pols can never resist an invitation to a photo op. But the union goons would never protest there.

        The good news is that he won’t be invited so it doesn’t matter.

      • Why would he challenge Tyson to a fight?  Why not a dance-off to “Rapin’ to the Oldies” . . .?

    • Anonymous

      What’s so scary about visiting a mosque?  Then again, there is nothing worth visiting so it would be a waste of a trip. Unless the intent is to bring the whining babies to their collective knees before the religion of bits and pieces?

      hee hee hee

    • Yeah, I heard there’s gay orgies in them all the time, too – that’s why they make the women stay home.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not because of the Muslims he wouldn’t go to a mosque: however scary the Muslims may be to him, Walker would be more scared of the nutbars in his own base saying he was a stealth sharia advocate because he went to a mosque.  Even if the mosque was full of Paki MDs. He’d end up being vilified by Pam Geller and her remora fish, like Gov. Christie was for appointing a Muslim judge.

      Right-wing hero Walker would want a photo-op in a mosque next to a guy with a beard?   Riiight.

  • Anonymous

    First note all of the very white protesters and the token minorities.

    Then note the large number of black students at the school.

    Obviously, the liberal union thugs are racists who hate black students succeeding and being able to go to college.

  • Anonymous

    maybe he will be enlightened and convert to Islam,  nah, too cheap for alms giving

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care whether or not the gov’s cheap with his own money. He’s stingy with the public’s money, and I like that in a politician.


      • Amen to that! He can be generous on his own dime. In office, his responsibility is to get the most bang for the buck and not waste his resources.

  • Anonymous

    who cares what you like?

    • Anonymous

      Well, for starters, most of the readers of this blog. Including you, apparently…


      • Anonymous

        delusions of grandeur, from a social reject …I’m sure you are real popular at the Jenny Craig conventions